A Look at the Sales Power of Sex Toy Kits

As adult shopping has become more mainstream and accessible to the masses, we have seen fun evolution in the market. We have entered an age of curiosity, exploration and permission, and we’re seeing retail trends shifting to accommodate this new mindset and make it easier than ever for shoppers to discover their pleasures and desires — and the tools they need to experience them.

Today we are going to talk about one of the adult industry’s most successful sales boosters: all-in-one kits. A category that was once dominated by cheap novelties sold for one-time use has, in recent years, blossomed into a vital part of today’s adult retail landscape. Let’s explore the benefits that all-in-one kits can have for shoppers and retailers alike.

What Are All-in-One Kits?

Essentially, all-in-one kits provide a sort of one-stop shopping experience with several items that share a purpose all packaged together. Sometimes, they can include an assortment of affordable items that users can use with a partner and provide more than one form of stimulation. Other all-in-one kits aim to provide shoppers with everything they need to explore a specific activity in one convenient box.

The Pros of All-in-One Kits:

All-in-one kits offer an array of benefits to the user — and fruitful opportunities for the stores that sell them.

  • Value: These kinds of kits give shoppers multiple products for one price. They may include items such as a harness, cock rings, a dildo or vibrator all in one convenient box. That’s a lot of product with many different uses for one budget-friendly price.
  • Convenience: Having everything shoppers need in one box is not only great in terms of affordability; it’s also incredibly convenient. A shopper who picks up an all-in-one kit will easily and quickly find everything they need to explore a fantasy or test out a new curiosity without having to scour the store for each item — and without having to find a staff member to problem-solve with.
  • No guesswork: Shopping for an item one has never used or even seen before can be stressful and confusing for beginners, especially if they’ve never been inside an adult store. Shoppers need to think about whether the item they are purchasing requires accessories, they have to take a guess as to what variations they might prefer, and they have to decide on the spot what to buy and what to leave behind. All-in-one kits like these may include accessories that provide additional shapes and sizes, save customers from having to ask potentially personal and embarrassing questions and allow them to try every option out in the comfort and privacy of their home.
  • Easy gift-giving: Another bonus of all-in-one kits that come with multiple options is that they make great gifts! Typically, buying a vibrator for a friend or partner can be a bit risky. How do you know they’ll like it? With a kit, shoppers can give the gift of different toys for the price of one. On the retail side, all-in-one kits are fantastic additions to any store’s inventory because they solve problems without shoppers having to even approach a staff member.
  • Perfect for beginners: These kits make it easy for shoppers to try something new with low risk. Picking up an anal training kit or strap-on kit with all the accessories and straps included assures they will have everything they need to explore at home, and this creates a positive shopping experience that can lead to return visits.
  • Ideal for bashful shoppers: It’s terrific that modern-day sex shops are so education-focused and full of helpful, well-trained staff, but let’s face it: there will always be shoppers who don’t want to talk to anyone while they are shopping. Kits that offer multiple options, include every bit and piece, or provide an introductory experience to a new kind of play make it easy for shoppers to pick up what they need without having to ask for help.
  • They sell themselves! The bonus of all-in-one kits is that their packaging clearly shows every item inside and includes usage instructions and explanations on the box. The promise of a positive, convenient and value-priced experience helps sell the kit without a salesperson having to make a peep and inspires impulse purchases that lead to higher buy-ins.

If You Stock Kits, They Will Come

All-in-one kits are a slam-dunk for adult stores. The variety, convenience and affordability are unmatched. By keeping a variety of all-in-one kits on hand from multiple categories — couples, anal play, strap-on, enema play, beginner bondage, BDSM play, and more — you give your customers the opportunity to learn and explore. Shoppers will be able to start their experimentation with a convenient kit, and when it’s time to take that experimentation to the next level, they will come back to see what else you have. In short, all-in-one kits not only introduce folks to new products or activities, they can also help you build lasting, trusting relationships with shoppers.

A Look at the Sales Power of Sex Toy Kits by Rebecca Weinberg originally appeared in XBIZ

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