How Do I Sext? Your How-to Guide

Okay, we’ve all been there (hopefully via a consensual path), where a fun, flirty, friendly text turns into that lil side-smile emoji… You know the one I’m talking about, the little guy that let’s the other person know they’re thinking of you in a very special way.

So what now? Below are some tips on sexting like a pro.

1 – Let’s always start with our favorite word. Consent! This comes in many ways, especially when it comes to sexting someone you maybe have just met or someone you have yet to meet. If you think something is going there, then throw out a little “wanna have a little fun :)” type text and garner the response. If you have a relationship, or the beginning of a relationship, be open and ask! It can open some doors to other parts of the relationship as well.

2 – Make sure both parties are in the mood. This goes along with consent, if you’re in the mood and can’t physically be with your partner. Check in! Sexting is great for LDRs (long distance relationships).

3 – Start slow! Think of sexting in terms of a new-age way of foreplay. Start easy, flirty, and slow. Ask things like “what do you like,” or “what do you wish I was doing to you/you were doing to me right now.” We all know that coming in hot with a d*ck pick is almost always the worst way to start sexing. STOP DOING THIS. Let us remember the art of anticipation, people!

4 – Both talking and listening are key. Tell your partner what you like! This could be a great new means of communication for the actual bedroom at a later time. Sexting is a lovely way to learn about what your partner likes or desires.

5 – Build up to you and your partner’s deeper desires. If it’s your first time, it can be tough to gage just how freaky you can sext. Think of this in the same way your real sex life goes. Typically you have to build up trust in a relationship before really letting your freak flag fly. So maybe wait like 3-4 sext sessions before telling someone you want them to pee in their mouth. If you’re in an uncomfortable situation or something goes too far, thank your lucky stars you’re on a phone and can very easily get out of the situation. On that note, also try not to judge too much as we all know how tough it is out there. If someone pushes too far, your out is as easy as pushing a button!

6 – Words + pictures really tell a beautiful story. Tell your partner what you want to see and ask what they want to see! If you’re not 1000% on board or feel skeptical throwing pictures out there, maybe start with leaving your face out of the pictures or a very localized area on your body.

7 – Let your partner know when you cum! Again, try to relate to this as close to real sex as possible. We all love to know when our partner crosses the finish line!

Now get out there and get those thumbs moving!

How Do I Sext? Your How-to Guide originally appeared on Voodoo Pleasure Blog

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