Understanding the Benefits, Misconceptions About Glass Toys

Glass sex toys are becoming increasingly popular — and with good reason. Glass offers quite a few benefits that other toy materials can’t replicate and they look and feel uniquely luxurious. Some pieces resemble works of art worthy of display, rather than something to hide in a bedside drawer, and there’s way more to glass sex toys than the dildos we so often see associated with the material. You can find e-stim wands, cupping systems, suction toys, nipple toys, and more — all made from or using glass as a special accessory.

No matter the type of toy, glass offers one clear advantage over most other materials: it’s easy to clean and share among partners. Glass is one of the most hygienic sex toy materials because it is non-porous, which means that after a proper cleaning, it cannot harbor harmful bacteria. This is a selling point for people that have sensitive bodies or use toys with multiple partners.

Dildos and anal plugs are the most common types of glass sex toy. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. One concern people have about glass is safety; many assume that glass toys are dangerous and can splinter or break while in use. This simply isn’t true. Most glass insertables are made from Borosilicate, a thick, high-grade glass designed to withstand heavy use. (Think Pyrex.) Yes, if banged around hard enough, it could break, but you’d really have to try. This stuff won’t break from sexual use – no matter how strong your kegel game might be – and Borosilicate is made to break clean rather than shatter or splinter. So really, you’re in the clear here.

Hand-blown insertables are made of something called soft glass, which often allows for more artistic freedom on the production side, but it does have a different property than Borosilicate. This kind of glass is durable but breaks differently (i.e. it can shatter if dropped from a high-enough height), so if this fear is real for you, stick to Borosilicate.

Glass insertables are a favorite for G-spot and prostate play because they are hard, heavy and smooth. These are all qualities those areas of the body favor. Their firmness makes the user feel more filled up than they would using a toy made of a suppler material and they frequently feature bumps, ridges, and twists to add extra stimulation.

Beautiful and functional, glass insertables are also an ideal item for gift-giving. If displayed, guests may even think they are artful sculptures or paperweights! It’s not unusual for people to collect glass insertables due to their visual aesthetic.

Plugs and dildos made of glass are also perfect for temperature play. Put one in the refrigerator to cool it down or a bowl of warm water to heat it up.

When it comes to glass sex toys, remember that there’s a lot more out there than just dildos and butt plugs. From e-stim to nipple toys, glass is used in a variety of sexy applications and can be a great material for shoppers looking to invest in something built to last a lifetime.

Glass toys also are simple to clean and share between partners, which is a plus for shoppers who need a truly body-safe toy or are looking to enjoy it with a partner (or partners).

From a sales standpoint, glass products also can turn first-time buyers into repeat customers due to their collectability and dependability. Timeless and classic, glass sex tools and accessories will never go out of fashion.

Understanding the Benefits, Misconceptions About Glass Toys by Rebecca Weinberg originally appeared in XBIZ

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