Thumpers & Thrusters: A Look at the Rise of Mini Sex Machines


Powered sex toys are often associated with just vibration, but shoppers also have the option of products that mimic the sensation of intercourse. Rhythmic thrusting once could only happen manually, which, for some people took some of the fun out of self-pleasure — so much reaching and bending, and hands get sore super-fast.

Fortunately, penetration lovers now have the option of thumpers and thrusters! Not only are there toys on the market that auto-penetrate, many newer models go above and beyond. Some swell, suck, twist, vibrate, or operate via remote control, and many of these toys are like mini sex machines at a fraction of the price.

What is a thumper?

Classic thumpers operate via kinetic action. They offer a fast, shallow thrusting that feels similar to being vigorously fingered. Inside these kinds of toys is usually a weighted ball that moves back and forth, making it shake at incredible speeds. This intense wiggling motion provides deep, powerful sensations and offers an alternative to vibration that many people prefer.

Thumpers usually come in various thicknesses and lengths, and many have curved ends for G-spot or P-spot stimulation, so be sure to offer a variety of options, just as you would with traditional vibrators or dildos.

Remote control operation is especially ideal for thumping devices because it doesn’t require interrupting the movement to toggle through speeds and functions. Keep an eye out for thumpers that come with remotes – your customers will thank you!

Beyond traditional thrusting

Thrusting is another newer function that we’re seeing more of on the market. Rather than wiggling, thumping, or vibrating, these products mimic the sensation of intercourse, and many also boast features that human body parts simply can’t do — such as expanding as it penetrates and being equipped with ridges along the shaft.

Some toys also have a squirming motion and offer a less-intense sensation that’s akin to an internal massage rather than a thumping or thrusting experience. These products twist and turn inside the user, which really is something that needs to be felt in order to truly understand and is a great option for shoppers who are looking for something a little softer and less traditional. Similarly with thumpers, it’s important to look for products that can be used with remote controls, because no one wants to stop the fun in order to experiment with function and speed.

Vaginal thrusters

Imagine taking the best features of all the top vaginal toys and combining them into one incredible device. Many manufacturers are creating multi-use products for simultaneous pleasure and finding ways to give shoppers even more bang for their buck.

Some items boast rabbit-style clitoral and internal vibration with the add-on of internal thrusting, which ups the ante for users who like to stimulate multiple erogenous zones at the same time. Many of these rabbit-style thrusters also have suction function included in the external portion, giving users access to the air-pulsation that remains one of the most talked-about and asked-for sex toy functions this year.

Just a few years ago, if you wanted a self-propelled thruster, stand-alone sex machines were all shoppers had to choose from. This new crop of thumping and thrusting toys provides that big-ticket experience at affordable prices — and portable shapes — and there’s a wide variety of insertables that allow users to lie back and enjoy the ride. Penetrating toys like these are also stand-out items in retail spaces with features that some shoppers might not have even heard of, so have fun with displays and make sure store staff know how to talk about these exciting devices. There’s so much more to offer than vibration alone and it’s an exciting time for the sex toy industry!

Thumpers & Thrusters: A Look at the Rise of Mini Sex Machines by Rebecca Weinberg originally appeared in XBIZ

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