Swiss Navy Certified Expert Certification Program

Swiss Navy is thrilled to announce their comprehensive certification course to help provide retail associates with valuable knowledge and a path to certification as an expert in their field.

This 10 module course is easy to navigate and provides retail partners a wonderful training resource for their staff, especially in this high-turnover climate.

Upon completion, staff members will receive a certificate of completion announcing them as a ‘Swiss Navy Certified Expert’. Retailers and their staff are encouraged to sign up at

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Blush U: Experiencing Blended Orgasms Mixed with Understanding the Anatomy and Blended Orgasms

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Join Tawney Seren as she educates on the importance of understanding the anatomy of the body and what a blended orgasm is. Explore different Blush intimacy products like the Lush Victoria or Hop Oh Bunny! that can assist in the achievement of a blended orgasm – solo or with a partner. You will also learn how to answer questions and be able to direct your customers to the product that assists them best.

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Rediscovering the G-Spot: A Crash Course on Stimulation, Toys

The G-spot can sometimes cause more confusion than pleasure; this seemingly elusive erogenous zone is the subject of ongoing debate among myriad magazines and news sites — some claim it’s the secret to eternal sexual satisfaction while others still deny its existence. And scientific studies on the subject are just as contradictory.

So what’s the truth about G-spots and how can people get the most pleasure out if it? And, most importantly, what’s the best way to have an educated conversation with curious shoppers that explains proper technique while meeting them where they’re at?

Let’s take a crash course on what (and where) the G-spot actually is, and how we can intensify G-spot stimulation for those of us who are ready for something a little “extra.”

What is the G-spot?

Named after Dr. Ernst Grafenberg, the G-spot is a mass of erectile tissue located one to three inches inside the upper wall of the vagina (toward the belly). Experts theorize the G-spot’s function is similar to the prostate and it is also sometimes referred to as the urethral sponge. Arousal causes this tissue to swell and become more prominent; to the touch, it feels like a hard lump with ridges on it — almost like a walnut. When this area is stimulated, it can inspire orgasm and even female ejaculation, but what happens varies greatly depending on the person. (We’re all unique snowflakes, right?)

Does every vagina have a G-spot?

The evidence we do have indicates that most, if not all, people with vaginas have a G-spot. This does not mean it’s easy to find, however. Confusing and conflicting information lead many to believe they don’t have one.

One key piece of information to consider is that, without proper arousal, the G-spot can often be difficult to feel and detect. It’s also important to remember that not everyone with a G-spot ENJOYS having the G-spot played with — or even touched. So much marketing and media rhetoric tells us that once we do find the G-spot, an explosive experience is imminent, which sends our expectation (and excitement) levels through the roof.

With such high hopes, it’s no wonder so many people incorrectly assume that, because fireworks didn’t spark or they didn’t squirt across the room, they must not have found their G-spot — and they MUST keep searching.

What is the right way to stimulate the G-spot?

The best way to find and stimulate the G-spot is to enter the vagina with two fingers making a “come hither” motion. A common misstep is doing this too gently.

Although everyone is different, most people with G-spots prefer vigorous and/or firm pressure against the area – with even more applied as arousal builds.

And while digital stimulation is nice, it’s not always practical. The amount of pressure, strength and endurance it requires can be hard on the hands and wrists — and that’s where sex toys can become an invaluable resource.

What are the most effective G-spot toys?

Stationary Toys – Non-vibrating sex toys made from rigid, non-porous materials are popular for G-spot stimulation. Metal and glass toys are firm and heavy, which aids in proper stimulation by giving the G-spot the force that it needs, and they’re also perfectly suited for temperature play. Cool them down in the refrigerator or warm them up in a bowl of hot water for some extra-sensory fun. In general, curved toys with bulbous heads are best, regardless of the material they’re made from.

Vibrating Toys – Every person’s body is different. Differences in pleasure can be challenging for those new to G-spot play, so how can someone know what kind of G-spot stimulator will work best if they’ve never tried before? In these cases, a dual stimulator is a great recommendation. These designs can be used vibrating or stationary and usually feature adjustable power options so that users can customize how they stimulate their bodies. Activating the different motors and holding the toy in various positions gives it versatility.

Wand attachments are another smart suggestion for shoppers looking to explore G-spot play.

In general, tools that offer the most G-spot pleasure are made from rigid material and have a pronounced upward curve. Point your customers toward these types of designs, but also care to remind them that it’s OK not to master the G-spot on the first (or even fifth) try. The goal is to explore and have fun while doing it — even if G-spot exploration doesn’t lead them to the sexual holy grail, it will still be an exciting journey shared by everyone involved.

Rediscovering the G-Spot: A Crash Course on Stimulation, Toys by Rebecca Weinberg originally appeared in XBIZ

Understanding the Benefits, Misconceptions About Glass Toys

Glass sex toys are becoming increasingly popular — and with good reason. Glass offers quite a few benefits that other toy materials can’t replicate and they look and feel uniquely luxurious. Some pieces resemble works of art worthy of display, rather than something to hide in a bedside drawer, and there’s way more to glass sex toys than the dildos we so often see associated with the material. You can find e-stim wands, cupping systems, suction toys, nipple toys, and more — all made from or using glass as a special accessory.

No matter the type of toy, glass offers one clear advantage over most other materials: it’s easy to clean and share among partners. Glass is one of the most hygienic sex toy materials because it is non-porous, which means that after a proper cleaning, it cannot harbor harmful bacteria. This is a selling point for people that have sensitive bodies or use toys with multiple partners.

Dildos and anal plugs are the most common types of glass sex toy. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. One concern people have about glass is safety; many assume that glass toys are dangerous and can splinter or break while in use. This simply isn’t true. Most glass insertables are made from Borosilicate, a thick, high-grade glass designed to withstand heavy use. (Think Pyrex.) Yes, if banged around hard enough, it could break, but you’d really have to try. This stuff won’t break from sexual use – no matter how strong your kegel game might be – and Borosilicate is made to break clean rather than shatter or splinter. So really, you’re in the clear here.

Hand-blown insertables are made of something called soft glass, which often allows for more artistic freedom on the production side, but it does have a different property than Borosilicate. This kind of glass is durable but breaks differently (i.e. it can shatter if dropped from a high-enough height), so if this fear is real for you, stick to Borosilicate.

Glass insertables are a favorite for G-spot and prostate play because they are hard, heavy and smooth. These are all qualities those areas of the body favor. Their firmness makes the user feel more filled up than they would using a toy made of a suppler material and they frequently feature bumps, ridges, and twists to add extra stimulation.

Beautiful and functional, glass insertables are also an ideal item for gift-giving. If displayed, guests may even think they are artful sculptures or paperweights! It’s not unusual for people to collect glass insertables due to their visual aesthetic.

Plugs and dildos made of glass are also perfect for temperature play. Put one in the refrigerator to cool it down or a bowl of warm water to heat it up.

When it comes to glass sex toys, remember that there’s a lot more out there than just dildos and butt plugs. From e-stim to nipple toys, glass is used in a variety of sexy applications and can be a great material for shoppers looking to invest in something built to last a lifetime.

Glass toys also are simple to clean and share between partners, which is a plus for shoppers who need a truly body-safe toy or are looking to enjoy it with a partner (or partners).

From a sales standpoint, glass products also can turn first-time buyers into repeat customers due to their collectability and dependability. Timeless and classic, glass sex tools and accessories will never go out of fashion.

Understanding the Benefits, Misconceptions About Glass Toys by Rebecca Weinberg originally appeared in XBIZ

Blush Training Event: Wellness Collection

Understanding the importance of wellness and products that can make a difference! How this helps your business grow…

About this event

In this event we will highlight the Wellness products and how they can assist with overall sexual wellness for both yourself, and your customers! We will learn how this makes your business grow and thrive.


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Come Join Team Blush as they talk about some of  Blush’s newest product release for 2022 and stay for the raffle prizes!

BLUSH is launching exciting new items in many collections – jump on their team call going over some of their favorites.

Get your business year off to a great start, with a mix of some fantastic new items.

As always – a laid back and comfortable setting, with fun and RAFFLE draws – Register to get into the first drawing for Free Product.


CBD Industry Training and Roundtable Discussion – Hosted by EngErotics

From the organizer:
“Join us live for a roundtable discussion and training on CBD education and ingredients. It will not be brand-specific (read: it won’t be an EE sales pitch) as our goal is to help educate the pleasure product industry about CBD so that retailers and their employees will feel more comfortable assisting customers who are seeking CBD-infused intimate body care items. Bring your questions and get ready to take notes!
Our Formulation Specialist/COO and our Sexologist/Cannabis Researcher are working hard to put together the agenda and details, so keep an eye out for updates!
This training WILL be recorded for those who are unable to join us live. If you are unable to attend and would like a copy of the recording, please send an email to so that we can be sure to get the training to you after the fact.
We hope you’ll be able to join us!”