How Retailers Can Embrace the Latest Trends in Digital Intimacy

I don’t know about you but it seems like more and more of my life goes online every day. In one way, it is wonderful because I can literally make friends all over the world. In another, it is awful because I find myself missing the little daily intimacies with a loved one or friends.

And while a nice coffee house ASMR background track is a pleasure to write to, it doesn’t have the 3D impact of the smell of the coffee or the whoosh of cool air as the door opens up to the possibility of a new friend.

Keep in mind we are all learning to embrace Zoom and Skype and Only fans pages, but we still crave basic human interaction.

Don’t worry adult retailers; if there is one thing our industry excels at, it’s embracing new technology. We retailers shouldn’t curse the darkness; we should embrace the light shining on our faces from all those mobile device and laptop screens — because technology changes, but people don’t.

There is still room in the market to serve our local clientele and make their online explorations easier and more satisfying for them, and more profitable for us.

Here are three ways to take advantage of the new digital trends in your store:

  • Embrace Bluetooth-enabled technology
  • Beef up your lingerie section
  • Carry more interactive toys that talk to or react to the customer input

Bluetooth Technology

There are some amazing toys available on the market that can really shrink the distance between partners when they are close enough to a Wifi source. We-Vibe’s Bluetooth technology has been around for a good while and their app is easy to manage on a smartphone. Satisfyer has recently stepped their game up in regards to Bluetooth technology and they are in the process of converting their whole line to be compatible.

Many of the Bluetooth toys come with longer warranties and companies that stand behind the quality of their creations and are being equipped with better rechargeable batteries. Toys that last longer and don’t create toxic waste by burning up multiple sets of batteries are a better value for the customer and a better choice for the environment. That makes them an easy up-sell.


Lingerie has been the absolute sleeper best seller for me in 2020-21. I personally think those casual Friday Zoom meetings have morphed into a little something extra spicy.

Not to mention the rise of cam girls. A lot of the local strippers came in and bought poles when the clubs got shut down amid the pandemic, and have figured out an all-new home-based business model. The nice thing for us is that they come in once or twice a week to freshen up their naughty wardrobe.

Body-stockings are a huge seller for us, and anything colorful and fun is flying out of the door. Be sure to stock a good variety in many sizes and get feedback on what the girls in your area are looking for.

Last summer, after the movie “365 Days” debuted on Netflix, I placed an order based on the fashion I saw in the movie and it disappeared in a weekend. This trend made anything strappy and slightly European-influenced super hot right now.

Interactive Toys

I think there is plenty of room for expansion and I love to see the creativity that this business has to identify and meet the needs of our clientele.

The Dirty Talk line by Pipedream has been hugely popular for us because everyone enjoys getting cheered on every now and then. I would love a toy that tells me I’m pretty, and everything is going to be okay. If it did it with Charlie Hunnam’s voice or with a nice Irish lilt, it would double the value to me. (Hint, hint manufacturers.)

Of course it goes without saying that keeping your store scrupulously clean and providing hand sanitizer and masks, as well as incorporating touch-less payment technology where possible are the bare minimum of standards if you want people to feel comfortable coming out into the world again.

Thankfully my staff and I have stayed well during these strange times and look forward to the time when we can break the testers back out for our customers, and maybe one day hop on a plane and see old friends from the business again.

But until then, I’ll see you on Zoom and I’ll be wearing something cute.


How Retailers Can Embrace the Latest Trends in Digital Intimacy by Tami Rose originally appeared in XBIZ

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