Inclusivity Is Today’s Biggest Trend in Sexual Wellness

The modern history of vibrators is stereotypically female. If you know vibrators, both clitoral and penetrative, the first ones that come to mind are bright pink and phallic. Sure, that may work for some, but what about those who aren’t into that? As the world begins to be more accepting and accommodating to trans and non-binary people, so should vibrators and the companies that make them.

Despite what we’re led to believe, vibrators don’t just work for people with a clitoris. It’s a great device for those of us with one, but for those with a penis, most vibrators can be just as effective.

Meet the frenulum: the part just below the penis head. If you have one, you probably already know that that’s the most sensitive part of your genitalia. Most of us know the vibrating cock ring, which should be every cis-hetero couple’s favorite toy for both solo and couple play. The cock ring helps him last longer, and the vibrator helps her and him get off.

Some other vibes to consider for male genitalia are the suction ones. Do you love having your balls sucked? Then the suction vibes were made for you. Created for killer clitoris orgasms, their suction heads can be used for nipples and balls as well. Most offer varying levels of suction patterns and with a targeted nozzle, it’s sure to get nearly anyone off.

With a re-education on how vibrators can be used, the next move is a redesign. Luckily, a lot of brands are moving away from the bright pinks and penis designs — even high-end vibe companies like Lelo have made steps to offer something for everyone. Sure, they still have their vibes separated into “male” and “female” but there is a section for “Femme & Homme” that offers a collection that can be used for both.

Inclusivity Is Today’s Biggest Trend in Sexual Wellness by Maddie Allard originally appeared in XBIZ

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