A Deep Dive Into ‘Shallowing’ Sex Toys

The term “Shallowing” refers to engaging only in shallow penetration of the vagina, and/or stimulating the vaginal opening and the few centimeters inside of it, rather than deeper penetration and trying to stimulate the G-spot or A-spot.

Since 90% of the vagina’s nerve endings are actually at the opening, this often-overlooked erogenous zone can provide more pleasure than most individuals and couples might think, fueling anticipation while allowing them to explore and discover new sensations.

Benefits for Customers and Retailers

By experimenting with shallowing, people can discover new erogenous zones and enhance their understanding of their own and their partners’ sexual preferences and desires. Exploring toys for shallowing can help individuals and couples heighten satisfaction by invigorating sexual relationships, expanding their sexual repertoire and fostering communication, intimacy and mutual pleasure.

While toys for shallowing currently only represent a niche market segment, their growing popularity suggests a lucrative opportunity that retailers can tap into. Offering toys to explore shallowing presents a chance for retailers to diversify product offerings, stay competitive, meet evolving market demand and attract a broader range of customers. Shallowing toys might be of particular interest for people with physical limitations or disabilities, offering an inclusive and accessible way to explore penetration.

Tips for Selling Shallowing Toys

To ensure that customers fully comprehend the concept of shallowing, it is vital to improve their knowledge about what shallowing is, the pleasure they can obtain from it and how toys can help them explore those sensations.

To explain and demonstrate how to explore shallowing, retailers can develop dynamic content with relevant information, such as how-to blogs, articles, podcasts, video tutorials or workshops with product demonstrations featuring realistic vagina replicas. Sellers can then help customers find the product that best suits their needs by having in-store discussions with them regarding factors like desired sensations, preferred textures of products, and budget.

As with most categories, attractive in-store displays that showcase the properties and advantages of shallowing toys can also help customers understand how shallowing works and what their product options are, so they can make more informed choices when purchasing.

Online marketing initiatives that enable retailers to interact with customers in the digital space can also help promote toys for shallowing. By frequently posting visual content on social media platforms and having conversations with their audience, sellers can display products, increase brand visibility and draw potential new customers who are curious about shallowing. Additionally, retailers can solicit user testimonials and incentivize customers with the offer of a discount or free swag if available.

To grab the attention of possible buyers, emphasize the specific qualities of each item. For example, the Playboy Pleasure Ring My Bell vibe, with its compact size, is only intended for shallow penetration. Highlighting the toy’s smaller dimensions will appeal to individuals who are looking for gentler exploration or are new to penetration play. However, shallowing may not be the customer’s only goal for exploration, so these toys should ideally be versatile, making them an easier sell. Bright colors and sleek designs will be sure to catch anyone’s eye, so try to offer aesthetically pleasing options.

Shallowing toys can enhance sexual pleasure, offer new experiences and bring more satisfaction to intimate relationships. The upsurge of interest in this novel category has convinced many that retailers need to think outside the box by introducing shoppers to toys for shallowing. Doing so could expand your product selection, increase sales and create trust, thus enhancing your credibility and inspiring customer loyalty.

A Deep Dive Into ‘Shallowing’ Sex Toys by Carly S. originally appeared in XBIZ.

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