Sex Outdoors — 5 Things To Remember

There’s nothing like getting naked under the stars and making sweet love in the great outdoors. But before you and your partner become one with nature, make sure nature doesn’t have any surprises in store for you. Here are a few simple reminders that could make the difference between a memorable experience and something you’d rather forget.

Look Before You Strip

Remember those camping trips as a kid where your dad would point out poison ivy and poison oak? If you don’t, you’d better buy a field guide before you strip down and go at it in a cozy green spot in the woods. And even if you don’t walk away with a burning allergic reaction, you could get bitten by any number of tiny ants and insects crawling around in the dirt and leaves. Bring a blanket – maybe not as spontaneous, but it could save you a trip to the emergency room in the nearest small town.

Water Hazards

Chances are if you can’t drink it, you probably don’t want it thrust up inside you either. While underwater sex seems appealing as a summer sport, the bacteria in lakes and streams can give you painful infections of varying kinds. Also, condoms slip off easily under water and natural lubricants get washed away. Feel free to kiss and fondle all you want, but take the next level to higher ground.

Water Carries Sound

Remember camp sing-a-longs as a kid? You could hear the other camp troupes on the other side of the lake as clear as a bell. Well, the same goes for your grunting and groaning. Give everyone a break and keep it down so we can all enjoy the serenity of the wilderness. Besides, it can add an extra sense of excitement to have to bite your tongue.

Condom Common Sense

Used contraceptives are animal magnets. They’re full of protein, which might be totally unappetizing for us, but a nice light snack for another creature. And don’t keep them in your tent either. Treat them with the same rules as for food and garbage – dispose of them properly on the campground, or tie them up between trees with the rest of your food-scented belongings, out of the way of menacing rodents and larger animals.

Make Sure You Actually Have Privacy

Don’t be the couple that scarred young Johnny for life because you picked a spot too close to the kid’s campground. It’s tempting when you get carried away to just throw caution to the wind and go for it, but most camper couples will tell you that even though a spot might seem secluded, if you’ve seen other people within the last twenty minutes, you’re likely to see more.

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