Enema Play 101: Top Tips for Beginners


Frankly put: enemas are essential for those who want to clean out before backdoor play. For some, they are the main event. Increasingly popular in the BDSM scene, anal douching can be a sensual turn-on for both the giver and receiver, but douching kits found in local drugstores won’t cut it for intense anal stimulation.

Luckily, there are now a wide variety of enema devices made specifically for pleasure. Before we get the advanced stuff, let’s make sure we have the basics down.

How do enemas work?

The process of giving an enema involves putting warm water in the rectum and working it into the lower intestine to help empty the bowels. It’s recommended that the liquid be held inside the body between five and 30 minutes to give it a chance to soften the stool, and most choose to empty the water on the toilet for obvious reasons.

What are the benefits of anal douching?

Sometimes enemas are performed for medical reasons, to clean out before anal play, or purely for pleasure. When it comes to enemas and sex, one of the most common reasons people do it is to prepare for ass play. It isn’t always necessary to douche before anal, but some people feel more comfortable taking steps to minimize the potential for mess.

Using an enema before anal play can also help the receiver prepare for larger things to come: as it fills with water, the rectum gently relaxes and expands. This feeling of fullness is the precise reason why some people find it so arousing. Packed with nerve endings, the anus is a sexually sensitive area, and pressure in the rectum can stimulate other areas, too, like the prostate or G-spot.

Anal douching is often regarded as taboo, which also can be a turn on, and it puts the receiver in a vulnerable position both physically and emotionally. These aspects make it a natural fit for BDSM. Add to that the immense potential for power-play and humiliation and douching becomes the perfect kinky activity.

Beginner enemas

For those just starting out or looking for a gentler experience, a basic anal douching kit is all that’s required. Certain enema products include a pump and hose nozzle for extra precision and control, as well as bubble nozzle that has holes around the tip for extra-deep cleaning.

Advanced enemas

For those looking for a deeper clean, some enemas can be attached to a shower to supply an endless stream of water straight from the source. Additionally, specialty plugs, such as those that are hollow or inflatable, can provide a feeling of fullness.

Enema tips and safety

Most common types of enemas use plain water or salt water (two tablespoons of salt per liter of water). Temperature is important. Too cold and the water could cause intestinal cramps, too hot may scald the intestines. Make sure the water is slightly above body temperature (no more than about 105 degrees) and never forced in. Occasionally, people use different types of liquid like milk, coffee, or alcohol. This is not recommended. It can be risky and have dire health consequences because the absorption rate through the colon is accelerated.

The most comfortable position for receiving an enema is on the back with knees bent toward the chest or on the hands and knees. These positions help straighten out the natural curve in the colon to make entry easier. It is also important to have a bathroom nearby because the urge to release can come on strong and quick.

Whether used strictly for hygiene purposes or for added pleasure, more people are into anal douching than one might expect, and there’s a huge selection of tools and accessories out there to recommend. Always remember to ask customers what their intended uses are and be prepared to suggest something beyond the basic bulb. Enema kits designed for pleasure can make getting clean deliciously dirty!

Enema Play 101: Top Tips for Beginners By Rebecca Weinberg originally appeared in XBIZ

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