Is Cannabis Plus Sex Toys the New ‘Netflix and Chill?’

As legal cannabis slowly creeps its way across the continent, we find ourselves in the midst of a new evolution of acceptance. What better industry to embrace the once prohibited pot than ours? Unfounded oppression is a topic that we know all too well. Those who once turned a snubbed nose up at the thought of the hippie drug have now opened their minds at the promise of pain relief.

With self-care stepping up as the movement of the day, we can’t help but look at cannabis as a viable companion to sexual exploration. The health and healing benefits of cannabis are endless, and marrying the two can add a unique twist to a playtime routine.

I highly recommend consulting with an experienced budtender to help understand the broad differences in strains and various forms of consumption. Grasping the correct fit for each individual (much like sex toys) is what truly translates to the ultimate sexual experience.

Sativas are invigorating and energizing and are often associated with a “head high.” They enhance creativity and productivity and are known for their imaginative properties.

Indicas are euphoric with a full-body buzz. Some refer to them as “InDaCouch” because of their deep relaxation effects.

Cannabis consumption does not need to include a high at all. Using a high CBD, low THC strain can have all the grandeur of health benefits and pain relief without the buzz.

THC and CBD come in many different forms. Dry herb, edibles, oils, suppositories and even bath products are all available, making consumption accessible to all, including those with disabilities. This means, for example, those with hand disabilities no longer need to worry about the ability to hold a pipe or bong.

A sativa pre-roll to heighten your senses and electrify your imagination? Or maybe an indica edible to slow down and feel the moment. Not fond of “feeling high”? A topical like a CBD lubricant can be used to relax muscles. The possibilities are endless.

And the facts?

Stanford researchers found that cannabis users statistically have more sex, and this includes all sexes, races, ages, education levels and income groups. Cannabis can even prolong orgasm in men and women. Most importantly? Cannabis lowers your inhibitions without total intoxication, allowing the user to indulge their senses entirely.

Masturbating with intention is not a luxury that is afforded to everyone. Those that have trouble finding orgasm may become frustrated and are much less likely to keep trying and exploring their bodies. The addition of an indica will not only increase the response of your body but restrain discouraging thoughts that can interrupt your session.

Relaxants and desensitizers are a controversial topic. Blocking your body of its natural response to inform you when you have reached your discomfort or pain maximum is not what I would consider safe sex. Recommend to shoppers that they ditch the numbing agents and try an indica to relax muscles instead, regardless of orifice! This relaxation is helpful for both oral and anal sex but is particularly advantageous for those experiencing vaginosis and using vaginal dilators.

And how about those experiencing PTSD? We may make jokes about needing a medical cannabis prescription for “anxiety,” but the truth is that cannabis really does have the capability to ease anxiety and enhance a consensual experience. This is no small feat to a trauma survivor desiring intimacy.

So how does this affect your pleasure product business?

Your customers are already buying cannabis. They are already taking part and indulging in CBD and THC products. And if they aren’t, they’re about to. It’s time to look at how the marriage of sex and pot can improve your sales techniques and affect your bottom line.

Adding a section of rolling papers, bongs, pipes and even some deodorizing candles is a welcome inclusion for your customers. Dispensaries (at least in Canada) are legally unable to carry much in the way of accessories, and most head shops are dark, dingy and uncomfortable for the average customer. Offering these products not only saves the consumer the third trip to the head shop but also opens the door to associating the two industries.

Connecting with your customer and learning about their cannabis use and preferences sets the tone for your sale and the type of product you should guide them to. Because we all know, what they come in for is never what they really want.

Show your indica-using customer to the wands for an indulgent masturbation session. The combination of a tingle through your skin and a wand between your legs is unparalleled. Or perhaps your sativa-using customer is looking for a couple’s vibe or handcuffs to introduce into their partner play and explore a brave new world of kink.

Diversifying your business and evolving with the times is always important, but having the opportunity to incorporate this newly recognized industry in a way that increases our pleasure product culture is truly exceptional.

Is Cannabis Plus Sex Toys the New ‘Netflix and Chill?’ by Sarah Franson originally appeared in XBIZ

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