More From The Amor Collection from Sex & Mischief by Sportsheets

Love is in the air with the Amor collection from Sex & Mischief by Sportsheets.

Fan the flames of passion with this assortment of items deliciously designed to ignite desires with hearts and a striking red and black color combination.

The latest additions to this fan-favorite collection include:

  • Handcuffs boasting black heart hardware
  • Sparkle Flogger with its rhinestone covered handle
  • Collar and Leash adorned with a dazzling heart embellishment
  • Satin Ball Gag featuring a soft black ball gag with ribbon feed through
  • Loop Paddle  that separates into 5 strands

Built for beginners in sumptuous red with black accents, Amor offers a flirtatious way to explore BDSM.

S&M Amor Handcuffs

Embrace the seductive allure and indulge in every electrifying moment with the Amor Handcuffs.

Feel the smooth vegan leather adorn your wrists in a stunning red finish with a dazzling black heart accent and give in to every restrained temptation.

Light the erotic spark with your partner and surrender to blissful submission.


  • Sumptuous red vegan leather cuffs with black accents
  • Slightly curved metal heart comfortably resting on the cuffs
  • Buckle clasp adjustments
  • PU Leather / Zinc Alloy / Iron Alloy

S&M Amor Sparkle Flogger

Sparkle brighter than the sun with the Amor Sparkle Flogger!

Feel enamored by the stunning display of dazzling rhinestones wrapped around the handle of a beautifully designed red vegan leather flogger.

Submit to the loving embrace of the falls as they dance across your body with every impact and lose yourself in longing for the next strike to come.

Give in to lust as you explore pleasure with every electrifying sensation of the Amor Sparkle Flogger on your body.


  • Captivating rhinestone wrapped handle
  • Enamoring red vegan leather with wrist loop
  • 13-inch long vegan leather falls
  • PU Leather / Aluminum / Glass / Polypropylene


S&M Amor Collar and Leash

Explore the irresistible allure of the Amor Collar and Leash to guide you towards intoxicating sensations!

Immerse yourself in a world of tantalizing pleasure with this exquisitely crafted accessory, adorned in a captivating red vegan leather and adorned with a dazzling heart embellishment.

Feel the magnetic pull of desire grow stronger with each passing second, as you surrender to ecstasy.


  • Comfortable red vegan leather collar with buckle clasp
  • 36-inch chain leash with red vegan leather handle
  • Slightly curved metal heart comfortably resting along the collar
  • Polyester / PU Leather / Zinc Alloy / Iron Alloy

S&M Amor Satin Ball Gag

Get lost in the spark of desire in your lover’s eyes as you leave them speechless with the Amor Satin Ball Gag.

Take charge of the situation in a luxurious silence as every moan in pleasure is muffled with comfort.

Experience every intimate moment with sensual touch from the satin ribbon draping down their body to the erotic sensation of your breath on their neck as you whisper sweet nothings as you tie the gag tightly.


  • Flexible red satin ribbon strap
  • Soft black ball gag with ribbon feed through
  • 46-inch long red ribbon
  • Polyester / TPE


S&M Amor Loop Paddle

Fall in love with tantalizing impact all over again with the Amor Loop Paddle!

Romance is in the air as you playfully strike your partner with the paddle strands looped around to create a satisfying smack with every hit.

Enjoy all levels of play as you build up from light teasing taps to strikes that will leave your bottom blushing redder than the beautiful red vegan leather.

You’ll be seeing hearts after every use!


  • Loop ended paddle separated into 5 strands
  • Stunning red vegan leather with wrist strap
  • 14.25-inch paddle length
  • Fiberglass / Polyester / Recycled Leather / Polyurethane

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