A Guide to Essential Tools, Tricks for Nipple Play


Nibbling, pinching, and pulling nipples during foreplay is common — but how often do we make them the center of attention? Nipples are packed with sensitive nerve endings and the right kind of stimulation can make some people orgasm without any other contact. For others, it can maximize enjoyment from complementary sexy activities. When it comes to nipple tools, there’s a lot more out there than just clamps. Nipple toys are incredibly adaptable to suit a wide variety of play styles, pain or pleasure levels, and body types.

Why Does Nipple Play Feel So Good?

For most people, nipples are one of the body’s major erogenous zones, plain and simple. No matter the gender, most people’s nipples are packed with hundreds of nerve endings. A recent study found that in some women, nipple play stimulates the same sensory cortex as the genitals — the same area of the brain that is affected by clitoral play! This also explains why some people orgasm from nipple stimulation alone.

Playing with the nipples also encourages the production of oxytocin, which is frequently dubbed “the love hormone.” Although the vast majority of scientific research has been conducted exclusively on cis women that doesn’t mean they are the only ones that benefit. There’s plenty of anecdotal evidence that suggests people of all genders can enjoy nipple stimulation.

Another research study reported that nipple play inspired sexual arousal in 52 percent of men and 82 percent of women. In the same study, 39 percent of men and 78 percent of women reported that nipple stimulation increased their arousal when they were already turned on. It looks like those of us giving our nipples mere courtesy attention are missing out on massive pleasure potential!

Not Everyone Enjoys the Same Kind of Stimulation

It’s important to remember that sensitivity levels vary drastically among people. While one person may find light touches overstimulating, another may want their nipples firmly twisted for pleasure – or not touched at all. What stage of arousal someone is in also affects how they prefer their nipples touched. It’s common that the more aroused a person is, the more intense they prefer their nipple play. Monthly hormonal fluctuations can affect how much nipple stimulation someone finds comfortable, too.

What About Nipple Clamps, Clips, and Toys?

Nipple clamps and suction devices offer unique sensations the hands and mouth can’t replicate. While wearing a clamp can feel heavenly, half the fun is in taking them off. When a nipple is clamped, blood doesn’t flow as readily to the area. When it’s removed, the blood comes rushing back in, kicking sensitivity into overdrive. Lightly touching or blowing on the nipples directly after removal can be an intensely erotic experience.

The act of wearing nipple toys can be deliciously pleasurable, too. Some enjoy pain from heavy pressure while others like things a bit gentler. This is why selecting the right clamp is key. Too soft makes for a lackluster experience while something too intense can feel miserable.

Contrary to popular assumption, all nipple toys aren’t designed for extreme pain or hardcore play. Thumb screw clamps with vinyl coated tips make them fully adjustable for any tolerance level and the attached vibrating bullets provide toe-curling stimulation that’s long lasting.

For those that find pleasure in their pain, there’s more out there than just the stereotypical “clamps on a chain” style. Clover-style clamps stretch the nipple, plus can be attached to bondage equipment for a firm grip. Visually stunning pieces of equipment, these clamps also look like pieces of art.

Suction is great alternative to clamping. Nipple suction toys are designed to create a vacuum seal against the breast, elongating the nipple. While clamping forces blood flow out of the area, suction devices draw it in. This causes a swollen effect once the vacuum device is removed. This engorgement magnifies sensitivity to maximum levels. Playing with puffed swollen nipples can be an incredibly pleasurable experience.

Staying Safe

It’s important when using clamps and suction devices to be mindful of how much stress you’re putting on the nipple and for how long. As a general rule of thumb, it’s recommended not to clamp tightly for more than 10 minutes. It’s also recommended that you check the area every so often and notice how it looks and feels — if the area turns purple or gets very cold, it could mean the pressure is too great and the device should be removed immediately.

Nipples should also be erect before putting on toys because it poses less risk of clamping the wrong spot. Pinching just the tip of the nipple is very painful and being too close to the edge can also make the clamp more likely to snap off, which can really smart. When applying a pressure device, grab the nipple firmly and clamp as far back as comfortably possible. If the wearer has pierced nipples, clamps should be placed behind the jewelry.

A Guide to Essential Tools, Tricks for Nipple Play by Rebecca Weinberg originally appeared on XBIZ

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