A Look at the Sales Power of Sex Toy Kits

As adult shopping has become more mainstream and accessible to the masses, we have seen fun evolution in the market. We have entered an age of curiosity, exploration and permission, and we’re seeing retail trends shifting to accommodate this new mindset and make it easier than ever for shoppers to discover their pleasures and desires — and the tools they need to experience them.

Today we are going to talk about one of the adult industry’s most successful sales boosters: all-in-one kits. A category that was once dominated by cheap novelties sold for one-time use has, in recent years, blossomed into a vital part of today’s adult retail landscape. Let’s explore the benefits that all-in-one kits can have for shoppers and retailers alike.

What Are All-in-One Kits?

Essentially, all-in-one kits provide a sort of one-stop shopping experience with several items that share a purpose all packaged together. Sometimes, they can include an assortment of affordable items that users can use with a partner and provide more than one form of stimulation. Other all-in-one kits aim to provide shoppers with everything they need to explore a specific activity in one convenient box.

The Pros of All-in-One Kits:

All-in-one kits offer an array of benefits to the user — and fruitful opportunities for the stores that sell them.

  • Value: These kinds of kits give shoppers multiple products for one price. They may include items such as a harness, cock rings, a dildo or vibrator all in one convenient box. That’s a lot of product with many different uses for one budget-friendly price.
  • Convenience: Having everything shoppers need in one box is not only great in terms of affordability; it’s also incredibly convenient. A shopper who picks up an all-in-one kit will easily and quickly find everything they need to explore a fantasy or test out a new curiosity without having to scour the store for each item — and without having to find a staff member to problem-solve with.
  • No guesswork: Shopping for an item one has never used or even seen before can be stressful and confusing for beginners, especially if they’ve never been inside an adult store. Shoppers need to think about whether the item they are purchasing requires accessories, they have to take a guess as to what variations they might prefer, and they have to decide on the spot what to buy and what to leave behind. All-in-one kits like these may include accessories that provide additional shapes and sizes, save customers from having to ask potentially personal and embarrassing questions and allow them to try every option out in the comfort and privacy of their home.
  • Easy gift-giving: Another bonus of all-in-one kits that come with multiple options is that they make great gifts! Typically, buying a vibrator for a friend or partner can be a bit risky. How do you know they’ll like it? With a kit, shoppers can give the gift of different toys for the price of one. On the retail side, all-in-one kits are fantastic additions to any store’s inventory because they solve problems without shoppers having to even approach a staff member.
  • Perfect for beginners: These kits make it easy for shoppers to try something new with low risk. Picking up an anal training kit or strap-on kit with all the accessories and straps included assures they will have everything they need to explore at home, and this creates a positive shopping experience that can lead to return visits.
  • Ideal for bashful shoppers: It’s terrific that modern-day sex shops are so education-focused and full of helpful, well-trained staff, but let’s face it: there will always be shoppers who don’t want to talk to anyone while they are shopping. Kits that offer multiple options, include every bit and piece, or provide an introductory experience to a new kind of play make it easy for shoppers to pick up what they need without having to ask for help.
  • They sell themselves! The bonus of all-in-one kits is that their packaging clearly shows every item inside and includes usage instructions and explanations on the box. The promise of a positive, convenient and value-priced experience helps sell the kit without a salesperson having to make a peep and inspires impulse purchases that lead to higher buy-ins.

If You Stock Kits, They Will Come

All-in-one kits are a slam-dunk for adult stores. The variety, convenience and affordability are unmatched. By keeping a variety of all-in-one kits on hand from multiple categories — couples, anal play, strap-on, enema play, beginner bondage, BDSM play, and more — you give your customers the opportunity to learn and explore. Shoppers will be able to start their experimentation with a convenient kit, and when it’s time to take that experimentation to the next level, they will come back to see what else you have. In short, all-in-one kits not only introduce folks to new products or activities, they can also help you build lasting, trusting relationships with shoppers.

A Look at the Sales Power of Sex Toy Kits by Rebecca Weinberg originally appeared in XBIZ

Bloomgasm 10X Wild Rose Silicone Suction Stimulator by Inmi from XR Brands

Prepare to blossom with pleasure with the rose-shaped Bloomgasm 10X Wild Rose Silicone Suction Stimulator.

Shaped in an elegant form, this Wild Rose fits neatly in your hands so you can play and explore in comfort – perfect for use on your own or with your partner. Combine this sucking rose with a penetration toy or use during intercourse and elevate your pleasure.

Enjoy three intensities and seven patterns of concentrated pressure waves – suck your nips, clits, and sensitive bits for toe-curling pleasure on your own or on your lover!

The USB rechargeable Bloomgasm 10X Wild Rose is shower friendly and splashproof for easy care and cleanup.


  • Rose-style pressure wave stimulator
  • 3 Levels and 7 patterns of intense suction
  • Ergonomic shape is easy to hold
  • Discrete
  • IPX6 Splashproof
  • USB rechargeable – charging cable included
  • 1 Year warranty provided by XR Brands.
  • Silicone
  • 2.6” x 2.3”
  • Suction hole diameter 0.4”

Shegasm 8X Tandem Plus Silicone Suction Clit Stimulator and Egg by Inmi from XR Brands

Combine intense G-spot and clitoral stimulation for mind-blowing orgasmic thrills!

The Tandem Plus integrates intense vibrations and clit sucking power to please your sweet spots and gift you with a powerful blended O. This unique toy is equipped with powerful dual motors for powerful buzzing and sucking on demand!

Treat yourself to three speeds and five patterns of vibration to accompany five levels of clitoral suction! The intense vibrating egg and clit sucker are joined by a plush and flexible 7.25 inch connection cord, making it easy to tease and please both your insides and your outsides in tandem. Insert the buzzing bulb for intense internal pleasure while you treat your clitoris to satisfying suction.

Made with premium silicone for a body-safe and worry-free experience, the USB rechargeable Tandem Plus is rated IPX6 waterproof for easy cleanup and shower-friendly fun.


  • Suction toy plus vibrating egg
  • Tandem internal & external stimulation
  • 3 speeds and 5 patterns of vibration
  • 5 levels of suction
  • Generous 7.25” connection cord for versatility
  • Use egg internally while enjoying the suction stimulator externally
  • IPX6 Splashproof
  • USB rechargeable – charging cable included
  • 5 Year warranty provided by XR Brands
  • Silicone, ABS Plastic
  • 13” overall
  • Egg 2.5” x 1.3”
  • Connecting cord 7.25”

Essential Tips for Banking on the Popularity of Anal Play in Retail

Anal sex used to be considered one of the most taboo sexual acts, but that’s certainly not the case anymore. These days, you can pick up any magazine with a sexual health section and you’ll likely read something about backdoor loving. The National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior in 2010 found that 20-30% of those surveyed said they regularly engaged in giving and/or receiving anal penetration, so you can imagine how that percentage might look more than a decade later.

These days, pegging is mainstream and analingus isn’t that big of a deal. In other words, a sizeable segment of pleasure product consumers are shopping for anal pleasure products. Plus, while only some customers have penises and only some customers have vaginas, all customers have anuses. When you take that into account, you can see the potential for big sales — if you know your anal ABCs.

For some, however, anal play/sex is still seen as a little scary. Some folks worry about pain, others worry about mess, and some folks don’t even know where to begin. Suffice it to say, there are many reasons people find butt play daunting. With that in mind, today we’re going to look at the basics and discuss what brand-new anal players need to know and how retailers can help support them in their backdoor exploration.

Beginner Butt Toys

While getting started with anal play, beginner toys and kits are important as they can often serve as a jumping-off point for further exploration, allowing users to get used to the feeling of anal and determine what sensations they do or don’t like. Beginner toys can also help users let go of their inhibitions about butt play and understand their body’s specific needs and limitations. These products can also be a means for users to test the waters and possibly figure out they aren’t into butt stuff at all! Knowing that, it’s important to offer your shoppers multiple Anal 101 toys and kits to choose from.

For those new to anal play, it can be helpful to offer sets that let them start small and work their way up, with items such as a dilator set to guide users through larger-sized toys. When it comes to beginner toys, we tend to think “simple” or “basic,” but that doesn’t have to be the case. There are plenty of beginner-appropriate toys that bring a little something extra to the table, such as butt plugs with special features like LED lights or that offer unique sensations such as added weight, or with functions like vibration or e-stim. Couples can also venture into anal play together using toys that are remote-controlled.

Know the Basics

Before selling any product, it’s important that staff know how to talk about anal from an informed perspective so that, no matter what a shopper might take home with them, they are prepared for a pleasurable experience.

First: Communication. Pleasurable anal sex starts, continues and ends with communication — not just about limits, boundaries and consent, but also expectations, feelings and any likes/ dislikes that need to be disclosed. The receiving partner’s communication plays a key role in the experience because they are the one who’s in control and whose safety and pleasure is of utmost importance. Offering feedback, including speed changes, positioning, adding lube, or even compliments, is a fantastic way to help make sure everyone involved is having a great time. The giving partner’s job is to be ready and open to this feedback and make any necessary adjustments, and check-ins are a great way to make sure they are present and aware of their partner’s needs.

Second: Relaxation. Don’t forget that the anus is a tight muscular sphincter that’s used to staying closed and keeping stuff in the body, so it needs some TLC to help it get into a more open and receptive place! That means pausing in insertion and spending time relaxing the mind, body and butthole. Licking, touching or running a bullet vibe along the outside of the anus is a great way to wake up the area and boost blood flow and pleasure. Starting slowly with something narrow, like a pinky finger encased in a nitrile glove, is a great way to get the anus accustomed to something being inside of it. Work your way up to something thicker or simply enjoy the sensations that fingers or smaller plugs can offer!

Third: Preparation. This can look like different things for different people, but for the most part, preparation has a lot to do with preparing the anus and rectum for something going inside of it, which often includes using an enema or a douche. We love recommending reusable bulbs because you can avoid the irritating solutions from store-bought brands, plus reduce waste since you can use and reuse them. Remind shoppers that when playing with butts, there’s always a chance of encountering poo — that’s what this part of the body is designed for — so while there’s no way to actually “clean” the area 100%, we can use products to support our GI tracts and make a little more space for fun. Try putting a towel or waterproof blanket down before getting down. It’s also great to have nitrile gloves nearby, and to use a new glove for every new trick or technique you try – that way you can reduce the risk of bringing any bacteria or fluids from the butt to parts of the body where they don’t belong.

Fourth, and very important: Lubrication! Remember, no matter what anal product you’re selling or brand you’re promoting, be sure to remind your customers that friction is anal pleasure’s biggest foe – and it can even cause actual injury! Since the anus, unlike the vagina, does not self-lubricate, purchasing lubricant is a must for customers when buying any anal pleasure product, and an ideal add-on sale for you.

Anal play isn’t just a fad, it’s here to stay. You will always have customers who are curious about butt stuff, so the best thing you can do is have both the knowledge and range of products to satisfy that curiosity. Remember, beginners don’t stay beginners for long and if you can help a shopper safely and healthily navigate their introduction to anal play, odds are they’ll keep coming back as they learn and explore!

Essential Tips for Banking on the Popularity of Anal Play in Retail by Rebecca Weinberg originally appeared in XBIZ

Inmi 5 Star Vibe 9X Come-Hither Silicone G-Spot Vibrator by XR Brands

Indulge in 5 Star G-spot bliss with the Inmi 5 Star Vibe 9X Come-Hither Silicone G-Spot  Vibrator.

The curved, bulbous tip is designed to grind and rub against your G-spot with a satisfying “come hither” motion, as well as intense vibrations to please the rest of your hole. The simple yet elegant design is easy on the eyes, and easy on your body!

This velvety shaft is flexible and ergonomic for comfort and usability. Silky smooth on the outside with plenty of firmness for you to squeeze on while you play and perfectly curved to hit your G-spot with ease. Choose from 3 speeds and 6 patterns of vibrating come-hither bliss and indulge your sexuality!

The USB rechargeable Inmi 5 Star Vibe is waterproof for fun in & out of the water and easy cleanup.


  • G-spot vibrator
  • Intense Come-Hither Pleasure:
  • Wide tapping tip is designed to pulse and bump against the G-spot
  • 9 Vibration functions
  • 3 Come-hither modes
  • Flexible velvety shaft
  • Waterproof
  • USB rechargeable – charging cable included
  • 30 Day warranty provided by XR Brands
  • Silicone, ABS Plastic
  • 9.4” (8.4″ insertable) x 1.6” at widest point

Booty Sparks Red Heart Gem Anal Plug Set by XR Brands

Decorate your derriere with this trio of Ruby Anal Hearts!

Graduating in size from small to large to make it easy for all anal skill levels to enjoy these weighty, metal delights. Add a ruby red flash to your ass during foreplay as a warmup for the anal main event, or simply as a visual teaser for your lover to enjoy while you bend over!

Start off the smallest Ruby Heart Anal Plug and work your way to medium and large when you feel your backdoor is ready. This trio can be used solo to stretch your anal horizons, or share a plug with your partner and indulge in double penetration fun!

Built with a heavy aluminum alloy, giving these ruby plugs a weighty, smooth, and durable feel. Capable of temperature play – simply warm or chill in a bowl of water to add another layer of anal sensation as you insert!

Each plug is satisfyingly hard to provide a satisfying mass for your booty to squeeze on, compatible with all kinds of lubricants.


  • Metal plug set
  • 3 sizes included
  • Classic spade shape
  • Gem at flared base
  • Long neck for comfortable and secure wear
  • Great for temperature play
  • Easy to clean
  • Aluminum alloy, ABS plastic
  • Small – 2.8” (2.4” insertable) x 1” at widest point
  • Medium – 3.2” (2.7” insertable) x 1.3” at widest point
  • Large – 3.6” (3.1” insertable) x 1.6” at widest point

A Look at the Pleasure Products that Simulate Cunnilingus

When it comes to sex toys, there’s never a dearth of new product coming onto the market. Some are truly unique, some feature innovative technology, and others simply offer a fresh take on a classic bestseller. Some product releases, however, end up being genuinely surprising, not just for their design or function, but also because of how quickly consumers embrace and buy them. One example is the growing category of sex toys that cleverly simulate the sensation of cunnilingus, i.e. oral sex on a vulva.

In the past decade, this category has gone from semi-obscure with very few successful options to something booming, profitable and consistently head-turning. Manufacturers have steadily experimented with design features that look like tiny lapping tongues, rotating balls that swirl and swish around the clitoris, and air pulsation and suction — all meant to provide sensations that feel like the real thing. Now many products are equipped with more than two of these features, giving users more options and new ways to experience the kind of pleasure that previously was only possible from a human partner.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at the various toys designed to simulate cunnilingus: what they are, how they work, and how to help customers find the right one for them.

What Are Cunnilingus Simulators?

Short answer: anything mechanical meant to emulate the physical sensation of receiving cunnilingus. The longer answer: while cunnilingus simulators come in a wide variety of shapes and forms, they are typically handheld devices that employ vibration, suction, air pulsation, stroking, swirling, lapping — or a combination of these functions — to stimulate the clitoris, labia and vagina. Cunnilingus simulators can be used both for solo masturbation and couples play and, most recently, have caught the attention of social media platforms like TikTok where they are garnering some of the fastest and most effective organic marketing attention.

What Types of Cunnilingus Simulators Exist?

There are so many options when it comes to cunnilingus-simulating toys! For folks looking for something compact and efficient — i.e. fast orgasms — air-powered suction devices provide a “surround sound” type of stimulation that helps draw blood flow directly to the clitoris and clitoral hood, quickly increasing sensitivity and drawing out orgasm after orgasm with little effort from the user. However, some shoppers require something less intense than this, which is why we recommend retailers also stock the kinds of stimulators that surround the clitoris with a swirling or rotating motion. It’s important to remember that the direct and intense sensation of air suction or pulsation is not for every clitoris, so we recommend that retailers not only have additional options on shelves, but also are prepared to ask questions and get clear on what shoppers really want and need from their cunnilingus simulators.

Many shoppers know exactly what their clitorises and vulvas can take, which is why there are toys that deliver multiple kinds of stimulation with the option of enjoying them simultaneously. There’s even something for folks who want to enhance the act of giving cunnilingus and are looking for products they can use along with their own mouths and tongues, so don’t underestimate the selling power of tiny vibes that comfortably strap onto the tongue, taking cunnilingus to another level.

How Cunnilingus-Simulating Toys Can Up Shoppers’ Sex Game

One reason that cunnilingus toys are such a big hit is that they allow users to replicate the cunnilingus experience, and the mind-blowing orgasms it can deliver, without a partner. Another benefit of these toys is that they give couples entirely new ways to explore and experiment. Perhaps the biggest benefit of cunnilingus- simulating toys is that they provide a unique form of stimulation that simply wasn’t available before this genre of toys came along. They go beyond basic vibration, which isn’t every clitoris’ cup of tea. They don’t require penetration, though there are dual-stim versions that have an insertable portion! Plus, they incorporate motions and sensations that toys never could before.

All in all, cunnilingus-simulation toys can be a fantastic recommendation for shoppers looking for something unconventional or outside-the-box for their bedside.

Help Your Customers Take a Licking!

Because cunnilingus toys are still relatively new, retailers will probably encounter a good number of shoppers who are less familiar with the category or who come into stores feeling inspired by a specific product they saw on a favorite influencer’s feed. That means you have an opportunity to create a strong relationship by making smart and thoughtful recommendations! Offering some education about the options in this category — including alternatives to some of the lower-quality but highly viral products seen on social media — can not only promote a sale, but also build trust. For the shoppers who already know about the magic of cunnilingus simulators, you have a valuable opportunity to tell them about all the exciting new developments in this category that’s constantly growing.

The key steps to helping your customers navigate the cunnilingus toy landscape are relatively straightforward:

  1. Make sure you and your staff know what’s what. Stay on top of new products, and make sure you know what features they have and why they are beneficial. Some retailers have a policy that requires staff members to test all the toys they carry, and this is especially recommended with products that provide a newer kind of stimulation. That way, staff can rely on their own experience versus just reciting selling points, and they can provide genuine answers to shoppers’ questions.
  2. Be prepared to ask questions and help shoppers understand what products and features may be beneficial for them. Clitorises are not factory-made and stimulators are not one-size-fits-all, so having the opportunity to discuss needs and expectations will ensure that you make the right recommendation and, in turn, establish a loyal customer for life! Cunnilingus toys are changing the pleasure products landscape, and with a little know-how, you can keep shoppers in the know and on board with this sizzling hot trend.

A Look at the Pleasure Products that Simulate Cunnilingus by Rebecca Weinberg originally appeared in XBIZ

BANG! 3 Speed 4-in-1 XL Bullet and Sleeves Kit

This quintet of pleasure is designed to provide a variety of ways to play.

At the core of the kit is the XL Bullet, which can be enjoyed on its own. It offers a smooth cylindrical shape with a wide surface and a rounded tip. Enjoy three speeds of powerful vibrations using the single button at the base.

Each of the included four interchangeable sleeves features a unique shape to translate the vibrations of the extra-large bullet vibe to new and exciting textures.

Perfect for solo or partner play, this kit is designed to give you something new with each session to keep you entertained for months! Explore your sexuality without breaking the bank and find what makes your sexual clock tick with this five-in-one vibe kit.

The Swirling textured sleeve has defined swirling rings for extra texture as you thrust in and out of whatever hole you stick it in. The defined phallic head is slightly tapered and designed to mimic the real thing for a lifelike insertion and fill!

The Ribbed sleeve is adorned with irresistible ridges and a lifelike penis shape for an enhanced genuine fill and penetration. Like the Swirling Sleeve, the defined phallic head gives this XL Bullet a realistic insertion and fill.

The Rabbit sleeve is shaped as a classic dual stimulator – the ears are meant to target the clitoris while the curved tip rubs and vibes against the G-spot. Combined, this internal-external stimulation can lead to intense blended orgasms!

The Wavy sleeve is lumpy and bumpy to give you something deeply satisfying to squeeze on. The undulating and ultra-plush texture is perfect for vaginal or anal use.

The USB rechargeable BANG! 3 Speed 4-in-1 XL Bullet and Sleeves Kit is waterproof and submersible for fun in & out of the water and easy cleanup.


  • Vibrator and sleeve kit
  • Powerful XL Bullet offers 3 vibration speeds
  • 4 Unique Sleeves: ribbed, rabbit, wavy, and swirling
  • Each sleeve changes the playstyle of the bullet
  • Perfect for players who want a variety of options without breaking the bank
  • Rated IPX7 waterproof
  • USB rechargeable – charging cable included
  • 30 Day warranty provided by XR Brands
  • Silicone and ABS Plastic
  • XL Bullet 8.5” x 1.4”
  • Swirled Sleeve 8” x 1.7”
  • Ribbed Sleeve 6.5” x 1.8”
  • Rabbit Sleeve 7.6” (5.8” insertable) x 1.7”
  • Wavy Sleeve 8.2”x 1.8”

10X Pleasure Pose Come Hither Silicone Vibe with Poseable Clit Stim by Inmi from XR Brands

Pose with ease and treat yourself to intense come-hither pleasure!

The double ended Pleasure Pose vibe features a flexible, poseable clit stimulator designed to be bent and pointed in the right direction so you can easily pleasure your clitoris.

Combine the clitoral pleasure with the intense come-hither tip, built to rub and rub back and forth on sweet spots like the G-spot! Indulge in the Pleasure Pose silky texture and powerful features solo or with a partner.

Find the perfect position and let this vibe work its magic! Choose from 3 speeds and 7 patterns of vibration and come-hither movements to directly target your G-spot while you pose the clitoral stimulator to fit your unique body shape and playstyle!

The USB rechargeable Pleasure Pose is waterproof for fun in & out of the water and easy cleanup.


  • Dual stimulator
  • Shaft with realistic tip
  • Body of massager rises and falls like a lover’s fingers
  • Clitoral stimulator is poseable to fit every body
  • 10 Vibration modes
  • Waterproof
  • USB rechargeable – charging cable included
  • 30 Day warranty provided by XR Brands
  • Silicone and ABS
  • 7.4” (5.5” insertable) x 1.5”

Inmi 7X Pulse Pro Pulsating Clit Stim Vibe with Remote by XR Brands


Prepare yourself for orgasmic thrills from Pulse Pro clitoral stimulating vibe!

Crafted with premium, silky smooth silicone to provide a luxurious texture, the unique ergonomic design and powerful motors combine to give you a fulfilling toy that’s easy on your hands but still intensely pleasurable where you need it.

Featuring a pulsing clitoral pad and powerful g-spot vibrating stem to pleasure you inside and out, Pulse Pro makes it easy to achieve the blended orgasm you deserve!

Treat your clit to 2 speeds and 5 patterns of intense pulsing, and gift your g-spot with 2 speeds and 5 patterns of powerful vibrations.

Flip through each function with the buttons on the toy itself, or with the included wireless controller. The controller makes your solo session more comfortable, but also opens the door to exciting partner play – hand the power over to your lover for an unpredictable night in.

The USB rechargeable Pulse Pro is splashproof for easy care and cleanup.


  • Petite dual stimulator
  • Pulsing clitoral stimulation pad
  • Vibrating insertable arm
  • 7 Modes of pulsating
  • 7 Modes of vibration
  • Remote control
  • Use with or without remote
  • USB rechargeable – Charging cable included
  • 30 Day warranty provided by XR Brands
  • Silicone and ABS
  • 3.8” (3.5” insertable) x 1.2”