Lovehoney’s Curated Set of Social Media Tips for Retailers

Social media has proven itself to be a valuable channel for adult product marketers, allowing us to reach and convert customers to the world of pleasure tools.

Renowned for an agile approach, social media marketing requires an ability to keep up to date with the latest social media trends and developments, to make sure all opportunities are being explored.

To that end, Lovehoney’s team of in-house social media experts have curated up to the minute B2B Social Media Guidelines..

Sales Executive Jade Bawa, rounds up her favorite tips from the directions to help retailers spread the word of sexual happiness effectively with their own social media marketing campaigns.

Getting the most from captions

Visuals are often known as the most important aspect of popular social media sites such as Instagram. However, a snappy caption will go the extra mile with enticing your followers into engaging with your post. They also help to give valuable context, whilst allowing the audience to get to know your brand a little better.

When it comes to writing captions, having a clear Tone of Voice (TOV) is important and understanding the brand personality helps to establish this. For example, Lovehoney are fun and flirty, never crude or patronizing.

Hashtag hints

Hashtags allow non-followers to find your content, and if they like what they see, they may decide to hit the follow button. Plus, they’re incredibly useful for jumping onto current trends and joining a much wider conversation.

Make sure hashtags are relevant to the post and are terms that people are searching for. If you are posting about Fifty Shades of Grey for example, it’s helpful to use hashtags that are popular, but ones that aren’t oversaturated with content. For example, you could use #shadesofgrey which has over 300K posts, rather than #fiftyshadesofgrey which has over 2 million posts. This should help your content be seen by lots of different accounts.

Images and Videos

Your images and videos should be clear and interesting so that your audience can engage with it.

When using imagery, you should avoid using anything that is too text heavy or with too many images in a carousel, as this has proven to not be very engaging.

Videos should be entertaining or informative and never boring! So make sure that your video content gets straight to the point and is able to capture your audience’s attention straight away.

Lovehoney’s Curated Set of Social Media Tips for Retailers originally appeared on XBIZ

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