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With so many new releases, it is almost impossible to know what’s what. The Resource was born to help retailers sort through it all and easily discover the cream of the crop. Featuring a single product or collection in each post, The Resource gives you bite-sized info in an easy to digest format.

The Resource is lovingly curated by the industry’s favorite Product Specialist Molly Romeo to help keep customers up to date on what’s happening. The Resource not only includes product knowledge, but also showcases some of the best articles about the Pleasure Product business, as well as a guide to events like product training, sales, contests, and webinars.

We do not show pricing in this guide. However, if you click on the product name or the lead product image, this will take you to the item or the collection’s listing on our website holidayproducts.com, so have your login handy!

If you do not have a login or B2B account, please contact Holiday Products by calling 800.266.5969 or emailing sales@holidayproducts.com. You can also use the “Request A Login & Catalog” button on our landing page to get your wholesale account set up. At Holiday Products, we have 7 expert, veteran Account Managers, all with tremendous knowledge and history within our industry!

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