A Look at Immobilization Play Introductory Items

People who want to take their sex lives to the next level will wrack their brains trying to come up new and exciting techniques or role-play scenarios they haven’t tried before. But what if we suggested to consumers that, instead of trying to come up with thrilling new moves, they tried moving less? Get ready to get still, because we’re talking about extreme restraints.

Being immobilized might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of sexy time, but limiting movement can provide a next-level sensation experience. Retailers that are knowledgeable about and comfortable with this fun way to play can help customers think outside the box in ways that can lead to big sales.

There’s a wide array of accessories available to help deliver satisfying experiences that center immobilization: everything from cuffs and bondage furniture to kinkier restraints designed to keep specific body parts completely — and consensually — powerless, while enhancing bodily sensations.

What is immobilization play?

“Immobilization play” refers to any sexual play where one partner uses ties, restraints, cuffs, harnesses or other accessories to keep another partner’s body or extremities motionless. This kind of play requires immense trust and prior negotiation, as the immobilized person is completely vulnerable.

So, it’s a hardcore BDSM thing?

It can be, but not necessarily. This kind of play can certainly be done with a submissive partner who cannot move at all, using BDSM equipment that might feel intimidating to some — enticingly exciting to others — like a complete bondage set, a straitjacket or more extreme gear like a human-sized cage. However, it can also be experienced by folks with tamer tastes as a uniquely sensual encounter with a focus on physical sensations, using gentle, soft restraints like silk scarves tied around bedposts, or softer sex furniture pieces like a supportive chaise.

There’s no question, though, that immobilization involves consensual power exchange. That means it should be practiced safely and conscientiously, especially since extended periods of immobilization can lead to nerve and muscular issues. But shoppers don’t need to be kinksters to be interested in limiting mobility during sex. Anyone who has ever held onto their ankles during sex in the missionary position might enjoy something like a spreader bar, which not only immobilizes the legs but also takes the work out of holding that position for long periods of time.

Why are people into immobilization play?

Limiting mobility can be enjoyable for several reasons. Sure, the power exchange associated with BDSM is on the list, but even the least kinky among us can enjoy the feeling of surrendering all control to a trusted partner, allowing them to take the reins and enjoying the heightened sensitivity that can come with sinking into a completely receptive state.

Immobilization play can also be rewarding and enjoyable for partners doing the immobilizing, since they can indulge their dominant side while enjoying the enhanced connection that can come from knowing a partner trusts them completely. Additionally, many find the opportunity to give their partner pleasure, while that partner doesn’t have to do anything, sexy and stimulating.

What supplies are needed to try immobilization?

Immobilization experimentation can easily start with things folks have around the house. For example, a bathrobe belt to gently restrain a partner’s arms. But for those who want to get more adventurous or make immobilization a more consistent feature of their sexual menu, there are many products you can offer, from basics like rope and restraints to full-on bondage furniture.

Remember that there is more to immobilization play than tying a partner spread-eagle on a bed or restraining their wrists. There are many fun products designed to restrain specific body parts like the neck, torso or, in the case of an arm binder, the entire length of one’s arms. Positioning a partner and holding them in place can also be a fun component of immobilization play, and products like a kneeling restraint system make that safe and easy.

When thinking of new ways to spice things up, immobilization play might be just the ticket for some shoppers. Providing them with the right gear to make the experience safe, comfortable and fun will help them discover how satisfying immobilization can be and keep them coming back for more!

A Look at Immobilization Play Introductory Items by Rebecca Weinberg originally appeared in XBIZ

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