How to Stimulate Customers’ Minds and Bodies — and Your Retail Sales

With sex toys getting increasing media attention, and the topic of masturbation commonly entering mainstream conversation, more and more people are prioritizing pleasure.

In the U.S., Sexual Health Month is celebrated every September and September 4 is World Sexual Health Day. These events are dedicated to encouraging people to assess their level of sexual health from a physical and emotional perspective, all while taking time to learn more about sex. At the end of the day, the increasing level of education among consumers about sexual health and relationships is ultimately also increasing the amount of money people spend on their sexy time.

Many consumers enter your store with the intention of purchasing a product such as a toy or other sexual aid. As a sex therapist, I’d like to draw your attention to the idea that in order for the consumer to get the most satisfaction from your products, and to keep them buying more, it is your job to increase their level of desire. Like I always say, sex is between the ears, not just the legs. Our brain is our largest sex organ and plays a vital role in our sex life. Before someone clicks “purchase” on your website or walks into your store and buys a product, they need to have an increased level of desire both in their life and for the product they are seeking to purchase.

Think beyond the vibrator. To help customers live their best sex life, and ultimately drive them into your stores, retailers must also mentally massage the libido. This month I am encouraging retailers to educate about and promote products that make consumers embrace and feel their inner sexy.

As a sex therapist, I often discuss with my clients what makes them feel “sexy confident” and what turns them on. More often than you might expect, we find that it is the simple stuff that does the heavy lifting. A sexy bra, a soft blindfold, handcuffs that chafe a little, red lipstick or music — these things contribute massively to how people from all demographics get in the mood.

Feeling sexier on the inside increases one’s libido, which enhances a customer’s experience with your products and ultimately drives them back to buy more. Therefore I am encouraging you to highlight all the items in your store that make consumers feel sexy.

There are many ways retailers can reach and personally engage with their consumers. Social media is a great platform, where followers/consumers can learn about your brand. Socials also serve in educating consumers about your products. This free platform can be used to entice a client with physical pleasure, while introducing them to the idea of feeling that inner sexy and stimulating their mind.

In addition to an online presence, interactions in the store are crucial. When someone is looking for a toy to spice up their sex life or for solo pleasure, verbally educate them on the benefits of additional products to stimulate their mind and ignite their libido. Most likely, you already have these products on hand! One go-to to highlight in your store is lingerie. Lingerie can have a huge impact in increasing the libido, and an overall feeling of sexy. Make space in your store to highlight the sexiness of lingerie; it will only lead to additional purchases.

While we are talking about lingerie, we can’t forget to mention costumes. While most people may not wear costumes throughout the day, they are a great way to help people step out of reality and into a sexy fantasy world. The idea of the costume alone increases their feeling of sexy and, for many people, their sex drive as well. As you design this section, keep in mind that lingerie can be worn by both women and men.

In addition to clothing items, when thinking about setting the mood, draw your customers’ attention to the five senses. Scents can be a major turn on. Candles are an effective way to increase the libido, and help consumers get in the mood. Scents amplify the intensity of the sexual experience. I advise placing candles on the store counter, or within view when customers are waiting in line. Candles are a lower-priced product, and a great addition to their existing purchase.

As you design your store, and work with product placement, don’t forget to think about what turns your customers on and makes them feel sexy. Increase their desire, and you can also rapidly increase sales.

How to Stimulate Customers’ Minds and Bodies — and Your Retail Sales by Melinda DeSeta originally appeared in XBIZ

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