Why Sexperts Recommend App-Controlled Toys

One thing that people have learned through this pandemic is that physical distance does not have to be reflective of emotional distance. With this evolving mindset, retailers need to stay up-to-date on how their consumers are currently seeking pleasure.

The ever-evolving category of sex toys is constantly unlocking new benchmarks in technology. While we all know it is essential that retailers have the latest and greatest in their stores, it is also important to conceptualize why these products are needed or desired by consumers in the first place. People live mobile lives and travel independently. While they do this, they are looking to emotionally and sexually stay connected with their partner. Long-distance or remote relationships are at an all-time high. Sexting, camming and long-distance sex are becoming a new norm.

As a sex therapist, I am constantly helping couples stay sexually connected. Whether they are in the same home, travel for work, or even live in different cities, I am here to tell you that this connection is essential to a healthy relationship, sexual or otherwise. Often, my go-to sex toy recommendation for couples in a rut are app-controlled vibrators. These products offer the unique ability to help consumers stay emotionally connected with their partner. An app-controlled sex toy offers users control, but also allows that same user to give all the power and control of the toy to someone else! What better way to let your partner know that you are thinking about them than by buzzing over a little pleasure throughout their day!

These toys also offer something completely different and equally important — an emotional connection independent of distance between the users. This innovation adds another layer of closeness when it comes to long-distance sex. Physical distance, however, is not always the problem. We do not need to be across the country to feel sexually disconnected. Every long-term couple falls into a sexual rut at some point in their relationship. App-controlled toys offer versatility in one’s sex life. They can be used while sitting across the dinner table, at a work desk, or during a sexy night out.

Nowadays, consumers are looking to have the most life-like and erotic experience from online sessions with cam models. So, let’s start with the idea of why camming is so popular. Remember, I always say, “Sex is between the ears, not just the legs.” Anticipation, imagination, the excitement of something forbidden happening in real-time provides the mental stimulus that turns the customer on. Until now, that suggestion of sex was the only tool in the cam user’s arsenal. Enter the app-controlled sex toy. This revolutionary product offers to send the consumer deeper into the moment. The cam model can be in possession of the toy across the world and the viewer can download a free app and immediately begin controlling their toy. They have the ability to change patterns, intensity and create and save vibrating patterns of their choice. A cam model can offer toy sessions to their best customers, adding a unique value-added experience and a tremendous second revenue stream! When both people have app-controlled sex toys, it adds another dimension to the perceived feeling of being physically closer.

In addition, app controllers are versatile, customizable and can control multiple toys. This means that a cam user can have all their favorite entertainers, and their respective toys, saved in their app. When the user is ready to have a session, all they need to do is swipe on that cam performer’s toy. Likewise, a cam model can have all of their best customers saved in their app and ready to go without having to fumble over settings. Just imagine the convenience for a domme who can pre-program individualized stimulation with multiple subs all over the world while ordering a double-latte. Imagine the excitement of a sub that is sitting at work all day with their toy on, not knowing when the Dom will put them in a sexy state of submission. “Will it be while I am on a call?” “While in a meeting with my team?” “In the car on the way in?” That anticipation is simply delicious.

Having sex with a cam model is stigmatized. People are not sharing with their friends how they engage with a cam model or even that they are visiting camming sites. Camming is still a very personal experience. This personal element may be the reason why camming and custom-tailored experiences like those found on OnlyFans are quickly becoming industry leaders. With the increase of long-distance sex taking place, retailers can now capitalize on offering a tool to both cam models and their fans.

Why Sexperts Recommend App-Controlled Toys by Melinda DeSeta originally appeared in XBIZ

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