Amber Collection from Sincerely by Sportsheets

Dive into the Sincerely Amber Collection and drown in the delicious delights of soft, malleable tortoiseshell with exquisite gold-plated accents. Expertly crafted, this collection offers high-quality statement pieces to upgrade their next scene.

Perfect for gift giving, this luxurious collection has striking pieces meant to adorn their bodies like jewelry or some other fashionable finery. This collection offers a unique tortoiseshell-inspired design with high-quality, gold-plated accents with easy clips for quick and passionate position changes.

With nothing comparable on the market, The Amber Collection is flush with high-quality pieces that are equipped for all levels of play and offer a truly unique experience.

Not only is the tortoiseshell-inspired design one-of-a-kind, but the supple yet malleable material allows for durability without sacrificing beauty or functionality.

The Amber collection features lifestyle images for the first time on Sincerely packaging. This versatile display allows customers to fall into fantasy, easily picturing themselves wearing these provocative products before they even purchase them. You can choose whether to display the product front-facing, or you can flip it and display the back for a more dynamic feel. Either way, the tortoiseshell border pops on this packaging and is sure to catch their eye as they walk by.

Sincerely Amber Handcuffs

Skillfully designed for a sexy and secure hold, the Amber Handcuffs add a sophisticated touch to this bondage essential.

Perfect for combining with the rest of our Amber collection, these handcuffs offer a ravishing way to relinquish control with gold-plated accents and translucent tortoiseshell-inspired material.


  • Pair of straight single strap PVC cuffs
  • 6″ double clasp cable linking chain
  • Personalized fit with adjustable buckles
  • Tortoiseshell-inspired design for a fashionable feel
  • Light gold plating hardware
  • Malleable yet durable material allows for comfortable wear
  • 60% Phthalate-free PVC
  • 35% Iron
  • 5% Zinc Alloy
  • 2″ x 13″

Sincerely Amber Collar & Leash

Expertly crafted for your finest forays, the Amber Collar and Leash is a statement piece sure to grab their attention.

Have them take control and lavish you with sensual sensations at their command. Tasteful tortoiseshell-inspired design makes this alluring piece perfect for day or night.


  • PVC collar with chain metal leash
  • Gold-plated easy clips for a fashionable and secure lead
  • Adjustable buckles for a personalized fit
  • Malleable yet durable material allows for all-day wear
  • 50% Phthalate-free PVC
  • 45% Iron
  • 5% Zinc Alloy
  • 20″ x 3″ (collar)
  • 36″ (cable chain metal leash)


Sincerely Amber Ball Gag

Relinquish control and revel in the release with the Amber Ball Gag, artistically designed with an adjustable tortoiseshell-inspired strap for a fashionable feel.

The malleable material allows for a comfortable fit, making it ideal for your own sensual sanctuary.


  • Breathable silicone ball gag
  • Three-hole design adds breathability
  • Fits a variety of sizes with adjustable buckle
  • Imitation tortoise PVC straps
  • Light gold plating hardware
  • 50% Phthalate-free PVC
  • 30% Silicone
  • 15% Iron
  • 5% Zinc Alloy
  • 1.5″ breathable silicone ball

Sincerely Amber Neck & Wrist Restraint

Transport yourself to a ravishing retreat with the Amber Neck and Wrist Restraints, created to help you submit to the sensations.

The power is in their hands with chic gold-plated chains with easy clips for quick adjustments and passionate positions.

Translucent tortoiseshell-inspired material accents your skin for a foxy, fashionable feel.


  • PVC collar with double clasp metal cable chain and cuffs
  • Metal hardware plated in light gold
  • Gold-plated easy clips for a fashionable and secure lead
  • Adjustable buckles for a personalized fit
  • Malleable yet durable material allows for all-day wear
  • 50% Phthalate-free PVC
  • 45% Iron
  • 5% Zinc Alloy
  • 20″ x 3″ (collar)
  • 31.5″ (chain)
  • 2″ x 13″ (cuffs)

Sincerely Amber Nipple Jewelry

Decorate your bosom with the Amber Nipple Jewelry, meticulously crafted with gold-plated adjustable nipple ring to fit any size.

Draw their eyes in with exquisite tortoiseshell-inspired beads, perfect for flicking and pulling during nipple play.


  • Pair of nipple jewelry
  • Chain drop of 4 acrylic beads
  • Light gold plating
  • Durable and adjustable nipple ring
  • Allows you to adjust for the perfect fit, even when tugged on
  • Gold-plated chain withstands wear for added durability
  • 60% Iron
  • 40% Acrylic
  • 3″ x 0.6″

Sincerely Amber Beaded Nipple Clamps

Adorn your chest in exquisite tortoiseshell-inspired Amber Beaded Nipple Clamps and add the teasing torment of nipple play to your next ravishing rendezvous.

Made with tension adjustments, choose the intensity you or your partner desire.


  • Rubber-tipped nipple clamps with tension adjustments
  • Beaded chains for tugging and pulling
  • Gold-plated chain withstands wear for added durability
  • 50% Iron
  • 30% Acrylic
  • 20% Phthalate free PVC
  • 5″ x 1″ nipple jewelry
  • 1.7″ long rolo chain

Sincerely Amber Chained Nipple Clamps

Dive into a luxurious look and grace your bust with the artfully crafted Amber Chain & Nipple Clamps.

Designed to accentuate your chest, this striking piece is sure to catch their eyes in any scenario.

Amber Inspired beads dangle delicately on the gold-plated chain connected to adjustable nipple clamps for added intensity.


  • Rubber-tipped nipple clamps with tension adjustments
  • Beaded, connected chains for tugging and pulling
  • Gold-plated chain withstands wear for added durability
  • 2” cable chain tassels,
  • One row of rolo chain
  • One row of cable chain with 7 round imitation tortoise acrylic bead drops
  • 80% Iron
  • 12% Acrylic
  • 8% Phthalate-free PVC

Sincerely Amber Spanker

Drown in the delicious delights of impact play with the Amber Spanker, fashioned with gold and tortoiseshell-inspired layers for a lip-biting, toe-curling experience.

Handle includes a spring steel center for a rigid and durable grip.


  • Spanker with imitation tortoise PVC cut out
  • Light gold rivet holding
  • Leash strap
  • Golden grommet and leash for convenient storage
  • Multiple layers for added intensity
  • Constructed with malleable yet durable material
  • 50% PU
  • 35% Phthalate-free PVC
  • 10% Microfiber
  • 5% Iron
  • 12″ spanker with 6.6″ rawhide leash

Sincerely Amber Blindfold

Submit to the unknown with the Amber Blindfold and transport yourself to a ravishing rendezvous.

Designed with satin ties for a soft adjustable fit, this blindfold has a front-facing tortoiseshell like surface for a luxurious look.


  • Malleable PVC blindfold lined in satin
  • Satin ribbon sash ties on each side
  • Double-stitched for added durability
  • Soft satin composition for comfortable long-term wear
  • 60% Polyester
  • 40% Phthalate-free PVC
  • 7″ wide

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