Understanding the Benefits of Sex Swings, Straps and Slings

Sex swings and slings can help couples be more adventurous and bring creativity into the bedroom, as well as improve mobility, but many consumers don’t consider them as a practical purchase. The assumption is that these sex accessories are too fancy, complicated and expensive for the average couple — or that they’re strictly for kinky use. This couldn’t be further from reality, of course, so it’s up to store staff to be able to suggest options and explain their benefits in ways that make this category feel more accessible.

Sex Swings

In a sex swing, one partner is suspended while the other moves freely. Swings allow couples to experiment with different positions they may not find comfortable or easy to get into unassisted.

During sex play, swings can also eliminate issues with weight, height differences, lack of flexibility, or compromised mobility and give people newfound freedom of movement that can transform their sexual experiences.

Sex play in a swing of this type reduces weight and gravity considerations. The person being penetrated can be moved around weightlessly with the touch of a hand, which makes for super-easy (and fun!) adjustments.

Sex Straps and Slings

Straps and slings allow partners to use support and leverage to get into and maintain difficult positions. Partners can make love face-to-face without having to lie down in a traditional way, which helps maintain intimacy and closeness while enjoying an absolutely non-traditional sex position.

Some sex straps are strictly for leg support. They encourage stamina during lengthy sessions by taking strain off the hips and legs.  These straps are attached to padded ankle restraints, which allows the wearer to hold their legs open wide with ease and with-out pain or discomfort.

Making Slings and Swings More Accessible

People steer away from what they are not familiar with. If you’re in a brick-and-mortar retail environment, make these products easy to see in action. Have one set up in-store, display pictures and pamphlets, and pull up demo videos for prospective customers.

Always keep in mind that although sex swings and slings often seem reserved for expert-level players, absolutely anyone can enjoy them. They’re especially great options for shoppers who are as vanilla it gets but need help accommodating a mobility issue — or even simply a bad back!

Sex slings and swings are an asset to anyone who has difficulty getting into or maintaining physically taxing sex positions, which includes older couples or people with disabilities. Inexpensive slings can give people some of the same benefits of sex furniture without the hefty price tag, and these sex tools lend themselves to dominance and bondage play. They’re sexy, easy to store and set up, and can bring bedroom play to the next level – no matter what experience level the users might be.

Understanding the Benefits of Sex Swings, Straps and Slings by Rebecca Weinberg originally appeared in Xbiz

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