Private Tube Personal Trainer


Ready to increase endurance and reach new orgasmic heights, the Private Personal Trainer Tube is a thrilling self-contained, suction masturbator.


Fulfill your naughtiest fantasies with the real-feel texture, adjustable suction intensity and self-contained container.


Keep the good times rolling when your slip this self-contained sleeve into your suitcase or overnight bag for a naughty realistic feeling stroking experience wherever your travels take you.

Whether indulging at home or wherever pleasure takes you, the compact and self-contained stroker is the teasing travel companion you’ve always craved.



The premium Real Skin TPR is unscented, phthalate free and maintenance free to keep your most sensitive spots, happy and healthy.



  • Self-contained, easy-to-use masturbator with storage lid
  • Life-like material made with Real Skin Technology
  • Textured chamber with adustable suction power
  • Easy to clean
  • Includes lubricant and renewal powder
  • Instructions included

PP (tube) TPR (sleeve)

10.2” x 3.5” (tube with cap)

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  1. Susan says:

    🙂 I been watching all of your blogs. Just wanted to let you, I appreciate all of stuff you post about. Trust me, I am so out of everything. You have been very informative and helpful.

    Susan Compton

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