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The Sexuality Professional Accelerator – Presented by EDSE

May 22


This 6-month self-led program is designed to help you jump-start your business, launch that new course, or get closer to accomplishing your professional goals – especially the ones that have felt overwhelming or out of reach. Start with a goal or intention and by the end, you will have the tools, strategy, and support you need to create, build, plan, outline, or launch that project or idea that has felt intimidating, overwhelming, or out of reach for so long.

Led by AASECT Award-winning educator and entrepreneur Anne Hodder-Shipp, the Sexuality Professional Accelerator welcomes motivated, progressive sexuality professionals who are ready to level-up with weekly prompts, group discussion, trouble-shooting, peer support, and vulnerable realness all while building connection and community. You don’t have to figure all this out on your own — nor should you — so let’s start working, growing, and succeeding together.

This program meets the requirements of the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT) and is approved for 24 CE credits. These CE credits may be applied toward AASECT certification and renewal of certification. Completion of this program does not ensure or guarantee AASECT certification. For further information please contact info@aasect.org. PLEASE NOTE: CE credits only apply toward time spent in the live group coaching sessions.

What you get with The Sex Ed Accelerator:

  • 24 weekly 75-minute group coaching sessions with Anne Hodder-Shipp ($1800 value)
  • 24 weekly prompts and exercises to keep you focused, accountable, and on track ($360 value)
  • 2 60-minute one-on-one sessions with Anne Hodder-Shipp ($350 value)
  • Access to a folder of 100+ sexuality resources personally curated by Anne ($525 value)
  • 15% off at the EDSE Shop
  • Private community group chat via Signal
  • Supportive community of like-minded sexuality professionals (priceless)

A $3,305 VALUE!

The Sexuality Professional Accelerator is right for you if you:

  • Recently completed a certification or degree & are ready to start your new career
  • Have been sitting on a workshop, course, or offering idea for far too long
  • Burn out easily and need help reigniting your professional passion
  • Feel frozen from imposter syndrome and need solutions for getting unstuck
  • Would rather get a root canal than promote or pitch yourself
  • Feel a bit isolated or on your own in this field and in need of supportive, like-minded community
  • Recognize you need help with accessibility, inclusivity, and expansiveness in your work
  • Hate everything about accounting, taxes, paperwork, invoices, & “numbers stuff”
  • Consider yourself more of a sensitive soul than a business savvy “boss”
  • Want to build or run a business that feels aligned with your social justice values
  • Need help figuring out rates, pricing, and getting over your “money issues”
  • Have a hard time saying “no” and might even identify as a “people pleaser”
  • Feel ready to put yourself out there and stop hiding or staying “small”
  • Have lots of ideas but need guidance, direction, and help with follow-through

By the end of The Sexuality Professional Accelerator, you will have:

  • Confidence in and connection to yourself, your work, and what you want to put out into the world
  • An effective and invaluable reframe of imposter syndrome that will keep you from feeling frozen
  • Built lasting connection and intimate bonds with fellow professionals who care about and are motivated by the same things
  • Let go of the perceived need to know everything, do it all, and be the “expert” in the room (pssst – it’s a scam!)
  • Examined and transmuted your fears around being “seen,” making mistakes, and saying “the wrong thing” (pssst – it’s a trap!)
  • A satisfying sense of accomplishment and gratitude for yourself for dealing with the hard stuff
  • A stronger understanding of the impact you want to have on your audience, industry, and community
  • More space for creativity, experimentation, imagination, and curiosity in your work
  • A clear and doable outline, map, or guide for that business, project, or offering you’ve been sitting on
  • A reasonable, unintimidating strategy for self-promotion, pricing, and marketing
  • A realistic and achievable set of business goals that don’t compromise your personal and professional values
  • A practical grasp of what it takes to turn your ideas into real-life things you feel proud of
  • A sense of accountability and self-assuredness that you can follow through on your plans
  • An exponentially more expansive perspective on ethical, justice-minded business practices
  • An even better grasp on what it means to create and sell accessible products and offerings
  • The ability to describe and pitch yourself and your offerings with certainty and excitement

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May 22


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