A Look at the Adult Retail Trends to Stay Optimistic About

As a futurist, I’m always a glass-half-full kind of girl. When it comes to business, however, it isn’t just about keeping a positive mentality — the adult retail biz has provided plenty of evidence as to why I think we are looking at a bright future and an increase in profits.

The adult retail industry will double in capacity because there is tons of room in the market to capture new customers who have never tried our products.

According to a recent Journal of Sexual Medicine article, 52 percent of women and 44 percent of men have used vibration in their sexual practices either alone or with partners. That means that we have the other half of the adult population to evangelize. The easiest way to start banking on this trend is by taking advantage of the physical space that your store occupies. Make your customers feel welcome and comfortable while they shop, while also taking every opportunity to reach out and capture new customers as they move through your shop. You should also offer ample parking to make a visit to your store as convenient as possible. As you make decisions on new locations or property acquisitions, make sure you have the capacity to serve a growing market.

The adult retail industry will double because we are the most adaptable and creative people on the planet.

As classic as our subject is, the adult industry has proved its ability to adapt and overcome all sorts of technology. From film to tapes, to DVDs, to OnlyFans, we have proved time and again that where there is a market for our products, we will overcome all challenges to sell to it.

We as adult retailers — regardless of the digitization and isolation — have drawn local communities through our doors because our kind of sales is a very personal business. Times change, but people don’t. We all crave connection.

I would love to see us make even more emotional impact and less environmental impact, as we adapt to the manufacturing changes created by the supply chain issues that we have all been exposed to.

Let’s make thoughtful choices that produce good value for our customers and minimal negative impact on the environment.

I am already seeing forward-looking companies using recycled materials in their products, and starting to create less packaging around the things they ship.

I believe our ability to adapt and address the real-world challenges our customers face will buy us greater customer loyalty in the future. After all, we are all problem-solvers at heart.

The adult retail industry will continue to grow because people just want to feel good.

It’s a universal principle that transcends culture: we all want to feel good — whatever that means to each of us individually. The pleasure that our products provide brings people back into balance. In a world filled with fears and stressors, we all need to bring a little focus back to ourselves and take time to feel good.

Even the CDC acknowledges that people who use our products have better psychological well-being and take better care of their sexual health than those who don’t.

Being a retailer gives me a bird’s-eye view of the changing cultural norms and I can tell you that the millennial generation is aging into the acceptance and use of our products, and it is delightfully hedonistic. They want to feel good and they don’t care who knows it. As people age and feel the pressures of time on their body, the desire for physical solutions will only grow stronger.

It is a great time to be in the adult industry. Every day is a good day to make the world a better place. As adult retailers, we have the ability to make someone’s life better every day, and that is a good reason to stay optimistic.

A Look at the Adult Retail Trends to Stay Optimistic About by Tami Rose originally appeared in XBIZ

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