How to Maximize the Impact of Adult Retail Staff Training

We all know that the adult retail landscape is constantly shifting, evolving and expanding, regularly leaving retailers to wonder what they could be doing better or how they can cultivate and maintain a competitive advantage.

The answer, however, may be easier than you think. There’s one surefire way to ensure your establishment shifts and grows along with the industry, and that is investing in consistent trainings for your staff.

Your store’s staff can be its superpower if you take the steps necessary to keep them knowledgeable, both about what you sell and how to create the experience consumers crave.

The right trainings can help build your reputation, boost your bottom line, and take your establishment from just a store to a sought-after retail destination. With that in mind, let’s talk about the impact and importance of providing ongoing training for your adult retail staff — what it means, the purposes it serves, and where you can find the kind of training that will set your store apart.


Retail training is focused on providing sales staff and management access to skills and knowledge that have been proven to create positive customer experiences and boost sales, including but not limited to:

  • Product features and benefits
  • Brand knowledge and expertise
  • Merchandising and display tools
  • Assisting customers in a manner that is both efficient and welcoming
  • Communication and answering questions
  • Maintaining in-store cleanliness and safety
  • Cross-sales, upselling and closing sales

The goal of retail training is to cultivate and nurture a staff of personable, knowledgeable sales associates. Having a staff of well-trained associates can not only increase your sales but also create the kinds of positive customer experiences that make for repeat business, loyal relationships and referrals.


There are several training categories that retailers can focus on to optimize their sales associate fleet — everything from new associate onboarding, floor sales and safety, to brand knowledge, pleasure, sex education and more.

Ideally, retail trainings should help sales associates develop skills so they can feel confident on the floor while benefiting from information and knowledge that can improve customer experiences.

However, many stores stop at product knowledge. This is understandable, of course, because some of the most accessible retail trainings come from product manufacturers themselves. It takes a bit more research, but seeking out training opportunities that focus on more than just product details can give your staff a well-rounded experience and access to even more tools to use on the job.

For example, Blush has created a multifaceted retail education initiative called Blush U to help retailers stay up to date on product knowledge while also accessing sexual wellness and pleasure education from our in-house sex educator, Tawny Seren. Other companies offer these kinds of trainings too. You just need to look and ask around for them!


When it comes to providing quality training that effectively addresses the product knowledge piece of the equation, one of the best assets available may be the manufacturers you work with.

Blush U offers easily accessible online training sessions, including prerecorded and live assets as well as education sessions, webinars and more. Because our live workshops are hosted by our in-house sex educator, training attendees also can ask direct questions and get even more information about the subjects they’re curious about.

This kind of training not only gives your employees the opportunity to ask questions and learn new information in a comfortable environment, but it can also help you provide your customers with the ultimate shopping experience. Additionally, it can serve as valuable team-building time as staff members work together to stay in the know about new products while earning together.

This type of multifaceted training benefits brands and retailers alike. When you work with manufacturers that demonstrate a dedication to working with retailers in this mutually beneficial way, you will ultimately be able to provide better service to everyone who walks through your door.

When you provide your staff with the trainings they need for an optimal customer experience, you will see results not just in sales numbers. The service your associates can provide when they are up to date on what each brand offers — and how to incorporate education and knowledge into the sales conversation — will pay off in customer loyalty, referrals and overall brand recognition for your establishment.

If you want your store to be the best it can be, take advantage of the trainings available to you because, in this case, knowledge truly is power.

How to Maximize the Impact of Adult Retail Staff Training by Verna Meng originally appeared in XBIZ

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