Good Vibes And Cannabis Kinks: Counterculters Meet With Maia Toys

Maia Novelties is taking the cannabis and adult industries to “higher” levels with cannabis-themed adult toys, a vaporizer/vibrator combination and more.

When Maia Toys attended the CHAMPS Tradeshow of smoking accessories and counterculture products in early 2020, they were the first and only adult company in attendance, according to Zach Smith, Maia’s enthusiastic Brand Ambassador. In the few years since, Maia representatives have noticed a couple other adult distributors at CHAMPS operating with the same belief: that the two industries, adult pleasure products and cannabis, are complementary. They’re both a part of the counterculture.

“When you’re talking about legalities of the cannabis industry versus legalities of the adult industry, we’re both kind of fighting the same battle,” says Smith.

Smith believes that the integration of the two industries would be mutually beneficial, because it would mix the markets, introducing smokers who may not yet be comfortable exploring sex into the adult realm, and likewise, sex enthusiasts may consider experimenting with the benefits of cannabis.

“Cannabis and sex can really be used in a very positive way together,” Smith explains. “We’re seeing that the inclusion of CBD and even THC in products such as stimulation creams and lubricants provides relaxation and other perks that could be beneficial in sex.”

It’s 4:20 somewhere

Maia’s 420 series first began aesthetically, with products which feature a cannabis pattern on a small, 10-function bullet, such as the Jessi 420. This evolved into rabbit toys which use a cannabis-leaf-shaped extension as the clitoral stimulator: the Maui and the Kusha. The 420 rabbits provide a unique sensation including six different points of stimulation all around the clitoris, compared to the one or two points available with other rabbit toys.

But the newest and arguably most intriguing product in the 420 series is the Vaporator, a “smokeable vibrator.” Smith describes the Vaporator as a semi-phallic threaded vape pen which accepts any standard vape cartridge at its top, while (or before, or after) its silicone bottom vibrates. The product has 20 functions and two different buttons: one for each of its intended uses.

The Vaporator is expected to hit the market in April of 2023, but so far, the response from tradeshows has been overwhelmingly positive, according to Smith. He recalls from AVN, where the product debuted, that cam girls and porn stars instantly loved it.

A smoker himself, Smith shares an innocent but kinky story in which he carried the Vaporator around in his pocket on vacation recently: “I had a vibrator on me at all times” he says. “I personally think it’s awesome.”

Sex, money, weed

Maia Toys estimates its presence is in about 80% of adult stores in America right now, and it’s beginning to expand into other countries, as well. The protean product company is also in a few smoke stores already, where Smith says they have “a pretty big presence.”

In addition to CHAMPS, Maia is looking to appear at other smoke and tradeshows before the ANME show in July of this year, where the family of affordable and cannabis-themed sex toys (amongst other pleasure products) can be found speaking to all things vibin’.

Mother knows best

From a primarily color-themed toy company to one with a reputation for cannabis-themed play, Maia has grown considerably in popularity over the years. Its roots, however, will always remain as a family-owned business. Although it might seem strange, Smith claims that running a sex toy company with his mom, Maia’s President Lisa Hannah, never gets awkward. Hannah has been in the industry for more than 20 years, and the conversations are always professional.

“I would feel more awkward watching a sex scene in a movie with my mom,” he laughs, “than I do calling her up and saying, ‘Hey, I have an idea for a new dildo.’”

Smith believes that the family-owned aspect is actually one of their greatest advantages, because Maia is the family. The dedication of the mother-son duo, plus Smith’s step-dad, International Sales Manager Gib Pallay, allows for the boutique brand’s customer service to go beyond what most are capable of. If the industry has 99 problems, Maia has 420 solutions.

“We get direct messages on Instagram with questions about our products,” Smith says. “For example, our Skylar Rabbit is our best-selling rabbit. It’s a rabbit that can be bent and shaped into place, so it fits multiple body types, and it was designed in response to the feedback that some other rabbit styles don’t really fit every body. We’re always able to accommodate to the end user.”

Good Vibes And Cannabis Kinks: Counterculters Meet With Maia Toys by Lilly Jenner originally appeared in StorErortica

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