Heat Things Up: Sensory Play 101

Everybody always talks about how they get sooo hot (and bothered) when it comes to sex, but no one ever discusses the fact they like getting cold as a kink – but they do. Sensory play is alive and well and is much like a Katy Perry song. Hot then cold. Yes then no. In then out. Up then down. And while there’s a lot that goes into tickling the senses (among other things), it’s the temperature sensations that get things heated and makes sex cool.

What is Sensory Play

Sensory play is defined as stimulation or deprivation of the five senses. Sight play usually involves deprivation with a blindfold, but it can also include stimulation like watching colors and patterns in sploshing. Sound-play would be using noise-cancellation headphones or cranking Rob Zombie at volumes that drown all other sounds. Scent play is something most of us have done using candles or incense. Taste play can be the chocolate and strawberries that have Valentine’s day in a chokehold or it can be indulging in the taste of pussy. The sensory play we are probably most collectively familiar with has more to do with touch.

Touch play can go in so many directions. The light stroking that you would use for nipplegasms varies greatly from the intensity of CBT or tickling kinks. Still, there are some that like impact play or the feeling of different textures against their skin. The sensory play that we are specialized in here at Gläs is temperature play.


Temperature play is sensory play that involves heating or cooling objects during sexy time. If you have ever run ice down your partner’s spine, then you definitely know the vibes. Even wax play – where you drip hot candle wax onto your partner, toying with the pain-pleasure principle – is an element of temperature play, and thus, sensory play.

You can warm any glass toy by holding it in warm water, wrapping it with a warm towel, or using a heating lubricant. Similarly, you can cool your glass toy by submerging it in icy water, letting it sit in the fridge, or holding it in front of a strong air conditioner for a few minutes. What you do with your toy, now that you have altered its temperature is up to you.

Because sensory play can be light or intense, you can start by lightly stroking with the warm or cool sensation, hitting hot spots. You can apply a bit more pressure and use the toy as a massager. You can also insert the toy in whatever orifice gets the juices dripping. And you don’t have to stop at one. It could be ideal to have two or more toys with varied temperatures so you can switch back and forth. Your partner not knowing what to expect will really step up your sensory play game.

Whether smacking some ass or blindfolding your partner, sensory play is the most used kink in sex, even when people don’t know that’s what they’re doing. If you like being spanked, or the idea of ice on your nipple, sensory play is definitely for you.

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