Should Masturbation Be Part of Your Self-Care Routine?


Many people aspire to make self-care a priority among their health and wellness goals. Manicures, face masks and shopping sprees sure are glamorous, but let’s face it, these habits can be quite expensive, and the effects are often short-lived — whomp whomp.

For me, the ultimate self-care ritual is masturbation. The beauty of it is that I don’t have to rely on anyone, it makes me feel f-ing amazing, and best of all, it’s free! Now let me tell you all about why you, too, should be incorporating masturbation into your #SelfCareSunday or any day!

  1. Better Orgasms

This may be the most obvious reason: masturbation can lead to better orgasms! It’s true! When I first started to experiment sexually, I struggled to climax during sex. A few years and partners later, my current partner and now hubby encouraged me to masturbate more often to identify my pleasure points. WOW, did this make all the difference! Not only did I figure out the things that really turn me on and make me wet, but I was also finally able to locate my G-spot!! Hallelujah! And this has led to hotter, more frequent orgasms for yours truly 😉

  1. Less Stress

Even with how much I get freaky in the bedroom, I still manage to get stressed out when there’s a crisis at work or issues at home. When I start to feel my stress levels rising, I make sure to carve out 15 to 30 minutes of the day to get horny AF and pleasure myself. Whether I’m slowly caressing my body with my fingertips or thrusting with my favorite Jack-Rabbit vibrator, I always feel an immediate sense of calm and well-being wash over me. Trust me and give it a try the next time you’re feeling a bit stressed — I can assure you that not only can masturbation blow your mind, it literally does wonders for your mental state!

  1. Better Sleep

Not to get all scientific on you, but research has shown that orgasms can lead to better sleep due to the release of various hormones. Can anyone remember a satisfying late-night hook-up when you then slept like a rock afterward?! Well, that’s your hormones in action! I started masturbating as part of my #SelfCareSunday routine to see if it would improve my night’s sleep and boy has it been life-changing. Better sleep = a happier and healthier Miranda!

  1. Confidence

Let’s not forget the most important reason of all — confidence! My sex life became so much more fulfilling and adventurous once I started to maintain a positive self-image. Learning the intricacies of my body through touch and exploration has led to a level of self-confidence that I never freaking imagined a few years ago! Try caressing your nipples, stroking your clit or stimulating your G-spot to find out exactly what your body can do. Now LMFAO fans, sing it with me… “I’m sexy and I know it!”

Soooo, next time you’re tempted to whip out your meditation app, try masturbating instead. This will be the easiest habit to stick to in your self-care routine because it feels so. damn. gooood. Now stop reading, get masturbating, and start reaping all of these amazing benefits!

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