Style, Function Are Key to Anal Toy Shoppers


These days sex toys are bringing more to the table than ever before: high-tech features, special formulations, proprietary materials, unique ingredients, and more. With so much focus on what sex toys can do, it can be easy to overlook how much pleasure products have evolved aesthetically, too. Modern consumers want toys that have it all, and functionality isn’t the only key selling point for them. They want products that provide pleasure and look good while doing it, and there’s one particular category that I believe offers some truly interesting visual appeal: butt plugs. Let’s see how these once-simple toys have advanced to become fun fashion statements and unique extensions of our personalities!

So, What are Butt Plugs?

When I say butt plug, I am referring to toys made specifically to be inserted into the rectum for sexual pleasure. They tend to have tapered tips for easy, comfortable insertion and must have flared bases to prevent them from becoming lost in the rectum. This flared base is where we’ve seen companies having a ton of fun with aesthetics and accessorizing. (I’ll get into that more in a moment.)

The Evolution of the Butt Plug

Butt plugs were originally sold as prescription medical devices that were meant to treat ailments like insomnia, constipation and acne. (The history of sex toys is wild!) Modern anal plugs have come a long way from their medical device roots and now make up a huge category designed with mostly pleasure in mind. Today’s butt plugs come in many shapes and sizes designed to serve a variety of needs, including expansion and anal training, prostate stimulation, dual penetration, and sensation enhancement. They are often made with high-quality, easy-to-clean, body-safe materials like stainless steel, platinum silicone, and borosilicate glass, and though the materials themselves remain relatively straightforward, it’s what companies are doing with the base — the part of the plug that’s visible while being worn — that stands out.

Plugs Go From Basic to Badass

Many people wear butt plugs as fun accessories, tools that introduce fun and whimsy into play, and there are so many different options for consumers who want to decorate their derrieres. Some brands offer traditionally shaped plugs with a variety of decorations on their exterior ends, including glittery gems, ceramic rosebuds, and even interchangeable LED lights controlled by an external remote. These super-fun plugs allow users to express their unique personalities while enjoying anal stimulation, and the whimsical designs make them welcoming to first-time users who may be intimidated by anal play.

Butt Plugs With Style and Substance

Some shoppers want to enjoy the look of a blingy plug but don’t want to skimp on the erotic sensation that heftier plugs can offer, which is why there are metal plugs featuring weighted and decorated bases. Items like the Hot Pink Gem Weighted Anal Plug combine sensation play with aesthetic décor; functionally, its nickel-free aluminum construction allows for temperature play and its base is weighted significantly to appeal to sensation enthusiasts — but set in each weighted base is a glittery pink gem. Because they come in three sizes with graduated weights, items like this cater to anal aficionados who need next-level plugs but also want to enjoy the gem trend.

Bringing Novelty Into the Butt Plug Game

Some shoppers simply want something fun — sometimes even silly — from their anal plugs in order to add levity and personalization to something that otherwise might feel too serious. That’s where anal plugs with novelty accents come in handy for retailers. Whimsical designs may incorporate symbolism in order to appeal to a different consumer, and some of these plugs even come in three-piece sets for size trainers. Some of the newest plugs on the market combine the novelty aesthetic with butt plug musts, like premium silicone and remote-control vibration, with fun, flashy accents.

Help Shoppers Discover the Plug of Their Dreams

Butt plugs are perennially popular, and most stores have multiple options on hand at any given time. But does your store also cater to shoppers who want to make butt stuff feel even more fun? Embracing these trends can expand your customer base and offer options that shoppers may never have known existed outside of a novelty shop — show them that they don’t have to skimp on quality and body-safety in order to enjoy something with some flash or pizzazz. The benefit of having blinged-out butt toys on display is they’re eye-catching, pretty to look at, and fun to test before buying. An enticing butt plug display — with samples — might be enough to make a sale without a staff member even having to say a word.

These days there are butt plugs available that cater not only to shoppers’ stimulation needs but also their unique sense of style and personality. Retailers who are aware of the newest features and latest trends will be well-positioned to help every customer that comes through their door find the plug that fits them best!

Style, Function Are Key to Anal Toy Shoppers by Rebecca Weinberg originally appeared in XBIZ

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