Creative Face Covers by Neva Nude

Neva Nude Creative PPE

Created in Sunny Santa Monica, and made with magic, love, and a little bit of pixie dust, Neva Nude products are designed to exude and illuminate the qualities of those that wear them.

As a female owned and operated company, Neva Nude is a salute to fellow Sultanas of Sparkle, Duchesses of Dorkiness, Queens of Quirk, and Baronesses of Bling.

Wear their creative takes on masks and face covers in great health and hedonism!

Neva Nude Jewel Mesh Face Mask Covers with Adjustable Loops

Mesh All

Whether you’re partying on the playa or being a conscientious civilian keeping those cooties at bay, Neva Nude has you covered night and day.

These super shiny crystal jeweled mask covers get an A+ for fashionable face coverage that is both comfy and cool!

The thin, single-layer, crystal-covered light metal mesh masks are made with a flexible elastic trim for an adjustable earloop.

Whether you are a Gypsy or a Highway Unicorn, there are a Million Reasons to wear one, so add that Paparazzi bling to your medi mug and get ready for the Applause!

mesh overlay general

What Makes Them So Awesome?

Super Sparkly – Micro crystals add a touch of bling when worn over your regular mask/ face cover

Size – 4.5″ height (super stretchy), Jewel base 7″ wide, 14″ edge to edge including the ear-loops. Adjustable ear-loops provide optimal range of coverage.

Fashionable, Comfortable Coverage – Single layer crystal-covered mesh is lighter than a newborn dragon’s wings and ten times as sparkly!  Not intended for medical use! Use to bling out other face coverings.

Hand Selected, Breathable Fabrics – Amazing selection of colors and crystals allow you to look like a dystopian dream!

Stretchy Elastic Trim – Allows for quick coverage and rapid release without giving you dumbo ears.

MADE IN USA by a female owned and operated company.



These masks are mesh and not stand-alone protection. Initially designed for raves and festivals, these are meant to be worn ON TOP of your medical mask to add a little sparkle to your day! NOT TO BE WORN ALONE for MEDICAL USE. They ARE NOT MEDICAL MASKS! Please do your part in helping stop the spread of gross germs!



Neva Nude Deadly Sins Studded Triple Layer Face Mask with Filter Pocket

Studs all

Look safer and sexier than SIN in the Deadly Sins Stud Face Masks by Neva Nude.

Look wicked hot out and about on the town or doing daily (dastardly) deeds in this multi-layer mask with adjustable earloops and a wire bridge nose.

Embrace that inner evil and live out your Gold Gluttony, Red Lust, Silver Greed, Pink Envy, and Black Wrath.

Stud general

What Makes Them So Awesome:

Adjustable – Wired nose bridge to bend to your will and face! Rubber topper on ear loops allows you to tighten or loosen your grasp on desire and fit on your face.

Snug & Smug – Fits tightly to your face and frames the face around the chin.

100% Cotton – 100% cotton liner is soft and smooth.

Multi-Layer – Just like your personality, there are layers to this mask! You can insert a filter for added protection!


Neva Nude Sexy Necksies

Gaiters all

Sexy Necksies are a versatile fabric tube that add a dash of flash to whatever you’re wearing. Use them as face covers, headbands, wristbands, hairbands, scrunchies, neck gaiters, or whatever else you dream up.


What Makes Sexy Necksies So Awesome?

High Quality – Crafted with the finest hand selected fabrics with an awesomeness akin to those found on the Silk Road.

Easy to Use – Breathable, comfortable, and fashionable AF

Multi-Use – More versatile than apple cider vinegar as a homeopathic cure – over 10 different ways to wear!

Protection – Can be used as a face covering to protect from dust, cooties, wind, and aesthetic apathy.

Size: Width: 9.6″ Stretch Materials

Height: 18.2″ laid flat


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