How to Show Retail Customers the Fun of Fantasy Role-Play

When people are looking to spice up their sex lives, role-playing is often one of the first options they consider. It can be super fun to shed inhibitions and expectations and leap into the role of a character — so just imagine how hot it could be to go beyond playing the French maid and enter another universe.

Sci-fi and fantasy are a huge part of many people’s sex lives and imaginations. Some folks want their partner to be an alien, have tentacles or look like a post-apocalyptic radioactive reptile, and it’s our job to help bring these fantastic scenarios to life.

This kind of fantasy role-play literally takes sex to another dimension, by incorporating otherworldly creatures like those in science fiction films or fantasy novels. So, let’s talk about what it is, why people like it and how you can serve your customers who are looking to bring their darkest and deepest fantasies to life.

What is fantasy role-play?

Fantasy role-play incorporates science fiction or fantasy elements like aliens, dragons, tentacles, gargoyles, sea creatures or any otherworldly components. It is popular among kink enthusiasts and cosplayers, as well as members of fantasy, science fiction, live-action role-play and gaming communities, but can be enjoyed by anyone who is intrigued by the idea of incorporating fantastical elements into their sex play. Fantasy role-play can be based on anything at all, but it is often inspired by anime, manga, graphic novels and comics.

Why are people into fantasy role-play?

First, because it’s fun! Fantasy role-play can make sex a bit more playful, which can lift and lighten the mood, and it can be validating on multiple levels.

For folks who have been turned on by sci-fi or fantasy creatures, getting to explore that can be a fun outlet that shows them that their “strange” desires are just fine. This type of play can fly in the face of toxic messaging that tells folks that “real” sex involves being penetrated by a penis or shouldn’t involve so many toys and accessories. This also can be validating for queer folks who have been made to feel like their sex lives don’t “count,” while people who have experienced trauma or are experiencing gender dysphoria may prefer using a dildo that doesn’t look like a penis at all. Fantasy dildos give users of all kinds so many fun options, and this has fueled something of a fantasy toy explosion with all kinds of sci-fiinspired designs.

How do you bring fantasy role-play to life?

Fantasy role-play mainly just requires a healthy imagination and enthusiasm, but fun props can help take things to the next level. Luckily for today’s shoppers there are more options than ever, including a whole array of dildos designed to bring fantasy beasts to life. From tentacled creatures to intimidating and ferocious animal-like beings, there’s something for every dark desire. What’s more, fantasy dildos offer new and different textures, so the fantasy experience goes beyond just looking cool and extends to providing pleasure that is as unique as fantasy role-players themselves.

Offering a healthy assortment of fantasy shapes and designs will help your customers explore exactly what kind of being they want to play with. It will also bring them back to your store when they are ready for more!

Make fantasy accessible to your customers.

So, how do you help customers who are interested in fantasy role-play find exactly what they are looking for? The answer is to ask a few key questions to help them zero in on what they want:

  1. What type of fantasy being are they looking to embody or play with? Alien? Dragon? Mythical sea creature? Something totally different?
  2. What size toys are they comfortable with? Fantasy toys, especially dildos, can be larger than typical toys, so help your shoppers find a size that works for them.
  3. Do they need accessories? Whether it’s a harness for their new spiky dildo, costume pieces to complete the look or a waterproof sheet, help them think beyond the product they started out looking for and figure out what else they might need.

Knowing the answers to those questions should go a long way toward finding the right toys and accessories to create the perfect fantasy role-play scenario.

Scales and tentacles might not be the first thing a lot of folks think of when they hear “role-play,” but for folks looking to add some fun and spice to their sex lives, fantasy roleplay might be just the ticket. Finding the right gear to set the mood and do the job can help your shoppers bring those otherworldly fantasies to life.

How to Show Retail Customers the Fun of Fantasy Role-Play by Rebecca Weinberg originally appeared in XBIZ

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