How to Advise Shoppers on Products for Sex in the Tub or Shower

These days, folks are more sexually adventurous than ever. BDSM has gone mainstream, sex clubs are hopping and even the most reserved folks are ready to think outside the bedroom. Especially after the lockdowns of the last couple of years, people are interested in unlocking the sexual potential of their whole homes. And really, what better place to explore than a place where they are already frequently naked — and sopping wet to boot?

Today we’re talking about sex in the tub or shower: how to make it fun, how to keep it safe, and how you can help your customers find the best products to make their watery adventures comfortable, sexy and satisfying.

Why have sex in the shower or tub? There are a few good reasons. First, it’s relaxing. As anyone who has ever pulled a muscle can tell you, warm water does wonders for tense muscles. In this case, it can facilitate relaxation and make it easier to become and stay receptive to stimulation and pleasure.

Shower sex also has the benefits of being novel and fun, a way for people — like parents, for example — to enjoy some private time, and super easy to clean up after.

Making shower and tub sex happen

Here’s what we should advise folks to think about in order to construct a safe and waterfriendly play space that fits their home and their sex life.

  • Safety first. Showers can get slippery! For activities that involve standing or balancing, consider a non-slip mat for the floor of the tub. Additionally, be aware of how bath and shower products can impact your play time. Oils can make the floor slippery while soaps can irritate the vagina.
  • Use the right lube. Water can wash away the body’s natural lubrication, as well as water-based lube, so for sex in the shower or tub, a silicone formula is ideal. Silicone lube is super slick and stays slippery even under water.
  • Find the right positions. In the name of safety, for shower sex it’s best to choose secure standing positions. Trying to hold on to a shower curtain rod or soap dish could result in a fall, but shower-specific positioning products like restraints with secure-cup bases can make things a bit more stable.
  • Make sure the toys are waterproof. Any toy that has a motor must be specifically listed as waterproof or submersible — not water resistant! — to be safe for use in the tub or shower. Luckily, these days there are many great waterproof options for powered pleasure products.
  • Think outside the penetration box. Do this in general! But also specifically when playing in the tub or shower. Don’t limit the focus to penetration. Hand jobs, nipple stimulation, toy use and even oral sex can be amazing in the shower. It can even be a great place for something fun like medical play with an enema.

Help shoppers prep for shower and tub fun

Now that you have more knowledge about what can make shower or tub sex safe, fun and satisfying, how do you help your customers find exactly what they need? Ask a few key questions to help identify what would be most helpful to them:

  1. Do they have safety measures in place?
  2. Do they need silicone lube?
  3. Do they have or need any waterproof toys?

Knowing the answers to those questions should go a long way toward helping shoppers score everything they need for some sexy, slippery fun. Shower and tub sex can be fun, relaxing, exciting and super hot. With a little knowledge and patience, you can help your shoppers stock up on everything they need to ensure it is also safe, comfortable and pleasurable.

How to Advise Shoppers on Products for Sex in the Tub or Shower by Rebecca Weinberg originally appeared in XBIZ

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