How to Create a Customer-Friendly Pleasure Products Bundle

Everyone is thinking inside the box these days! Product bundles, kits and subscriptions are at an all-time high, both in mainstream marketplaces and adult retail.

Product bundling for retailers is a trusted method to increase revenue both in-store and online. Which method and products you choose to put together comes down to profit, product availability, software, display and creativity.

Over the last eight years, I’ve paid special attention to this trend because, well, I make the only recyclable hygienic box designed to bundle with almost every product. I’ve seen clever, good-quality kits but I’ve also seen low-quality, cheap products. That might make you a quick buck, or liquidate your leftovers, but it won’t build brand trust or return customers. Don’t bundle a few cheap, low-quality products or free samples or your customers will feel ripped off.

Product bundling and kits among manufacturers isn’t as common, and it’s very rare to see mixed brands and partnerships. However, I’m really excited by some of the new artist collaborations and kits this last year, and I think this trend will continue. People will pay more for unique, limited-edition products so it makes sense to offer a curated or bundled selection.

I created the “Build-a-Boxx with Joyboxx” interactive shopping experience that can also be applied to brick-and-mortar retail shops or online — like a Build-a-Bear workshop, but for adults. Similarly, you can start incorporating a similar concept into your store’s shopping experience. When people shop, they start by picking up a basket or cart, and then they fill it up… so sell the basket too! Make your bundle box beautiful and fun to create.

The Ultimate Creative Bundle Curation

Let’s deep-dive into the fun, creative curation process for your pleasure product customers. To build a really great kit, first answer these questions:

  1. Who are your customers? (Gender, sexual orientation, geography, marital status, age, military, type of job, etc.)
  2. What level of experience do they have with sex toys? Are they first-time customers or collectors?
  3. Who are they shopping for? A gift for a friend, a gag gift for their buddy, for themselves, their lover or spouse?
  4. Are they trying to solve problems (vaginal dryness due to menopause, painful sex, erectile dysfunction, COVID quarantine loneliness) or expand their horizons (anal training, a big orgasm, etc.)? It’s truly incredible how much people share with their trusted sex toy seller. Listen to your customer and design a kit to help them.

Naming Your Bundle

After you decide whom you are creating a kit for, create a name for it that captures the purpose and the types of products.

Problem-Solving Names: “My partner is horny and I’m not feeling it, I just want to go to sleep.” To solve this common sexual conundrum, build the “Hunny, I Have a Headache Tonight” kit, “I’ll Tuck the Kids In, Go Have Fun,” or “You Do You.”

This type of kit is great for all genders in a long-term relationship. They can lovingly give their partner the tools to take care of their sexual needs and enjoy a good night of sleep!

Types of solo sex products to include: masturbator, vibrator, body and toy cleaner, lube, scented candle, porn, wipes and maybe even a CBD product. Of course, include a box to keep it all in and other helpful hygienic products. This same kit concept can be renamed and retooled to help a different client: the newly single divorcee. Maybe they haven’t had sex in years and are ready to go wild. You may want to add products for sexual health and safety like condoms, underwear/lingerie and a home STD-testing kit.

Holiday Bundle Names: I don’t mean the obvious Christmas and Valentine’s Day bundles, but look through all marketing calendars and wacky social media “National Days” for something unique. Or even make up your own!

Special Occasion Names: There are the obvious greeting card occasions such as a wedding, birthday, going off to college, and milestone ages, but think about all the special moments that ultimately play a role in people’s sex lives like break-ups, divorce, job promotion, job loss, kid’s first day of school, illness and health, stress, weight gain and weight loss, death and birth.

If you’ve lived it, there’s a bundle for it. Your friend got a big job promotion and now they are super stressed and at the office all day? Get them the “I’m the Boss, Close the Door Behind You” bundle.

How to Create a Customer-Friendly Pleasure Products Bundle by Deborah Semer originally appeared in XBIZ

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