Limited Addiction Power Vibes with 10 Mode Rumble Tech Motors by Blush

Are you ready for your newest addiction?

The Limited Addiction Power Vibes are colorful and sleek vibrators that deliver ten deep, rumbly vibrations with the superior Rumble Tech motor!

A versatile flat lipstick slant at the tip allows you to enjoy pinpoint stimulation or experience greater coverage, whichever suits your mood.

Cycle through five powerful speeds and five unique and thoughtfully curated patterns using the two-button two-way design to find your perfect pleasure preference.

Available in three colorways:

Fascinate offers blushing peachy pink with swirls of watermelon and sky blue accented with teal and fuchsia.

Fiery features the colors of a brilliant  autumn sunset with organic stripes of coral, purple, pumpkin, and rose.

Mesmerize is reminiscent of cascading ocean waves, marbled with shades of blue accented with tiny  touches of white and pink.

The USB rechargeable Limited Addiction Power Vibes are rated IPX7 submersible waterproof for fun in & out of the water and easy cleanup.


  • Bullet vibe
  • Rumble Tech Powered Deep Rumbly Vibrations
  • 10 Thoughtfully Designed Vibration Modes – 5 Speeds plus 5 Unique Patterns
  • Smooth Sensual Satin Feel
  • IPX7 submersible waterproof
  • 2 Way Controls To Conveniently And Quickly Get To Your Favorite Setting
  • IPX7 Waterproof & Convenient Magna Charge USB Charging Tech. Charges Magnetically
  • ABS
  • 4” x 0.9”

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