The Textures of Glass Dildos and Anal Toys

The texture of a sex toy is extremely important to your experience with any pleasure product, whether it vibrates or not. However, especially when it comes to a glass sex toy, the texture of the dildo is what takes you to stimulation nation.

Glass textured dildos and anal toys can make any solo play or partner play extra thrilling by enhancing the sensation of every penetration. Textured dildos intensify sex because they increase the pleasurable feeling of friction as the toy slides in and out of your body. From raised ridges to nubs and spiraled designs, glass textured dildos and anal toys offer a variety of mild to intense touches that can enhance everything from G-spot stimulation to backdoor play and more.


The first texture that we’re going to explore is the ultra-smooth texture that’s usually typical of a glass toy. This doesn’t feature any of the raised designs on its surface to create additional friction but instead, the smooth feeling of the glass allows it to glide in and out with ease – creating a constant flow of consistent stimulation.

Smooth glass could be preferable for G-spot stimulation as its slippery surface can make it easier for your dildo — which ideally would be curved to target the G-spot with more precision — to reach this orgasmic pleasure zone.

Sleek glass is made even better when you slather some lubricant on your smooth textured dildo. This makes it even slicker, allowing you to easily slide in and out of any crevice. For example, pairing lubricant with a butt plug in a beginner’s friendly size can make it even friendlier for first-timers.

Spirals and Swirls

A spiral along the shaft of a textured dildo can enhance the sensation of every thrust from the toy. A spiral can start anywhere along the shaft of a toy and swirl up the shaft of a textured toy until it reaches one of the ends. A spiral textured dildo can easily enhance the friction that the toy’s surface creates as you feel the sensations of the spiral and smoothness. What’s more – some glass toys are part spiral and part smooth, creating a journey of gentle tingles on the G-Spot / P-Spot follow by constant stimulation.

With enough lubricant, a spiral textured dildo will still easily glide in and out of your body, however, the raised spiral will increase the sensation as it applied more toe-curling pressure as it penetrates.


A textured dildo that is covered with nubs is your ticket to thrilling pleasure. Nubs are small raised rounded bulges and when they’re all over your dildos the uneven surface of the shaft massages deeply and thoroughly for a thoroughly tantric orgasmic experience.

A nubby textured dildo can satisfy your desire for a toy that’s filling. Once inserted, the nubs provide even more coverage to ensure that you stimulate all of your erogenous zones. Its nubs also make this type of textured dildo extremely easy to hold. This particular texture is a favorite for anal play. Just imagine it – it’s amazing!


While a nubby textured dildo will provide a fuller feel with its nubs that will provide more pressure and stimulation with their all-over texture, some textured dildos feature strategically placed bumps that are designed to target exactly where you enjoy stimulation.

Having a row of bumps along one side of a dildo allows you to direct the stimulation to exactly where you want it — such as for G-Spot stimulation. Rotate it, start with one side and move to another, do what you want – you’ll love this one and the many many…MANY levels of orgasms you can achieve.


Ribbed textured dildos are versatile pleasure products because they can be used to intensify any kind of intimate play. Used vaginally, a ribbed dildo provides delightful internal stimulation as it plunges in with its ribbed shaft. An in-and-out motion with this dildo increases friction to turn up the heat as much as you want.

Ribbed textured dildos also are ideal for backdoor play as anal newbies can insert the toy and measure how deep they’re going based on the bead of the ribbed shaft.

Raised Ridges

Raised ridges on a textured dildo can create a realistic feel when inserted. The ridges of a textured dildo may feel similar to the veins on a real penis or like the veins that are added to lifelike dildos. However, when the sex toy is made out of glass, the ridges are firm and will be deliciously yet delicately flick with every thrust. Be gentle, it’s the best way to tease.

A textured dildo can help to introduce a world of new sensations that you’ve been fantasizing about. Additionally, because it’s glass, you can easily cool or heat your textured dildo for even more thrills.

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