A Look at the Evolution of Ride-On Sex Machines

It’s no secret that sex toys are more mainstream than ever, but some product categories still leave shoppers feeling intimidated — or even shocked — because of their sheer power. One of those categories is the ride-on sex machine. Ride-on devices feature no thrusting, and no penetration unless you have an attachment, just high-rpm genital stimulation that brings people to their knees.

These machines have had an interesting evolution. Once the must-have device for orgies and play parties, today they are something you might find at the home of your next Tinder date. With different price points, accessory options and weight capacities, ride-on sex machines have become more accessible than ever.

So, let’s take a long, hard look at ride-on sex machines: what they are, how they have evolved over the years and how to help shoppers find the best option to suit their needs.

What exactly is a ride-on sex machine?

It’s all right there in the name. Users sit on top of these pleasure devices, essentially “riding” the machine. This is in contrast to thrusting sex machines, which deliver a motion meant to replicate penetration with a penis. The most recognizable kind of ride-on sex machine looks almost like a saddle and is essentially a massive motor encased in faux leather and powered with a remote control. Most feature very powerful, loud motors that deliver intense, rumbling vibration.

The first ride-on machine made for consumer sales was released in 1987 and for a while was the only game in town. Most people learned of its existence from watching porn, reading the letters sent to Penthouse or listening to shock jock radio shows. Over the years, however, this kind of sex machine has evolved to include different price points, features and accessibility options. Think of it like shopping for a car: you set your budget, compare the different options and choose what feels best for you. Today’s ride-on sex machine market allows shoppers to do something similar.

Some ride-on machines now combine the comfort of riding with the thrusting of a traditional sex machine. Designs that allow the user to utilize the motion of their body to control the thrusting speed and depth don’t require electricity and won’t make the loud sounds typically associated with motorized ride-on designs. Certainly not something to forget when discussing options with shoppers!

With this evolution came a change in how people perceived these machines. As more people learned about ride-on sex machines from YouTube videos, advice columns and popular sex educators, the devices stopped being strictly the domain of porn and sex parties. Today they are something even “vanilla” shoppers may be interested in.

Why your customers might enjoy ride-on sex machines

Sex machines aren’t just a novelty that is fun to see in porn or at an orgy. There are multiple ways in which they can make our sex lives more comfortable, more intense or simply more fun.

  • Accessible pleasure: Everyone deserves pleasure, but not everyone can use all the devices that exist to help pursue that pleasure. Some people cannot grip a toy and penetrate themselves with it, and this is where attachments come in handy. With remote controls and different weight capacities, ride-on sex machines can make pleasure more accessible to all sorts of people. Just keep in mind that these machines aren’t always appropriate for folks with knee pain, as they involve kneeling.
  • Fun and variety: Though sex machines aren’t just for sex parties, they certainly can be a fun part of them! Whether for use alone or with partners, ride-on sex machines can be a fun way to play with different positions, forms of stimulation and even power exchange. Users can hand the controls over to their partner and let them take the wheel, deciding how much power they want to have between their partner’s thighs. These days, attachments are made in all sorts of shapes, colors and materials, including nonporous silicone, which offers even more options and variety.
  • Power: With the capacity to reach 7,300 RPM, ride-on machines are hands-down the most powerful option out there when it comes to vibration! This level of power makes these devices capable of producing full-body rumbles that typical vibrators just can’t match.

Find the right ride-on sex machine for your customers

Knowing how enjoyable ride-on sex machines can be, how do you help your shoppers select the right one for them? A little information will help you make the most informed recommendations possible. Here are some questions that can help you match your customers up with a product they will love:

  1. What are their physical needs?

As we mentioned, these machines have different weight capacities and require different body positions, and that is something to take into account while shopping.

  1. What is their budget?

Ride-on machines are more accessible than ever, but they are still a pretty sizeable investment. Let your customer’s budget guide them to the best option for them.

  1. Is noise a concern?

Let’s not kid ourselves, these machines are loud. There are steps that can be taken to try to contain that noise, but for some folks the noise factor may be a big deterrent.

  1. What about attachments?

What stimulation works for them and what attachments deliver that stimulation? Do they want penetration or strictly external pleasure? What materials should the attachments be made of? Do they plan on sharing their machine and attachments? Sharing is not recommended, but lots of folks do it anyway. For them, easy-to-clean, nonporous silicone attachments are the safest option.

Knowing the answers to these questions can go a long way toward determining whether a ride-on sex machine is right for your shoppers, and if so, which one fits them best.

Ride-on sex machines may have a reputation that can frighten off some shoppers, but in this brave new world of mainstream sex toy popularity, that is changing fast.

A Look at the Evolution of Ride-On Sex Machines by Rebecca Weinberg originally appeared in XBIZ

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