How to Sell Shoppers on Water-Friendly Toys

From soothing self-care in the bath to the invigorating spray of a shower, water can introduce new dimensions of pleasure, unlock unique sensations and provide a sensual backdrop for intimate exploration. Let’s talk about some toys that work in tandem with water, from waterproof wonders to self-lubricating delights and the unique Womanizer Wave showerhead and massager.

Making a Splash Outside the Bedroom

Waterproof toys have become incredibly popular. In fact, it’s almost expected as a standard feature of sex toys nowadays. Waterproof toys allow their owners to enjoy themselves in new and exciting places, such as a bathtub, shower, hot tub or even a pool. This gives customers a wider range of creative options for exploration, and gives your store more ways to meet their needs. For any sex toy you carry, you should ideally carry a waterproof version. It is essential to keep a variety of waterproof toys in stock to satisfy customer requests.

Seamless Pleasure Underwater

One option that creates a seamless experience while heightening in-water pleasure is toys that self-lubricate when they come into contact with water. There are now quite a few toys engineered to continuously lubricate themselves when immersed in water, eliminating interruptions for reapplication and creating a continuous, frictionless journey. Whether submerged in a bath or beneath the shower’s waterfall, this innovative and convenient feature provides a hassle-free and silky-smooth glide during any play in the water, enhancing pleasure and simplifying the overall experience. Plus, these toys are intended to be disposable, so customers who appreciate them will keep coming back.

Amplifying Pleasure With Water

There are also products like the Bathmate and the WaterSlyde, which use water to stimulate erogenous zones or supercharge the functionality of the product. Hydro-stimulation can be a captivating frontier for exploration. Another good example is the PDX Elite Hydrobator, a textured masturbator designed for hydro and manual stimulation. Its unique double-open-ended structure allows water to flow through, while its automated stroking technology is not only good for folks seeking heightened sensations, but also an ideal solution for those with mobility issues, providing a low-effort yet gratifying way to enjoy masturbation.

There is also an innovative new product available: the Womanizer Wave. This fusion of luxury showerhead and external sensual stimulator is the result of a collaboration between the bathroom experts at Hansgrohe and the pleasure pioneers at Womanizer. This innovative device offers a unique and indulgent experience for both solo and couples play in the shower.

Tips and Tricks for Safe and Sensual Water Play

Be sure to guide customers toward the lubricants that are most compatible with their water-friendly toys. Silicone lubricants stand out for their renowned water-resistant properties, promising a longer and uninterrupted pleasure experience. Silicone lubricants’ resistance to being washed away makes them the perfect addition to water play. If your customer is planning on using the lubricant with regular silicone toys as well, suggest a hybrid lubricant compatible with a broader range of toys. And as with all pleasure products, explaining the proper care and maintenance of water-friendly toys is essential.

Wetter Is Better

You now have some helpful hints for incorporating water play into your sales plan. The convenience and versatility of water-friendly toys makes them more than just a trend; they can be a cornerstone of a versatile and satisfying sex toy user experience. Take a deep dive into the diverse offerings available, learn about the many pleasures facilitated by the power of water, see what best fits your customer base — and embrace innovation as we continue to redefine the boundaries of pleasure in the realm of adult toys.

How to Sell Shoppers on Water-Friendly Toys by Carly S. originally appeared in XBIZ.

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