Suggest These Sex Toy Upgrades to Customers for Added Value

I love when people talk to me about their sex toy collections!

I mean, it’s not like it comes up all the time in conversation, such as “how about this weather” or “did you see that shitty pass that was thrown during the game,” but when someone decides to open up and talk about it, I get a kick out of hearing what toys they’ve acquired over the years.

It’s even better when you both have a similar toy that was either not what you expected and didn’t do the job, or blew both your minds, so that you can sit and gossip about these items like kids back in middle school.

Beginners aside, I think that people who dabble in sex toys, as well as advanced users, end up having collections of toys that have different stages…

  1. You have your old toys that you don’t use anymore, but you keep them for a rainy day. Simply, they don’t do the trick any longer. You’ve advanced.
  2. The toys that are only touched every once in a while that give specific sensations whenever in a certain mood or with a partner.
  3. Of course, the toys you always go to because you know they never let ya down and get the job done right and fast.

As I stared at my personal overflowing collection, I started to think about how even with small things like bullets, penis accessory items, and lubricants, we can let customers know some simple ways to take care of their unused toys, and put them to good use, so they are getting the most out of the product that they paid for. To us, it may seem like a no-brainer to combine toys, but to customers, possibly not so much.

Vibrating Cock Ring

Whether a cheaper design or more expensive ring, adding a vibrating cock ring can add some excitement to ordinary sex toys. Some things customers can do…

  1. Add around the base of a prostate/anal toy for added perineum or testicle vibrations
  2. Add around the shaft of a favorite dildo for clitoral stimulation
  3. Adding a dual-action vibrating ring, with clitoral and anal stimulation, to a favorite vibrator can turn it into a triple-action toy with ease
  4. Slip the ring over the fingers as a finger vibe that can be used all over the body or to tease a partner

Penis Sleeves and Extensions

Penis sleeves and extensions don’t just have to be for the penis. You can get added texture, girth and length by adding them to toys that are already enjoyed or by amping up old toys.

  1. Add a skin-like texture to a toy that supplies great vibrations and angles, but was previously a little too hard for enjoyment, to give it a more life-like feel
  2. Add a textured sleeve to anal toys to stimulate nerve endings even more
  3. See if extra length or girth would be enjoyed by slipping an extension over a favorite toy or dildo. If enjoyed, one can graduate to a bigger size the next time they purchase.
  4. Slip a sleeve or extender over fingers during foreplay for added feels when inserting into a partner’s body

Bullet Vibes

I love bullet vibes. I think no matter what level of sex toy user one is, or what gender, a bullet can add so many sensations alone or with a partner. With that being said, not adding them to toys for additional thrills is almost absurd if you’re able! Especially waterproof bullets that can be used in one’s favorite water spot that they can get into some sexual action solo, or with a partner.

  1. Stick a bullet into the sleeve of a masturbator if it has an open end, or hold in hand under the base of the masturbator while gripping during stroking. A vibrating cock ring can also be worn during uses for extra stimulation.
  2. A dildo or plug that has a Vac-U-Lock-friendly hole can also be a great toy to add bullets to. Just stick the bullet in and feel the vibes.
  3. Whether pleasing a vagina or penis, place a bullet against the cheek to turn a wet mouth into a vibrating wet mouth. If the mouth gets tired, use the bullet to tease.

Stimulating/Warming/Cooling Lubricants

Numerous people, and I have been guilty of this myself, have explained to me how they purchase stimulating or thermal play lubricants, use them a few times, but don’t truly experiment with them. They sit there, they get funky over time, and then when the urge comes around again to give them a whirl, the consistency of the product is just not desirable. Push customers to use these lubes because great feels truly can come from this simple liquid in a bottle.

  1. An old rabbit vibe can be turned into a new toy with some stimulating lube. Get the tingling sensations of the lube on the clit or deep inside, hitting the G-spot while the vibrator makes the tingling more intense. Before orgasm, turn the rabbit vibe around and have the flexible, flickering rabbit ears deliver vibrations to the outside K-spot area with the shaft hitting the spot internally.
  2. Don’t feel like taking out the more intense masturbator that’s hard to clean yet comes with all the great features, but rather just have a quickie with a simple pocket masturbator? Add warming lubricant for a more realistic feel with ease. Warming lube also adds the realism to other toys, adding additional warmth to one’s own body heat and extra slickness.
  3. While using a toy with a warming function, start off by using some cooling lubricant. Feel the cooling minty feel while working oneself up in arousal, then halfway through the masturbation session, turn on the toy’s warming function and get another sensation.
  4. Glass and metal toys of course are the best for thermal play, but start off by running your toy under hot or cold water and use the opposite thermal lubricant for double thermal feel mixed with the weight of a glass or metal toy. Hot, cold and that great feeling of fullness with a heavy toy!

Again, to us, items used in these ways may seem like a no-brainer and the basic of basics since we see and talk about them every day, however informing customers or marketing toys in these ways can be nothing but helpful. Research suggests that people who use sex toys report higher levels of sexual satisfaction. Let customers know how to get even more satisfaction out of their sex toy use and more bang for their buck with a few simple toy modifications in creative ways.

Suggest These Sex Toy Upgrades to Customers for Added Value by Chelsea McCain originally appeared in XBIZ

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