Human “Nature”

Ahhh good old summer–the season of camping, pool parties, barbequing, and most importantly…outdoor sex! That’s right, we said it!

The desire to have sex outdoors is in fact a primal instinct of ours. Some love the spontaneity of being intimate in a new environment. Others seek the thrill of doing something risky and not getting caught. No matter how you spin it, our distant ancestors were doing it and so are we! Of course, the difference is we’ve found some new innovative ways to make sex outside even more safe and enticing.

While having a nice hot tub soak is most definitely on our summer bucket list, it’s probably best we enjoy that luxury with our swimsuits on. Hot tubs are ridden with chemicals and bacteria that are not conducive to outdoor pleasure. Believe us, Yeast infections and Bacterial Vaginosis are a fairly quick way to kill the vibe. What about the hot tub’s cousin, the ocean? Salt water is far more sterile than the water you would find in a pool or hot tub, but keep in mind that salt can easily dry out the vagina. They call it salt-cured meat for a reason!

Fun fact! Way back in the day, only the wealthiest of people had intercourse inside, as they were the only ones who had private rooms. Turns out the local forest got to witness a lot of freaky business. When hooking up on land, forest or not, make sure there’s some level of barrier between you and the ground–whether that means laying down a towel, pitching a tent, or hanging a hammock. And while bumping uglies in the great outdoors feels naughty and brazen, be mindful about maintaining privacy. Those around you likely haven’t consented to watching you get it on. And if they have? Power to ya. Here’s a fun question for you, if a couple has sex in the forest and no one is around to see it, did it really happen? The answer is most definitely yes.

So we’ve covered location dos and don’ts, but we haven’t quite broached the best tactics for making the most out of your outdoor sexual awakening. Let’s start with the sundress method. Having one partner wear a sundress during intercourse makes sex easy and discreet.

Alright, we don’t want to keep you any longer. The great outdoors is calling your name…and if you play your cards right, someone else will be too. Remember to avoid poisonous plants, bugs, and animals and to continue practicing good hygiene. Peeing after sex and pre-packing the essentials–wipes, lube, condoms, etc.–is always a wise idea. Clean up after yourself! No one wants to find your used condoms on their morning run the next day.

Most importantly, always remember that consent is still needed–ESPECIALLY when exploring your sexuality in a new way or unfamiliar environment. When it comes to outdoor sex, we love a happy camper!

Human “Nature” by Lauren Schwartz originally appeared on The Pleasure Journal

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