Love Your Labia – Why Your Private Parts Are Perfect Just the Way They Are



Femmes today are surrounded with messages of empowerment and encouragement from all sides, and when someone tries to stop us from spreading the gospel of self-power, there’s an army waiting on Twitter to come to our defense. It’s about time that gender equality became the #1 social media trend!

But for every body-positive Instagrammer, there’s a negative beauty fad lurking in plain sight, just waiting to tear down our self-confidence. One of those nasty trends is labiaplasty – plastic surgery for a super important part of your vulva – the labia.

Getting to Know the Female Anatomy

JIC you’re not aware, the vulva comprises the entirety of your external sex organs: the clitoris, clitoral hood, urethral opening, and labia.

In humans, there are two pairs of labia: the labia majora (or the outer labia) which are larger and fattier, while the labia minora are folds of skin between the outer labia.

The two types of labia – probably better known as the “vagina lips” when you’re talking to your girls – help protect the sensitive vaginal opening and clitoral area while also providing an awesome amount of pleasure potential during sex.

What is Labiaplasty?

Generally, a labiaplasty usually involves altering the inner labia, which are those “curtain” like flaps of skin that lead directly into your vagina.

Some labia are tiny, barely-there labia that are almost completely hidden by the outer labia, while others have longer, inner labia that extend down far enough to be seen outside the outer labia. Many inner labia are even different sizes, with one side hanging lower than the other.

In short, labia are a bit like boobs. It’s extremely rare that both sides are ever perfectly even, and there are so many variations and varieties that it’s impossible to describe them all. Rest assured, regardless of the length, your labia are perfect- exactly the way they are.

Unfortunately, your precious labia are also the target of the plastic surgery industry, which is trying to convince us that if our inner labia aren’t pink, tiny, and even, it’s time to go under the knife — yikes!

Here’s what we think about that- We think your beautiful, unique, and pleasure-giving inner lips are perfect just as they are — like the rest of your gorgeous body parts and we’ve gathered some fantastic reasons why you should always give plastic surgeons the snub in lieu of learning the language of labia love.

  1. Pink or Brown, Big or Small — They’re Natural, so Love Them All

To quote feminist hero Lady Gaga – “Baby, you were born this way!” Whatever your vulva and labia look like right this very moment, at whatever age and stage of life you may be, is exactly how they’re supposed to look.

Grab a mirror and perform a sensual inspection of your vulva. Notice the different colors and textures that change as you move from your outer labia up to your clitoral hood and then down to your inner labia and perineum.

Get acquainted with all your folds, and realize that you’re looking at a functional body part that was created to serve one of the most important events in the universe: to provide pleasure and create life. That’s sheer and utter POWER!


  1. Don’t Take Porn Star Bodies at Face Value

Looking to mainstream porn stars for sexual beauty inspo is like expecting to find a reachable workout goal by attending a high-fashion runway show. What you see in media, advertising, and even porn isn’t real — it’s a visual fantasy.

Porn stars often bleach their genitals, turning normally brown or dark red b-holes and vulvas a lighter shade. They also tend to remove body hair, and some even shell out thousands for labiaplasty, breast enhancements, and cosmetic fillers for larger lips and defined cheekbones.

While we respect every woman’s decision to transform herself into an image of beauty that appeals to her tastes, be sure to do some serious thinking before you consult a surgeon. Many women remove facial fillers and breast implants years down the line, but you can never grow your labia back.


  1. Labiaplasty is Permanent

Beauty trends that empower women to have fun playing with their look without any underhanded body-shaming are tons of fun.

Want to micro-blade your brows for some dramatic eyes? Go for it! Love multi-colored mermaid hair? Sounds like a gorgeous trip to the salon to us! Digging today’s pin-up-pretty make-up with vibrant red lips and huge fake lashes? Babe, we know you’re gonna kill it!

The difference between a trip to a make-up artist or a hair salon and an appointment with a labiaplasty surgeon is this: a dye job or pro make-up are meant to enhance what you already have in the name of fun. When you’re done playing grown-up dress up, make-up washes off and hair dye washes out.

Labiaplasty permanently changes a part of your body that’s uniquely you and sacred. You were given a beautiful vulva at birth, and once you alter that part of yourself, there’s no going back.

  1. Your Labia Contributes to Sexual Pleasure

If you’re still struggling to love the labia you see in the mirror, pay extra attention to those inner lips the next time you have sex or pleasure yourself.

Your labia is full of sensitive nerve endings that can mean the difference between a run-of-the-mill orgasm (which is, no doubt, still pretty great) and a mind-melting climax that encompasses your entire pleasure zone. In fact, some women need labia stimulation to come!

Using a bit of lube and your fingers, stroke your labia and notice how they become engorged and arouse as you stimulation them. Tease yourself by taking a few minutes to touch only your labia — fingers off your clit for now! Then do the same with your favorite vibrator, using it to tenderly touch your inner lips, moving from the base of your vulva to where your lips meet the clitoral hood. As you near orgasm, keep your labia in the game and those explosive feelings of pleasure will radiate throughout your entire vulva.

Once you realize the orgasmic potential of these extra-special sensual parts, you’ll never dream of changing them again. After all, who wants to cut their pleasure short?

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