Masturbation Mythbusting: Mini Vibes

So, let’s start with a quick class review.

What even is a vibrator?

A vibrator is a sex toy and pleasure product used to arouse hot spots on the body in times of sexual play via the transmission of vibrations. This could look like anything from a wand, to a vibrating dildo, to a rabbit vibrator, and the list could go on forever.

There are also all kinds of subcategories of vibrators, one of them being mini vibrators (or “mini vibes”).

Mini vibes are just smaller versions of an average-sized vibrator to be used for different settings or experiences. When you google “mini vibrator”, you’ll likely get a page full of links to bullet vibrators, as these are the most commonly seen and most publicized. But it is DEFINITELY NOT the only kind.

Just like a regular-sized vibrator comes in all different shapes and sizes, so do mini vibes!

So when I hear people say things like:


I know that whoever is saying it, doesn’t realize that we have options, babe!

Bullet vibrators are great, multifunctional mini vibes. It’s a timeless design concept that evolves with us as the sex-positive movement becomes more and more prevalent.


If bullet vibes aren’t your thing, mini vibes are NOT one-size-fits-all. It is 2022, and mini vibrators come in more than one shape and size!

Speaking of size, I know that when someone says,


They likely haven’t tried the right mini vibe, yet.

Just because a mini vibe is made with less material, doesn’t mean it is less powerful. Mini vibes still have adjustable power settings, just like any other vibrator. They just ALSO have the ability to get into small cracks and tight crevices to maximize overall pleasure.

But, keep in mind that the mini vibe does NOT have to be the main character or lead role in your experience. In fact, in many situations, it THRIVES as the supporting role.

Which tells me when I hear,


They likely haven’t auditioned their mini vibe as a supporting role, yet. Mini vibes are great on their own as “beginners vibrators” because they can be less intimidating overall. And for some, they may become and remain the “lead role” of the show when it comes to pleasure.

But others may want to continue to explore and try new things, and the mini vibe is great for this as well.

Use it WITH other toys. Use it DURING partnered play. Use it WHEN you want to try “vibing out” in an (acceptable) public setting. Use it ON untraditional areas of the body. Use it IN untraditional ways on the body.

Think of the mini vibe as the Sports Model, not the knockoff.

The possibilities are endless…


In short: if you are too busy stuck in a mind trap to truly explore with your mini vibe, OF COURSE it won’t tickle your fancy (pun intended 😉).

If you want your mini vibe experience to be out-of-this-world, YOU are the only thing in the way (because your mini vibe has been waitin). So stop expecting a unique experience without making unique choices, holding the vibe accountable for “being basic”.

That being said, maybe mini vibes ARE the secret menu item. What do you think?

Masturbation Mythbusting: Mini Vibes by Autumn Morris originally appeared on Rumble & Buzz

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