Pleasure Myths We Want to Put to Bed


Okay so in school we were taught math, science, reading, you know where I’m going.

Sex education, however, is something that doesn’t necessarily abide by a strictly mandated curriculum (until recently) that isn’t subjective based on country, state, city, etc. The point I’m trying to make is that we have all learned so many different things about our sexuality, many of which may not be true, particularly regarding the pleasure aspect. We’re here to bust some of these myths.

1 – Your vibrator will replace your lover and ruin all partners for you in the future.

Um no. Think of the two as completely separate entities. Vibrators are breakfast, some love chia pudding, some love eggs and bacon, the purpose is likely to fuel you for your day and all can SATISFY. Your lovahh is dinner, this one is more slow and lovely, you often have more time for dinner and enjoy it as well but in a different way because it meets a different kind of need. Both have the same end goal.

Note that you can have breakfast for dinner 😉 If you haven’t already, try bringing your vibrator into the bedroom to show your partner what you enjoy!

2 – Anal will be painful the first time.

Nahhh this doesn’t have to be that way! Some keys to remember are to USE LUBE, make sure you’re with someone you trust, get in a comfortable position (doggy, laying on your stomach, or laying on your side with your top leg slightly bent), and take it slow.

3 – Orgasms need to be vaginal.

Yes, the g-spot and the clitoris are the most common, but did you know that you can also orgasm anally, with your nipples, and from exercising your core? Things can get wild, what a great time to be alive! Be sure you’re getting to know yourself so you can better understand how your climax.

4 – I don’t need to worry about kegel exercises unless I have a baby.

Excuse me no DO YOUR KEGELS! Kegel exercises help relax the vagina, making penetration more comfortable. They might also improve vaginal lubrication, allow more blood to flow into the genitals, increase sexual arousal, and make it easier to reach orgasm.

5 – If you need a vibrator to orgasm, then there is something wrong with you.

Okay first and foremost nothin is wrong with you, ever, regarding anything. You are a complex human being and you are doing your best. Now for the vibrator – orgasm conundrum. First of all, like 40% of women have an orgasm via penis-vagina penetration “almost always” (Medical News Today), the numbers go down from there… You’re not alone and if you need a vibrator to get the job done then you need a vibrator! No shame in that. Take this time to learn about your body and how to teach your partner about your body. Incorporate your vibrator!

That’s it for now! We’ll keep an eye out for other myths to bust.

Pleasure Myths We Want to Put to Bed originally appeared on The Pleasure Center


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