Dark Cherry Chrome Mini Vibes by Le Wand

Covetable. Compact. Convenient. Pleasure in the palm of your hand.

Le Wand’s new Dark Cherry tone joins the on-trend Rose Gold and ultra-chic Black versions of the Chrome Mini Vibe Collection. Dark Cherry is more than just an attractive color. A dark, bold red evokes strong emotions like passion or intensity, encourages appetite, symbolizes love and danger. Eyes look to red first, as it draws attention, creating movement and excitement. These are the type of emotions Le Wand is aiming to inspire with the new cherry color.

Le Wand Chrome Mini Vibes is a collection of six mini vibrators that are powerful, portable, and adaptable to a full range of situations:

The iconically -shaped Bullet and Grand Bullet vibes are fantastic places to start in the wake of your masturbation journey.

Quickies in your (home) office just got better with the quintessential, USB-rechargeable Baton vibrator.

Wrap the Deux’s vibrating ears around your clit and seamlessly fall asleep on restless nights.

Get straight to the Point with this contoured mini-vibe that’s perfect for a hands-free masturbation experience.

Featuring dual-motor functionality, Double Vibe provides the utmost power and versatility in a compact design.

Get to know Chrome Mini Vibes:

Compact yet powerful – Designed for pleasure-seekers who love a small but oh-so-mighty vibe. Enjoy orgasms on-the-go with the Le Wand Chrome Mini Vibes Collection.

Pleasure & versatility – The exceptionally versatile vibration settings of the Le Wand Chrome Mini Vibes are bound to push you over the edge, again and again. 11+ Modes and 4+ Intensity levels.

Shower-friendly – Suitable for shower play, the Chrome mini vibrators are the only thing you’ll want to bring along on your aquatic adventures.

Thoughtful design – Ergonomic and suitable for all bodies, all Chrome mini vibrators are 100% body-safe and easy to use. Ready, get set, orgasm!


Le Wand Bullet

23.5mm Rechargeable Vibrator with Silicone Textured Ring

Perfect for beginners, Le Wand Bullet is a cute & tiny vibe that’s deceptive but packs enough power to throw you over the edge.

Elegant and easy-to-use, the Bullet has accessible one-touch controls at the bottom of its rounded frame while also being fully encased in body-safe metal. This rechargeable Bullet mini vibrator comes with a

removable textured silicone sleeve for added pleasure. They say that big things come in small packages!


Le Wand Grand Bullet

Rechargeable Vibrator with Silicone Textured Ring

Le Wand Grand Bullet is the larger version of the iconically-shaped vibe that will guide you to fantastic places in the wake of your masturbation journey.

What differentiates the Grand Bullet is its tube-like structure that tapers outward at the top, giving the toy a handle for those needing a more secure grip. The Grand Bullet also packs 40% more power than its smaller counterpart for advanced players that want a stronger touch when they climax. The Grand Bullet is body-safe, USB rechargeable, and comes with a removable textured silicone sleeve for added pleasure.


Le Wand Deux

Twin Motor Rechargeable Vibrator

Le Wand Deux is a twin-motor, rechargeable mini vibrator for vulva owners that need additional clitoral stimulation.

Made for comfort from body-safe silicone, Le Wand Deux features easy-to-use controls that breeze through 15 rumbly vibration modes and 6 arousing intensity levels. We refer to Le Wand Deux as “sensation in stereo,” because of its ability to act like headphones for the clit, nipples, or whichever erogenous zone you’re stimulating. Le Wand Deux is ideal for solo pleasure or intense couples’ play. Test your partner’s ability to resist orgasmic pleasure with each of its powerful ends.

Le Wand Baton

Rechargeable Vibrator with Silicone Textured Ring

If you’re looking to gift a vibe newbie or treat yourself, look no further.

Le Wand Baton is the quintessential slim vibrator that every vulva owner should have in their collection. Parallel with the other vibes in our new Chrome collection, the Baton is built with body-safe material, intuitive functionality, and rechargeable power. It’s USB port and outward appearance makes this undetectable if, say, you wanted to charge this in your work computer! Quickies in the office just got a whole lot easier.

Le Wand Baton comes complete with a travel lock, LED charging indicator, and a micro-suede pouch for on-the-go adventures. It also includes a silicone textured ring for added pleasure.


Le Wand Point

Rumbly Motor Contoured Layon Rechargeable Vibrator

Take pleasure to new heights with Le Wand Point, a contoured mini-vibe that provides the ultimate hands-free masturbation experience.

Made from body-safe silicone, Le Wand Point is a USB rechargeable vibe that features intuitive controls for seamless stimulation. Lay it flat, grind against it, or add a little ~oomph~ during partnered play. The Point specializes in covering the genitalia, making it the perfect option for those looking for a more portable vibe than the larger Le Wand Massagers we love. Besides being the largest mini-vibe in the Chrome collection, Le Wand Point comes with the same travel lock function, LED charging indicator, and a micro-suede pouch for discreet storage.


Le Wand Double Vibe

Twin Motor Rechargeable Vibrator with Textured Sleeve

Perfect for solo or couples play, Double Vibe fits in the palm of your hand and offers sensational dual stimulation where it matters most.

Its powerful, portable and adaptable size is perfect for a full range of situations. Featuring twin motors located in each of the flexible vibrating ears, the Double Vibe provides twice the intensity- making it the most powerful product of its size. This body-safe luxury vibe comes complete with an extra textured silicone sleeve, travel lock, LED charging indicator and micro-suede travel bag.

Le Wand Stainless Steel Collection




Explore and experience unique sensations with the Le Wand Stainless Steel collection — 5 beautifully crafted sex toys designed for vaginal and anal play alike. Whether you’re experimenting solo or with a partner, find out why beginners and enthusiasts utterly adore these durable pleasure tools.

Bow is the ultimate multifunctional sex toy that acts as a dildo, a vaginal exerciser, and a G-spot & P-spot stimulator.

Arch is the only toy you need to obtain endless orgasms. This sensually curved beauty provides a direct connection to the G-spot.

Ideal for beginners, solo, and couples play, Hoop has the perfect curvature to arouse & stimulate every pleasure point.

Intricately made for internal exploration,  Swerve is Le Wand’s most dynamic sex toy to hit the elusive G-spot, P-spot, and every other pleasure spot.

Expertly refined for easy maneuvering and deep penetration, Contour is the undisputed Goliath among the Stainless Steel collection.

Benefits of Using Stainless Steel Sex Toys

Stainless steel sex toys are the newest must-haves for your sex toy collection. Yes. You did read that correctly. Stainless. Steel.

These toys are not some torture relics from the dungeons of yore but are seriously amazing toys for sex. These toys are heavy and can add pressure and weight to your sexual play without much manual effort. These toys can engage the entire clitoral structure (both internal and external), massage the G-spot with newfound intensity, and even ignite the nerve-rich anal opening with a deep sensation that silicone sex toys just don’t have (not that we don’t love silicone toys, because we do).

An inherent benefit of using stainless steel sex toys versus other toys made of body-safe materials is that it is both (almost) totally indestructible and is super easy to clean. If you buy a stainless steel sex toy, you basically have a sex toy for life. They don’t wear down, lose their quality, or break. While high-quality sex toys will last a long time in general, they ain’t got nothin’ on stainless steel.

Your Stainless Steel pleasure tool comes with a plush travel case, a cleaning cloth, a pleasure guide on how to use your toy and a handy care booklet.


  • Double-sided pleasure tool
  • Sturdy stainless steel
  • Body safe and non-porous
  • Durable
  • Ideal for temperature play
  • Compatible with any lube
  • Luxurious, giftable packaging
  • 1 Year warranty provided by Le Wand

What is the Kivin Method for Cunnilingus and How to Do It

Calling all cunnilingus champions, sexual explorers, and pleasure-seekers!

Whether you’re looking for a simple way to refresh your cunnilingus routine or just want to try out a new thing, please allow me to introduce you to the Kivin Method for cunnilingus. (Oh, and if you’re still getting caught up on your sexual vocabulary, cunnilingus = oral sex performed on a vulva, otherwise known as eating someone out.)

What is the Kivin Method?

Put simply, the Kivin Method is cunnilingus repositioned sideways.

Rather than the giver and receiver being in one straight(ish) line together, their bodies form a right(ish) angle, with the giver lying perpendicular to the receiver. Make an L shape with your thumb and index finger, and you’ll see the basic positioning. Who knew you would use geometry for your sex life?

If you’re feeling a little turned around, don’t worry—we’ll explain the how-to of it all in-depth in a bit.

Who Invented the Kivin Method?

We’d love to give credit where it’s due, but TBH—no one knows for sure who “invented” the Kivin Method.

In Naked at Our Age (published in 2011), Joan Price says that the Kivin Method was “originally presented by Dr. Patti Britton in Paris”, but doesn’t share any more context about the event or year.

In a 2003 issue of The Atlantic, the author mentions reading about it in The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Tantric Sex, published by Dr. Judy Kuriansky in 2001.

Regardless, I’m confident that people were doing the Kivin Method before it was ever called that. So, when you’re trying to give thanks, maybe just say “thanks, Universe.”

Benefits of the Kivin Method

In a 2018 study, 63.7% of self-identified women said they preferred up-and-down vulvar stimulation over other patterns, like circular and sideways (the respondents could choose more than one option, FYI). Up-and-down stimulation of the vulva and clitoris can feel pretty natural when you’re using your hand, but when it comes to your tongue… well, your jaw, neck, and tongue can get tired out pretty quickly.

Enter the Kivin Method.

With the person performing cunnilingus laying perpendicular to the recipient, the whole vulva becomes more accessible, and neck strain is alleviated. Also, because you’ve rotated your body, you can make a side-to-side motion (which is easier on the neck), but your recipient feels an up and down motion. Nifty, right?

Below are some reasons why you might want to try out the Kivin Method:

  1. Less neck strain for the giver

In the “conventional” position for cunnilingus, the performer may find that their neck starts to feel strained after a bit. If you’re sitting up right now, drop your head back and look up to the sky or ceiling. That’s basically the position your head is in during conventional cunnilingus—and it can be uncomfortable to hold for a while.

With the Kivin Method, you’re able to keep your upper body more completely engaged and can even use pillows like the Liberator Ramp, your arm, or your partner’s leg to help support your head and neck alignment. In addition, the reduction in neck strain means that you may be able to last longer (or at least not be cramping up as your partner approached orgasm).

  1. More access to the whole vulva = more pleasure

Look, the clit is amazing — but there’s so much more to it than the clitoral glans. The clitoral glans is the “nub” that can be seen and felt at the top of the vulva, and it quite literally is just the tip of the iceberg (but in a good, not scary way).

The rest of the clitoris is a double-wishbone structure; the outer legs (crura) extend behind the labia major. The inner bulbs (vestibular bulbs) are basically behind the labia minora and hug either side of the vaginal opening.

All parts of the clitoris are highly sensitive, and stimulating some of the non-glans areas can feel extremely pleasurable! The Kivin Method gives the performer greater access to the vulva, which allows them to stimulate the labia, vaginal opening, and perineum more easily.

  1. Relieves pressure on the receiver’s hips and pelvis

The conventional cunnilingus position often requires the receiver to have their knees dropped wide to either side as much as possible. As people with vulvas approach orgasm, the muscles around the buttocks, hips, and pelvis tense and release — but in the lotus-style position, that tension can quickly lead to cramping, especially for folks with arthritis or other joint issues.

The Kivin Method has the recipient wrapping one of their legs over the giver’s back (or onto a pillow, like the Liberator Wedge). That slight adjustment can help take a lot of pressure off of the hips and can reduce some of those mid-sex “hold on, I have a hip cramp!” pauses.

  1. Easier booty access

Between the lifted leg and the sideways positioning, accessing the booty during cunnilingus is easier than ever. The perineum (that small area of tissue between the vulva and the anus) is sensitive and delicate, making it a powerhouse for stimulation.

Accessing it is easier using the Kivin Method, but remember: If you’re going to add backdoor oral (AKA analingus) into your cunnilingus experience, you should use a dental dam to reduce the unintentional transmission of fecal matter. Even if you aren’t using your tongue to stimulate the perineum, you can use your fingers or a toy to add a new layer of sensation. People of all genders and genital configurations can find anal play pleasurable, so talk with your partner and see if this is something they’d be into!

  1. Potentially faster orgasms

Because of the complete vulvar access and the possibility of adding in other types of stimulation, the Kivin Method might lend itself to easier, quicker orgasms. That being said, everyone’s body is different, and you haven’t failed sexually if it still takes you just as long, longer, or if you don’t cum at all.

While some people report that the Kivin Method of cunnilingus has allowed them to have faster orgasms, that may not be true for you—instead, focus on your overall experience of physical pleasure rather than trying out a new personal record.

How to Perform the Kivin Method

Trying out something new for the first time can be overwhelming to many of us, but remember that you don’t have to be (and won’t be) perfect at it your first time around.

You’ll have a more pleasurable sexual experience if you focus on playing, being curious, and engaging with your partner rather than focusing on following one specific roadmap. Consider these instructions to be a guide, then adapt them however works best for you!

  1. Be playful

Many of us struggle to really play in the bedroom. We get so tied up in performance anxiety and achieving a certain goal; we forget that the whole point is pleasure—not earning top marks in technique (unless you’re role-playing, in which case, you do you).

Any time you’re trying a new technique, position, roleplay, or dirty talk, remember to play with it. You don’t have to perfect right off the bat, and you might feel a little awkward at first. That’s okay! It’s part of the process. Be curious about the things that excite you and your partners, and keep moving forward little by little from there.

  1. Communicate about it

I’ll be honest with you: There is no one sex technique that is universally loved by everyone. Our bodies, desires, and pleasures are all different, and that’s totally okay! You also don’t have to be perfect at everything (see point #1 above) right off the bat.

Instead of assuming that everything will be immediately amazing or focusing on getting it perfect, check in with your partner about what they’re enjoying and what they want more or less of.

If you’re the receiving partner, tell the giver what they’re doing well, and ask for (or guide) adjustments when you need them. The best way to create a pleasurable sexual experience is to communicate about it, so keep coming back to this one—it’s really foundational.

  1. Get into basic position for the Kivin Method

Before you stress about it too much, remember that the Kivin Method is fundamentally a sex position to help increase everyone’s pleasure. The receiving partner will lay down on their back somewhere comfortable, while the giver lays down perpendicular to them, at the vulva’s level.

Then, have the recipient raise the leg closest to their partner and wrap it over their back. Don’t worry about specific placement; just find the spot that feels most comfortable to you both! If you want even more support, you can try using a sex pillow underneath the receiver’s hips to elevate them some more or try putting a pillow underneath your partner’s head and neck. You could even use bondage ties, spreader bars, and positioning straps to help hold the receiver’s legs in a comfortable position.

Remember, you’re not stuck with the accessories you start with, so you can always add or take things away as you want!

From here, the giver’s head should be just about at the level of the vulva. Check-in with your partner to see how the position feels for their body, make adjustments, and then get started!

  1. Use your mouth

In the Kivin Method position, the giver’s tongue can more easily cover the vulva’s vast territory. Instead of focusing just on the clit, let your tongue move side-to-side and up-and-down, finding a rhythm that works for you and your partner.

I recommend starting off with lighter, slower pressure and slowly building up speed and pressure from there, based on your partner’s feedback. You aren’t tied to one specific motion with the Kivin Method, so try out a few different patterns, shapes, and speeds to see what feels best.

With the relaxed, open hip position, the giver could also use their tongue to more easily stimulate the introitus (vaginal opening). Use a wide, flat tongue to massage the opening and a firmer, pointed tongue to explore inside. The vaginal opening is densely packed with nerve endings (and is being hugged by those vestibular bulbs we mentioned earlier), so this light stimulation can feel really nice.

The beauty of the Kivin Method is that it gives you wider access to the whole vulva, so rather than focusing exclusively on the clitoral glans, take the opportunity to get to know your partner’s body a little better! Use your tongue to stimulate the labia major, labia minora, vaginal opening, inner thighs, perineum, and anywhere your pleasure journey takes you both. (And BTW, that tip applies to regular ole cunnilingus, too).

  1. Use your hands

Hands are extremely under-utilized in oral sex. You might be like, “Okay, but it’s oral sex” and I know that, but hear me out. Using your hands during oral allows you to add in an additional layer of stimulation and can help give your tongue and jaw a rest.

You can use one hand to put light pressure on the pubic mound and to slightly draw back the clitoral hood. Or, try varying it up by using one or two fingers to put pressure down on the labia major on either side of the clitoral glans (that pressure can help intensify orgasms and can help draw the glans out a bit more).

You can also use your fingers and lube for internal stimulation of the vagina while you stimulate the clit and vulva with your tongue. If your tongue or jaw needs a break, let your fingers take over. Want to massage a part of your partner’s body? Hands!

You can also use your fingertips and some lube for a perineal massage. In fact, many folks consider perineal stimulation to be essential to the Kivin Method. I’m on Team “Do What Feels Best for You” so if perineal stimulation feels great for you and your partner, yay! And if it’s more of a “meh” experience, then go ahead and focus elsewhere.

You truly have infinite possibilities here, so consider your hands as an extra tool and use them to help you out.

  1. Add in a toy

Oral doesn’t need to be all about your mouth; just as you can use your hands to support your efforts, you can use toys as tools, too! You might, for example, hold a bullet vibe onto your partner’s clit (or have them hold it in place) while you orally explore the rest of their vulva.

You could use a vibrator with a g-zone tip to incorporate hands-free vaginal play while also stimulating the clitoral glans.

Toys are also a great way to bring the booty into play without the worry of unintentionally bringing trace fecal matter or bacteria from the anus to the vagina. Adding in a small, lubricated plug can create a sensation of fullness, which can lead to powerful orgasms. If you’re more experienced with anal play, you could try adding in a larger plug with a few more bells and whistles.

Remember, toys are tools. There’s no shame in using them to add to a sexual experience, and it doesn’t say anything bad about your partner’s level of sexual skill!

How Does the Kivin Method Feel?

There are countless articles out there that will tell you that the Kivin Method is the absolute best-ever cunnilingus! You’ll be begging for more! And, yeah. You might really enjoy it!

But, everybody is different. Some folks may find the position uncomfortable, or may not like the wider vulvar stimulation that comes with the Kivin Method. Listen to your partner if they tell you they just weren’t feeling it. There isn’t anything wrong with not liking a technique, position, or toy that seemingly everyone else loves. Everyone’s pleasures are different!

Still, many folks find the Kivin Method to be especially pleasurable and to feel like a more natural, comfortable position compared to conventional cunnilingus. And for folks who want their partners to pay attention to their whole vulva, not just the clit, the Kivin Method opens up a world of possibilities that may have felt hidden away before.

The important thing is to approach the Kivin Method with curiosity and an open mind. Don’t be afraid to play around, be a little clumsy, and reposition yourself until you find an angle that works for you. Talk about trying out the Kivin Method ahead of time, and then debrief again afterward. You’re trying something new for the first time! That’s pretty cool and brave of you!

Remember, the only person who can tell you how the Kivin Method feels for you is you. So put your scientist hat on and experiment away!

What is the Kivin Method for Cunnilingus and How to Do It by Cassandra Corrado originally appeared on Rumble & Buzz

Le Wand Double Vibe Palm-Sized Dual Motor Massager

Perfect for solo or couples play, Le Wand Double Vibe is a palm-sized, bunny-eared rechargeable vibrator that can nestle and satisfy even the smallest of pleasure zones.

Featuring ultra-powerful motors in each of the pinchable vibrating ears, the Double Vibe provides 15 rumbly vibration modes and 6 arousing intensity levels- making it the most formidable vibe for its miniature size.

Built with simple, intuitive controls for superior one-touch functionality, the Le Wand Double Vibe offers sensational dual stimulation where it matters most. In addition, this body-safe luxury vibe comes complete with an extra textured silicone sleeve for enhanced pleasure, a travel lock for adventures on the go, and an LED charging indicator and micro-suede travel pouch for discreet storage.

Compact, mighty & exceptionally versatile, the Le Wand Double Vibe is the ultimate fun-sized pocket rocket.

Get to Know Le Wand Double Vibe:

Double the motors double the power – The newest addition to the Chrome Mini Vibe Collection, Le Wand Double Vibe, features the brand’s most powerful compact vibes yet. The dual-motor design with pinchable, vibrating ears is ideal for wrapping your most sensitive hotspots for deep pleasure and pain relief.

Simple intuitive controls – Easy-to-use, 3-button functionality for complete control of your vibration intensities and patterns.

Dual-motor design – Get double the stimulation from dual motors operating simultaneously or independently.

Compact and versatile – Super-powered and palm-sized, the Le Wand Double Vibe packs ultra-strong vibes (15 rumbly vibrations and 6 vibration levels) in a compact package.

Contoured design – Comfortable to hold, the Double Vibe is ergonomically designed for extended use.

Pinchable ears – Flexible ears allow you to pinch anywhere from the nips to the clit for all-over stimulation.

Tantalizing texture – Le Wand Double Vibe comes complete with a removable textured sleeve to heighten your sensations.

Lovely to look at – Le Wand Double Vibe is available in Black, Rose Gold, and for a limited time White with Gold.

The USB rechargeable Le Wand Double Vibe is rated IPX7 waterproof for fun in & out of the water and easy cleanup.


  • Compact dual motor vibe
  • Dual-motor design – double the motors, double the power
  • Pinchable ears
  • Simple intuitive controls
  • Contoured shape
  • Includes removable textured sleeve to heighten your sensation
  • 15 Rumbly vibrations
  • 6 Vibration levels
  • Whisper Quiet
  • IPX 7 Waterproof
  • USB rechargeable – charging cable included
  • 1 Year warranty provided by Le Wand
  • Silicone and ABS
  • 3.34” x 2.16”

Is It Normal To Use Sex Toys?

It’s pretty common to wonder if we are the only ones doing something, when in reality what we are doing is totally normal. This is especially true for sexual experiences and the use of sex toys, largely due to societal influences.

Instead of openly talking about sex, society suggests that the subject should remain private. We have very limited sex education in the school systems and sadly, it does not teach us about sex and pleasure.

Uneducated children grow into self-conscious adults, who have often have difficulty communicating about sex. Sadly, this cycle continues as this discomfort towards sexuality is passed on to our children. So, under these circumstances, it’s only natural to not know what others around you are doing- because not many people talk about it openly.

…But guess what?! People all around you are using sex toys, and they have been for a very long time. Phallic symbols have been in existence since 500BC. Text from worldwide ancient societies mentions the use of phallic-shaped objects (including fruit, vegetables, and stone) for sexual pleasure. These objects were used in religious and magic ceremonies, not only as martial symbols but also to ward off evil spirits and bad luck. The Italians even had a word for this. They called these objects “diletto,” which means “to delight.” It was from this word that the term dildo was born.

In the late 1800s, the first vibrator was made. Early vibrators were big and bulky and used only by doctors to treat women with a condition called hysteria. Hysteria had many symptoms including, but not confined to, anxiety, irritability, insomnia, sexual fantasies, and desires, bloating, fluid retention, heaviness in the abdomen, shortness of breath, and trouble-rousing. Bringing women to orgasm was found to help alleviate these many complaints. Much smaller versions of these vibrators became household objects in early to mid-1900s and were referred to as marital aides or body massagers. In the 1960s, the sexual revolution brought pleasure products into public view, and with them, female orgasms became a more open topic.

Currently, sex toys are a multibillion-dollar industry (vibrators making up roughly 20% of sales, followed by dildos and personal lubricants) and this provides solid proof that people are enjoying them. Pleasure products are easy to purchase and are sold in department and drug stores, online and in sex boutiques. According to one source, AMAZON alone has 60,000 adult products online.

According to recent studies, sex toys are used by at least one person in roughly 50% of couples. Although men’s toys such as anal/prostate toys, sleeves, C rings and couples’ toys have expanded in use, women are more likely to be the toy-users. Wands are especially popular since they enable women to experience orgasms more consistently in their sexual encounters.

The age group between 18-24 use toys the least, most likely because it takes some time to become comfortable enough to purchase and use a toy. The highest user-group is age 35-44, at about 65%. Even couples 55 and older have a 50% use rate.

As sex toys become more prominent and society becomes more accepting of their benefits, the number of people using these products is expected to rise. Especially beneficial for older populations (as they lose partners, or their partners lose the ability for penetration), sex toys are wonderful tools as they provide stimulation that brings blood flow to sex organs and keeps these body parts in good working condition.

Vibrators not only produce genital pleasure but are also beneficial for massaging the sore muscles of these aging bodies. The message here is clear, sex toy use is quite normal. Pleasure tools have been around for ages, are used by many, and are here to stay.  It’s totally normal- so enjoy them without shame!

Is It Normal To Use Sex Toys? Originally appeared on Rumble & Buzz

8 Masturbation Techniques Your Vulva Needs Right Now!

Sex date with yourself? Yes, please! No one knows your body like you, and that can make masturbation one of the most intimate and stimulating acts you can do with yourself.

Masturbation Benefits

Masturbation goes beyond orgasm by being an important act for self-exploration and body confidence and provides many benefits:

  • Relaxation and better sleep

Masturbation releases feel-good hormones like endorphins and oxytocin, which can lead to decreased stress levels and help you fall asleep faster.

  • Increased sexual confidence

Solo sex can lead to better partnered sex because you develop an understanding and appreciation of your body during masturbation and experiment with what might feel good on your partner as well.

  • Learning how to orgasm

Masturbation helps you tune into changes in arousal and discover techniques and hot spots that bring you pleasure as well as an opportunity for erotic and fantasy exploration.

  • Soothing menstrual pain

Masturbation releases the body’s natural pain killer chemicals that can help reduce the intensity of period cramps.

Masturbation Types

Just as there are many different ways to stimulate your body, there are many different ways for your body to react. Your body is capable of different types of orgasms depending on how you stimulate and explore your body and mind.

So, it’s important to know the various kinds of orgasms your body can have before settling on a technique:

  • Clitoral orgasms

The clitoris is like your personal shrine to nerve endings. Engaging with the clitoris can create pleasure bursts during different types of orgasms, but can also be stimulated directly for its own specific orgasm. This type of orgasm feels like a build-up followed by a tantalizing burst of pleasure.

  • G-Spot/Vaginal orgasms

The G-spot (or Gräfenberg spot) is not so much a specific organ or “spot” but an entire area of pleasure internalized within the clitoral system.

There is no “one spot fits all clitoris” map of where the G-spot is, so it is best to discover yours through personal exploration. Using fingers or a curved sex toy can generally find and stimulate the G-spot with a “come hither” motion within the first few inches of your vaginal canal, as it located more towards the pelvis than the back.

G-spot orgasms are often described as a deeper, full-body kind of pleasure that may build up with a feeling similar to when you have to pee. You may even experience squirting with G-spot orgasms.

  • Blended Orgasms

Erotic stimulation to multiple spots, for example, the clitoris and the G-spot, may lead to a combo of orgasms (AKA a blended orgasm) that can feel like they are a full-body response.

  • Anal Orgasms

The anus is full of nerve endings that can be stimulated (with or without anal penetration) using fingers or sex toys like butt plugs. The sensation is much more prominent with prostate owners by using prostate sex toys, but vagina owners can also find pleasure by activating their “A-spot” (or anterior fornix erogenous zone) which is located between the bladder and cervix. While it is located within the vagina, the A-spot is generally deeper than the G-spot and requires stimulation from behind (pun intended) to reach it. This orgasm can also be blended by double penetration, flanking the G-spot and A-spot simultaneously.

Best Masturbation Techniques

Beyond just knowing where your erogenous zones are is how to stimulate them in a way to reach orgasm, which, if you want to get the best orgasms (and have the most fun) requires more than just touching one spot.

Here are 8 amazing masturbation techniques for your vulva:

  1. Layer your pleasure

Increasing sensation in layers can encourage erogenous zones to fully arouse and be more receptive to stimulation.

Try layering with underwear on, and rubbing or stroking through clothing. Clitoral hoods, labia, and foreskin can act as layers too.

  1. Try edging

Edging is a technique that can help you gain greater awareness over your arousal build up and help you have multiple orgasms. Try masturbating to the point just before orgasm, slowing stimulation down, and repeating to create a build-up of pleasure.

  1. Explore dual-stimulation

Explore stimulating more than one erogenous zone at a time with dual vibrators, nipple clamps, and butt plugs.

  1. Use all of your senses

Activating your other sensory organs like the tongue and ears can greatly add to your orgasmic sensation. Moaning, verbalizing, taking long deep breaths, and tasting your own arousal fluids can all impact and extend your sensations and extend post-orgasmic pleasure. You can even utilize a mirror to enhance visual stimulation and improve body confidence.

  1. Warm up the vulva

Cup the vulva with your hand and squeeze, massage, or shake it.

Try rubbing with your hands or using a strong vibrator on the mons pubis (the mound above the clit) with increasing pressure to warm up the area.

  1. Approach the clit indirectly

Rub the clitoris through the clitoral hood or use your fingers or a vibrator around the sides of the clitoris in circles hovering near the clit but not directly on it.

Try making your fingers into a “V”, use some lube and explore rubbing the sides of the clit up and down experimenting with what pressure, speed, or even squeezes feel good.

  1. Play with penetration

Warm up to vaginal insertions by playing with the clitoris, then use lube on toys or your fingers to stimulate the vagina.

Start with a lubed up finger inserted about 1-2 inches inside the vagina. Curl your finger in a come hither motion towards the belly button. G-spots like firm and consistent pressure, so instead of thrusting with fingers, try wiping side to side or making circles with your fingers.

  1. Grind into your sex toys

Hold your sex toy still and hump it or gyrate your hips into it. Engaging the rest of your pelvis in masturbation can feel really sexy and generate more blood flow and arousal to your pelvis.

Masturbation Techniques for Penis-Owners

Penis-owners can also try switching up positions and masturbating with a partner. For even more penis self-pleasure, try these techniques:

  1. Try a vibrator

Pressing vibrators against the perineum can give stimulation to the prostate without anal penetration. Explore vibrators on the frenulum (the spot right under the head of the penis), the shaft, or the testicles.

  1. Combine penis and anal pleasure

Using a butt plug or a prostate sex toy while stroking your penis can provide a sense of fullness and stimulation to all the nerve endings of the anus.

  1. Play with edging

Use lots of lube and stroke to the point just before orgasm, then squeeze just under the head of the penis to stop ejaculation. This will take time to learn for penis-owners because ejaculation and orgasm happen seconds apart.

Masturbation is Self-Care

Masturbation helps us develop our own erotic relationships to ourselves, in addition to the ones we have with others. The more you know about your pleasure and your body, the better you can communicate with your partners – get to know more of you by doing you!

8 Masturbation Techniques Your Vulva Needs Right Now! Originally appeared on Rumble & Buzz

Masturbation Mythbusting: Why It’s Important to Switch Up Your Sex Positions

Solo sex is an integral part of any sexual identity for a number of reasons. The sex we have with ourselves is the most important sexual relationship we will ever cultivate in our lives. Don’t believe me? Let’s look at some of the reasons why we masturbate.

Solo sex has a variety of benefits including: better sleep, shorter and less painful periods (for vagina owners), increased confidence and self-image, relief of stress and sexual tension, better sex with your partner, higher overall sex drive, and it can help you relax and in general, boost your mood. Wow!

After reading all of that, it seems silly to think that we could ever feel guilty about touching ourselves when masturbation is clearly a tool of self-care. So let’s dive into some of the most common myths about masturbation and how to find a new Unicorn position (or three!) for yourself.

Myth #1: Masturbation is selfish, and being selfish is inherently bad.

Masturbation is selfish in the sense that it’s something that’s totally and completely for yourself. But that isn’t a bad thing! If we peel back another layer and dive a little deeper from a holistic point of view, we can begin to see how solo sex is also a tool of self-love.

Masturbation is a wonderful and intimate way to reconnect with our bodies. We live in a world where body and mind generally seem to be divorced. Creating intentional space to devote to exploring our bodies and discovering where and how we derive pleasure is a sacred form of self-expression. Devoting time to our personal pleasure is a radical act of honoring our need to slow down and immerse ourselves in the present. In this form, masturbation is a grounding exercise.

Myth #2: Masturbation is just masturbation.

There are many benefits to solo sex beyond self-pleasure. Another valuable aspect of solo sex is that it can help us better understand our wants and needs. Being able to identify and communicate our wants and needs is a crucial element to any successful relationship, including the relationship we have with ourselves. How do we go about identifying these things? Patience, practice, consent, and compassion. Start by identifying your desires and holding space for them without judgment. It takes time to understand our bodies and how they operate. By being gentle, we take the pressure to perform off of ourselves and make our bodies more available to pleasure.

So often in solo sex, the sole intention of a session is to achieve orgasm. Most of us want to bust a nut and pass out after a long day, thus masturbation becomes a means to an end. When we remove the mindfulness from masturbation it becomes, in a sense, impersonal; more of an obligation than a practice in pleasure. Our instant gratification society conditions us to become impatient at anything that takes longer than 30 seconds. This is why, for some of us, masturbating can be frustrating if we have difficulties connecting with our bodies. Unfulfilled expectations of a quick and easy orgasm leave us feeling even more detached from ourselves, eager to fill the void.

Myth #3: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Because of these sexual anxieties, it’s understandable that when we find a routine that works (works meaning it feels good and leads to climax) that we choose to stick with it. As the saying goes, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” As people, we are innately creatures of habit, but is that necessarily a good thing when it comes to solo sex? If the perspective we have of masturbation is as a means to an end, we might be satisfied in the immediate present, but it could potentially affect the future of our personal pleasure. Here’s why it’s important to switch up our sexual routines.

Masturbating in the same position with the same toy or in the same manner can routinely condition our bodies to only receive pleasure in that specific way. This can lead to a certain level of desensitization, making it harder and take longer to achieve orgasm, which can put a strain on personal and partnered sex and limit our pleasure potential.

To have a better understanding of our pleasure potential, it’s important to take time to experiment with various toys, strokes, pressures, and positions. This will give us more information about our sexuality and how we receive pleasure. Our sexuality and our bodies are dynamic and change over time. Switching up positions and keeping our solo sex routine fresh will ensure we are connected and aligned with our pleasure potential in the present and future. The more open we are to receiving pleasure, the more pleasure will be integrated into our lives!

Switch up your solo sex positions!

Here are some fun positions to explore in your masturbation routine:

  1. On Your Back

This is a popular position for most folks because our genitals are easily accessible from this position, but if this is your go-to, challenge yourself to try something new. Spreading your legs wide in this position will open your body up to receive more pleasure. Also, moving your hips up and down (or in a circular position) will heighten sensitivity.

  1. On Your Front

If you are a fan of grinding, this is the position for you! In this position, you are lying face down and humping your hand, a pillow, the mattress, or your favorite toy. On Your Front is great for people who enjoy pressure on their clitoris. You can generate pleasure in this position fully nude or with your panties on for added friction and heightened stimulation.

  1. On Your Knees

Where are my doggy-style enthusiasts at? On Your Knees is a table-top position that is fabulous for clit stimulation. Like in most of these positions, humping motions are recommended. Also, if you’re into butt plugs (plugs, beads, vibrators, or any form of insertion), you’ll want to give this a try. The angle of doggy-style makes access to your bum ideal for anal stimulation. It also allows for full control over how deep you want your penetration to go.

  1. The Assisted Lover

This position takes the classic On Your Back to the next level by focusing on G-spot stimulation. You can achieve this in a couple of ways. First, while lying down on your back, put a stack of pillows or a pillow wedge under the small of your back to elevate your groin (think p*ssy pointing at the ceiling). Second, sit up on your tushie and put a stack of pillows or the wedge behind you to recline on.

Reclining and lifted positions are great for g-spot stimulation and make self-penetration easy, pleasurable, and fun.

  1. Mirror, Mirror

This position really turns it on! What’s sexier than watching yourself get off. Utilizing a mirror in any position that feels most comfortable to you — and allows you to soak in your pleasure — is what this position is about. Watching yourself in a mirror gives you pleasure feedback in real-time, allowing you to see what pressures and strokes feel best for you. Mirror, Mirror is also great for building sexual confidence!

  1. Stallion Squat

Naming this one after Megan Thee Stallion because she has the strongest knees in the game and is exactly what you should be channeling in this position.

The Stallion Squat is for folks who love deep penetration. Using a suction cup dildo and lube (and the strength of your knees and legs), lower yourself onto the dildo to penetrate your deepest erogenous zones. If your knee game isn’t up to par, use a chair or a wall to assist you. Your comfort, as always, is a priority!

  1. Lotus Butterfly

Perhaps after giving the Stallion Squat a try, you might want to relax into the Lotus position.

Sitting upright while spreading your legs, this position offers heightened clitoral stimulation and creates tension in your pelvic muscle, which can lead to stronger, more intense orgasms. If you really want to take things to the next level, try adding breathwork to this sexual meditation.

  1. Wet N Wild

Some of you may be familiar with solo sex in the bath or shower. You can achieve this by running bath water over your clitoris or, if you’re lunch enough to have a detachable showerhead, standing and directing the stream of your nozzle head over the same area. One of my favorite things about this position is that it gets you out of the bedroom and into a space in which you might not normally masturbate. Sometimes, just getting out of the bedroom and masturbating in another safe and discreet location is enough to make your body feel alive again! Get creative in your apartment, but be mindful if you have roommates.


Masturbation Mythbusting: Why It’s Important to Switch Up Your Sex Positions by Shelby Sells originally appeared on Rumble & Buzz

Unicorn Special Edition Sets from COTR brands b-Vibe, Le Wand and The Cowgirl

Introducing three new Unicorn Special Edition Sets from COTR brands b-Vibe, Le Wand and The Cowgirl.

The sets feature one of COTR’s signature pleasure devices reimagined and paired with an assortment of Unicorn-themed accessories and merch.

Each set is pleasure-centric, all-inclusive, and encourages exploration of the many ways to stimulate the body. Featuring a popular b-Vibe plug, Le Wand massager, and premium sex machine, the Unicorn Collection offers something for every body.

The fun, magical Unicorn-themed art is incredibly eye-catching, colorful and inviting. Not only does it adorn the pleasure devices themselves but is also featured on the included array of playful accessories and collectible items.

b-Vibe’s Unicorn Plug is a medium-sized plug with a removable multicolor tail and a twist texture, six vibration patterns and ten levels of intensity. The set also comes with the “Guide to Living Your Unicorn Life,” a unicorn backpack, glow-in-the-dark stickers, enamel pin and the “Guide to Anal Play.”

Le Wand’s Unicorn Wand is the classic rechargeable Le Wand that’s been updated with unicorn-themed art on the handle and offers vibrations in 10 speeds and 20 patterns. This special edition set includes a textured “horn” attachment, a drawstring pouch for storage and travel, an educational “Pleasure Guide,” a card for gifting, stickers, a keychain and an iron-on patch.

The Unicorn Premium Sex Machine is the latest reinvention of the classic Cowgirl, updated to be gender-inclusive. The Unicorn Set features two attachments offering penetrative and non-penetrative stimulation, a corded LED remote, a detachable rainbow tail flogger, a rainbow-tinted floor mat and matching slip-resistant silicone base.



Le Wand Unicorn Wand Limited Edition Set

Get ready to enter a fantasyland of unicorns, rainbows, and magically powerful orgasms with the new Le Wand Unicorn Wand — An 8-piece limited edition set for solo and partnered play!

Featuring 10 distinctive, rumbly vibration speeds and 20 vibration patterns, the Le Wand Unicorn Wand provides satisfying vaginal or anal stimulation with the included twisty texture attachment. The Unicorn Wand’s soft silicone head and flexible neck allow it to conform to your body for comfort, while the long handle and easy-to-use controls allow for effortless maneuvering.

Every item in the Le Wand Unicorn Wand Limited Edition Set is there to remind you of the magical charm of pleasure. These include:

  • A limited-edition Unicorn Wand
  • Silicone texture attachment for internal stimulation
  • A drawstring pouch for convenient storage and adventures on the go
  • A gift card, keychain, woven patch, and a set of puffy stickers adorned with unicorns
  • Brand new Guide to Living Your Best Unicorn Life


  • Massage wand
  • 10 Speeds and 20 vibration patterns
  • Easy controls
  • Includes a unicorn horn textured attachment for internal stimulation
  • Also includes storage pouch, gifting card, keychain, woven patch, and a set of puffy unicorn stickers
  • Rechargeable – charging cord included
  • 1 Year warranty provided by Le Wand
  • Body-Safe Silicone & ABS


b-vibe Unicorn Plug Limited Edition Set

Gallop into a world of sunshine, lollipops, and butt stuff with the new b-Vibe Unicorn Plug Limited Edition Set — A 6-piece collection to thrust you into the magnificent world of anal!

Featuring a uniquely magical twist texture to our medium-sized plug, this vibrating hole horn is specially designed to send you into euphoria with 6 vibration patterns and 10 levels of intensity. Find a treasure trove of fun at the end of the rainbow with the plug’s 19″ removable tail. Made from easy-to-wash synthetic fibers, the multicolor locks are perfect for fantasy play and can be easily removed to enjoy your mystical plug anywhere.

The b-Vibe Unicorn Plug Limited Edition Set features the ultimate fun accessories to show off your pride:

  • Vibrating textured unicorn plug with a removable 19″ rainbow tail
  • Glow-in-the-dark sticker set
  • A limited-edition b-Vibe enamel pin
  • A unicorn backpack to strut your stuff around town
  • The sex-educator-approved Guide to Anal Play
  • A brand-new Guide to Living Your Best Unicorn Life


  • Vibrating plug
  • Swirl texture
  • 10 Speeds and 6 patterns
  • Optional 19” tail clips on magnetically
  • Also includes sticker set, b-Vibe enamel pin, backpack, and 2 guides
  • USB rechargeable – charging cable included
  • 1 Year warranty provided by b-vibe


The Cowgirl Unicorn Premium Sex Machine

Get ready to ride the rainbow.

Fill your treasure cave with magic on our Unicorn Premium Sex Machine, a horn-y special edition twist on the classic Cowgirl design.

Gear up for solo or partner play wherever your partner might be! Use the LED remote for quick and easy settings adjustment, or use the app to play with your partner at a distance. Take full control of your power, rotation, and pattern at the touch of a dial.

This Special Edition Premium Sex Machine features a horn-y twist on two fun fantasy attachments for penetrative and non-penetrative stimulation while retaining the same award-winning functions of The Cowgirl: 1200 RPM of ultra-powerful vibrations, 360 swivel rotation, a slip-resistant silicone base, and made entirely of premium, vegan leather. But this 5-piece set includes even more.

Featuring a corded LED remote, two unique penetrative and non-penetrative attachments, a detachable rainbow tail flogger, and an ethereal skies floor mat to help contain all the powerful vibrations from this supercharged sex machine. Plus, with 400 lbs of weight capacity, The Unicorn is your perfect adventure partner for solo or couple’s rides.


  • Premium sex machine
  • 1200 RPM of ultra-powerful vibrations
  • 360 Swivel rotation
  • Slip-resistant silicone base
  • Made entirely of vegan leather
  • Includes 2 textured attachments
  • Also includes a detachable 19.5″ rainbow tail flogger and a 31.5” x 35.5”  floor mat
  • Control with the LED remote or via the app
  • 1 Year warranty provided by The Cowgirl

Masturbation Mythbusting: Solo Sex & Social Distancing


We’ve all been discovering ourselves a bit more often than normal this past year, but can too much solo sex ruin your next in-person encounter? LMFT Shadeen Francis breaks down a Q&A on socially distant solo sex in this edition of Masturbation Mythbusting.

Myth 1: Long-distance sex is less intimate than in person.

Q: I am socially distanced from my partner but we want to still be sexual with each other. I don’t know if we can still connect. I have heard of sexting and stuff but I’m not really sure how. I don’t know if it’ll feel like intimacy if we are just sending pictures and touching ourselves.

A: I know it’s not the same, but connection while socially distanced is not impossible! The research on dating during the pandemic is actually showing that separation has made people more intentional about dating: they are spending more high-quality quality-time with one another, are having deeper and emotional conversations, and are finding ways to be more creative on dates. So there is hope!

Technology is a tool, and we can use it to help us overcome barriers to connection. Let’s start with getting some clarity on “intimacy” between you and your partner. What feels like an intimate connection to you?

Is it seeing each other’s faces? Then you might try being sexual on a secure video platform. Does hearing their voice feel most intimate for you? Think about exchanging lust-filled voice notes or having sex dates over the phone. Do their words really inspire you? Try writing erotic letters or sensual emails. You might also explore Bluetooth controlled sex toys for some long-distance sexual touch! There is a lot of room to get creative, but it starts by thinking about what you need.

Myth 2: Too much solo sex can ruin partnered sex.

Q: I love having all this time for solo sex but worry about when it’s time to date again. What if nobody feels as good as my vibrator? Have I ruined myself for future lovers? Should I just skip the dating scene and marry my toys now?

A: You can go ahead and cancel that reception – it is a widespread myth that vibrating sex toys desensitize your vulvas to partners. Although human bodies can rarely imitate the speed, intensity, or consistency of sex toys, masturbation does not put your partnered sex at risk. On the contrary, it most often helps people better understand what arouses them and what feels good on their bodies.

Be sure to share what you learn with your future partners. Whether it is a tour of your toy collection or a sexy game of Simon says, it is important that you help your partners understand what you enjoy. We are ultimately responsible for our pleasure, but it is always nice to have some helping hands! And if you’ve already committed to marrying your vibrator, consider making your partnered sexual experiences a 3-way and include your favorite toy in the action!

Myth 3: You have to have solo sex to be a sexual person.

Q: I think I am asexual and like sex but what if I don’t really enjoy masturbation? It feels good and I’m not ashamed I just don’t really like it. Am I just not actually sex-positive?

A: Then don’t do it! My belief is that sex is always about pleasure, and that includes solo sex. If masturbating does not feel or sound pleasurable to you, that is okay. You absolutely do not have to masturbate to be a sexual person, nor do you have to touch yourself to feel pleasure.

Being sex-positive is about respect for the diversity of sexual identities and genders, honoring people’s boundaries, and supporting everyone’s freedom to make informed choices about their sexual lives. Sex positivity doesn’t mean any kind of sex is necessary! Think about what would feel good to you and protect intentional, uninterrupted time for that. It could be a good meal, a long walk, a favorite movie, an art project — whatever you choose, if you can do it without shame or harm to yourself or others, it is perfect.

Masturbation Mythbusting: Solo Sex & Social Distancing by Shadeen Francis originally appeared on Rumble & Buzz

Masturbation Pleasure in Every Room

It’s time to focus on what gets you off with pleasure for the body and mind in your sex space.

What do I mean by sex space? Simply put, it’s the space where you typically prefer to have sex in your home. You know, the boom-boom room, the nookie corner, or simply put- your playroom.

I recently moved to Detroit aka “The D”, to a new apartment with lots of space. Frankly, that means there’s a lot of sex space that I need to christen. For the most part, in my solo sexual experiences, I’ve always considered the bedroom to be the epicenter of play. A little warm-up in the shower, or maybe a hot sex scene in a film gets me going. Then I head straight to the bedroom!

So, I’ve been exploring new ways to bring my toys and play outside the bedroom and I’ve been enjoying the opportunities each room has to offer.

Living Room

Obviously, there’s space to make anything go in the living room. From wands to butt plugs to pussy pumps, sex machines, strokers, and more, the living room has been my warmup space for pleasure-making since my first place. However, I noticed that there are often missing essentials needed in the living room. I mean, there’s always the standard pleasure accessories needed, right?! Lube, toy cleaner, and a towel for quick clean up are always a part of my experience.

My go-to pleasure tools will have to be chosen in the moment, depending on what mood I’m feeling. So, if you can, a small drawer or secret stash with a few toys (small and large)- and those previously mentioned pleasure accessories- are clutch to have in your living room.


Playing in the shower is power!

Make sure to bring lube into the shower ya’ll! I know some of yous (with my Philly accent) are saying water is enough to create the moisture that I need. Incorrect, my friend.

Your shower water simply cannot act as lubrication for your body. Body wash, soap, or hair conditioner can cause irritation leading to yeast or bacterial infections, UTIs, or unwanted dryness. So lube, lube, lube.

If you’re not playing with a silicone pleasure tool (silicone lube is not compatible with a silicone toy!), use silicone lube for the shower. It will reduce friction and irritation during your play. Silicone lube will stay on your body even in the shower, making it ideal for sex in the shower. Plus, it cleans off fast with soap and water. Just make sure you clean the shower surfaces afterward since this lube is ultra-slippery.


Ever since the pandemic, my home office has been my mecca for educating folks all over the world! This is my new normal, Dolly Parton’s 9 to 5, Zoom meeting professional style that I’ve had to adapt to, hard core. Yet, there are some things that were needed to establish a work-life balance.

One strong essential to that balance was to implement breaks in between my daily routines. And yes, that break can sometimes include a masturbation session. Believe me friends, a daily mid-dose of masturbation equals rejuvenation and serotonin released.


Although the kitchen can be questionable and seldomly used as a sexual playground, there are a few erotic game moves that can be enjoyed, especially with the use of sex toys.

Few things to consider, lube comes in many varieties, and adding lube is a totally a plus. Enter the ultimate kitchen cabinet lube- coconut oil. This edible and natural personal lubricant absorbs into the body with its moisturizing properties. Plus, it’s beneficial for the skin. Just make sure to separate your cooking oil from your personal lube!

Your selection of toy play is endless. Hell, you can ride a sex machine with the door opened sucking on a popsicle on a hot day. Or have a palm-sized vibe in your underwear, sitting on a chair, while eating ice cream, your favorite cereal, or whatever your vulva and taste buds desire!

Add a little fun game to mix. Try to masturbate before your timer on your microwave or toaster oven finishes cooking your upcoming meal. Not only can you increase your libido multiple times, but you also enjoy beating your record over and over again! Huzzah!

Wherever you decide to create a new sex space, make sure you enjoy it more than once. It takes us a few times to get adjusted to playing in a new scene, so have patience and remember that novelty adds fun to your solo and partnered sex.

Quick tip for roommates, privacy is key. So, feel free to stuff a towel or blanket at the bottom of your closed door to help soundproof your sex space.

…And if you live in an apartment, consider toys that might be a little quieter from your collection, unless you’re happy to share your sexcapades with your neighbors! LOL!

Masturbation Pleasure in Every Room by Tracy Felder originally appeared on Rumble & Buzz