Tips for Reeling in Retail Customers When Sales Dry Up

When consumers are recovering from holiday stress, shopping is the last thing on their minds. So once the holiday rush is over, retail businesses often struggle with a steep decline of sales leading into the new year. Still, not all good things must come to an end! Especially if you utilize that downtime to brainstorm marketing and advertising tactics to keep customers captivated and inspired. Here are some follow-up strategies to help you keep your business flourishing in the “off” season…

Email Blasts

As Steve Martin said, “Be so good they can’t ignore you.” Now is the time to ramp up your monthly or weekly newsletter. Remind customers that even though the hectic holiday season has come to a close, your establishment is still there to help meet their everyday intimate needs. This is a great opportunity to announce future initiatives, projects and new products.

To keep the consumer engaged, and to avoid slipping into their junk folder, make sure to plan out content beforehand to prevent unnecessary repetition or inconsistency.

Turn Up Engagement

Start a poll or a questionnaire, something interactive to prompt engagement. Alternating between newsletter/article style and something more lighthearted and fun gives off a feel-good vibe and leaves the customer feeling included, like a valued member of the team.

Another great way to gain traction is by hosting a Q&A session. Not only does this give shy clients the option to post questions anonymously, but it also helps you track what is currently trending and what the consumer base is attracted to. This way, the people get what they want while we gain insight into what’s on everyone’s mind.

The key is to stay relevant and stay connected, by upping your presence and staying informed on the hottest trends.

Online Makeovers

Give your online platforms a makeover to reflect the season or incorporate a new theme to keep things feeling fresh. Whether it’s changing up the color palettes or adding in new graphics, you can give the company a new look while providing the same toe-curling experience. We want to show our attention to detail and our desire to grow and evolve with the times.

While making the external aesthetic transition, you should also take the time to update your internal software and search engine optimization. Again, the goal is to stay relevant and up to date, while generating more traffic from each platform.

Rewards, Promos and Giveaways

Now that they are engaged, it’s time to reward them. Throw in a “Slow Days Special,” offering a certain percentage off selected products for a limited time only. The goal is to prompt action now and complete that sale. Promos and rewards can be divided up depending on the customer’s status.

Repeat customers: Offer loyalty memberships to customers who sign up and make an account. Let them know that becoming a member gets them inside bonuses, like collecting points per purchase that can lead to additional discounts.

New customers: Offer a welcome package where customers enjoy 20% off orders over a certain amount. Toss in a free item for orders over $100, just to say “Thank you, we appreciate your business!”

Cart Reminders: Complete the Process

A simple “We missed you!” tagged onto all abandoned-cart reminders can redirect the customer’s attention and prompt them to complete the transaction. For larger companies with available stock figures posted, a great addition would be a pop-up informing browsing consumers every time an item is currently being viewed or was bought that day. This attaches a visual to the daily traffic and sales. Last but not least, to prompt the customer into completing their order, activate a ticking clock allotting a certain number of minutes to complete the order online. As a bonus, send out exclusive offers to recapture the customer’s interest.

Easy, Feasible Return and Exchange

Remember, one size does not fit all, so make sure to be clear about your return/exchange policy. Due to the nature of the business, all sales tend to be final. If that is the case, bring this policy to the customer’s attention before point of purchase to ensure a smooth, consensual transaction. Being upfront about the policy as well as offering extra bits of information — such as “Visit us in-store for a hands-on demonstration” or “Try this piece on to make sure it’s the right fit” — aids in solidifying relationships and gaining long-standing customers because you’re demonstrating the company’s dedication to providing a quality experience.

Our business thrives on quality experience and excellent customer service. Giving your company a competitive edge means utilizing the downtime between busy seasons to reach out to new clients and keep current customers’ attention. This will help secure a steady income stream year-round. After all, sex, love and pleasure should be celebrated and invested in every day!

Tips for Reeling in Retail Customers When Sales Dry Up by Kaitlyn Lembke originally appeared in XBiz

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