The Top 10 Benefits of Using Sex Toys With Your Partner

You’ve shook hands with your boo and decided to work it out by sweating it out. But how do you ace the O and burst through the stress you’ve just had? Grab a toy and let it do the work for you! In this Pleasure Report, Tracy shares the 10 benefits of using sex toys with your partner, and also the best positions when you add a toy to the plate.

I always go by a motto when it comes to being in relationships: What’s good for me is good for us, or what isn’t good for me isn’t good for us. This motto is totally a great one to use when it comes to bringing sex toys into the bedroom with your partner.

Using sex toys doesn’t mean that you’re replacing your loved one’s body part for the other. It simply means you’re adding a little (or a lot) of toppings to your favorite ice cream from time to time. Yum. So, what’s good for us? Read on!

Top 10 Benefits of Using Sex Toys With Your Partner

1 -Finding toys to excite your partner can be thrilling! When you find the one that takes you and them to a different level is a plus.

2 – Sex toys can increase your libido.

3 – Using sex toys on your partner allows you to focus on pleasing them rather than allowing your ego to focus on yourself.

4 – Just like lingerie or erotic games, sex toys are another avenue to raise good vibes in your body from head to toe.

5 – Does your tongue get tired trying to bring the clitoris to its final “O”? Applying a vibrating toy can give your mouth a rest or the option to kiss or suck on another body part.

6 – Vibration, in general, travels from body to body. So, whether you, your partner or both of you are wearing or holding a vibrating toy, the vibration will be felt when bodies are connecting.

7 – Up for a quickie? A sex toy can speed up the time to a faster orgasm while on the go.

8 – Sex toys are perfect for warming up the body during foreplay.

9 – Use that vibe as a massager to release muscle tension in minutes.

10 – Sex toys will forever be PPA friendly — Portable, Powerful & Adaptable!

Before You Begin – Set the Mood!

Though some pros are excellent in jumping right into a desire sex position, most of us prefer setting the mood to be the catalyst of any positional play. So, here’s a great tip to keep in mind: We have 5 senses- smelling, hearing, tasting, touching, and seeing. Focus on at least 2 of the senses to stimulate your partner before getting into your positions. Stare into their beautiful eyes. Whisper sexy, sultry or dirty words into their ear. Use flavored lube to lick and suck on their most sensitive spots. Massage their butts. Light that scented massage candle for aroma. And have fun.

Best Sex Positions to Use With Sex Toys

  1. Standing
  2. Side-lying/ spooning
  3. Doggystyle
  4. Woman on top
  5. Dual-action — partner fingering while a vibrator stimulates the clitoris
  6. Dual-action — self-stimulation using a wedge while giving oral to your partner


The Top 10 Benefits of Using Sex Toys With Your Partner by By Tracy Felder originally appeared on Rumble & Buzz

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