How Glass Is Crossing Over Into Multiple Product Categories

Glass sex toys account for some of the most eye-catching, head-turning, breathtaking adult products available today. They are not just pretty to look at, either. Glass toys offer quite a few benefits that other toy materials can’t replicate, and they look and feel uniquely luxurious.

As glass toys have grown in popularity, so have glass toy options expanded. Once primarily the domain of dildos and anal plugs, glass has now found its way into the bedroom via e-stim wands, cupping systems, suction toys, nipple toys and even vibrators. There’s a lot of buzz around glass toys.

That’s why, today, we’re going to talk all about glass sex toys: what makes them special, what product categories you can find them in, and how to soothe your customers’ persistent “But won’t a glass toy break?” fears. So get ready, because it’s time to raise a glass to glass sex toys!

What makes glass toys special?

There are several things that glass toys have going for them, ranging from aesthetics to stimulation potential:

  • Beauty: Some glass toys are stunning, giftable pieces that can resemble artful sculptures or paperweights when displayed. This is why some shoppers even collect glass toys for their aesthetics as much as for their function.
  • Hygiene: This is probably the biggest benefit to using glass toys: they are nonporous and super easy to clean. With proper cleaning, a glass toy will not harbor bacteria, which makes it ideal for folks with sensitive bodies, as well as folks who wish to use their toys with multiple partners.
  • Lube: Not all toys are compatible with all lubricants, but glass toys are.
  • G-spot and prostate play: Glass is hard, heavy and smooth, which means toys made from glass are awesome for G-spot and prostate stimulation. They don’t have give like silicone or other soft materials do. When you press a glass toy against the G-spot, for instance, you feel the entire weight of that toy. Additionally, the hardness and smoothness of glass can make it easier for folks to use larger toys, as they won’t be dealing with the squish or drag that can come with soft materials.
  • Temperature play: Plugs and dildos made of glass are also perfect for temperature play. Putting one in the refrigerator to cool it down or in a bowl of warm water to heat it up can add a whole new dimension of sensation.

Will glass toys break?

Short answer? No. Longer answer? Most insertable glass toys, like dildos or anal plugs, are made from borosilicate, a thick, high-grade glass designed to withstand heavy use. Could it break? Yes, but not in the way most people fear. If a borosilicate toy was, for example, dropped on a tile floor or slammed against a granite counter, it might crack or chip, in which case you should stop using it. But these toys don’t shatter, as they are made to break clean, and sexual use is not going to cause that kind of break.

Some glass toys are hand-blown, which changes things a bit. Hand-blown toys are made of something called soft glass, which often allows for more artistic freedom, but it does have different properties than borosilicate. This kind of glass is durable but breaks differently. It can shatter if dropped from a high enough height, so if you are very worried about breakage, stick to borosilicate.

Anal plugs

Many users find glass easy to insert and enjoy the weight of glass for anal play. Glass anal toys can come in sets that help users gradually increase their toy size.

E-stim wands

For a totally unique glass play experience, there are wands that use electrodes made of glass. The glass acts as an effective conductor for the electricity to flow through and, when brought close to the skin, it delivers a playful “zap.” These products are intended to be used externally, such as on the nipples or external genitalia, not to be inserted. Keep in mind that the glass used for wand electrodes is more delicate than the glass used in insertable toys and can break if mishandled.

Glass Nipple Toys

Glass can even be used in nipple suckers. With a double bulb pump and glass reservoir, these nipple suckers are used to pump and enlarge the nipples. The suction pulls the nipples and elongates them into the clear glass end of the pump, and the rubber ring can be rolled down to the base of the nipple to keep it engorged and erect.


These are probably the rarest of glass toys, but some of the latest generation of glass toys combine the benefits of a silicone vibrator with the superior penetration capabilities of a glass dildo.

When it comes to glass toys, today’s shoppers have tons of options. From dildos to nipple toys, glass is a versatile material that is ideal for shoppers who want to invest in toys that will last. Also, as glass toys are hygienic and easy to clean, they appeal to shoppers looking for truly body-safe toys or items that can be more easily shared with partners. Providing your shoppers with beautiful, collectible, dependable glass toys is a great way to ensure your establishment has satisfied shoppers who come back again and again.

How Glass Is Crossing Over Into Multiple Product Categories by Rebecca Weinberg originally appeared in XBIZ

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