5 Ways to Stay Home and Play with Yourself


Listen, you might be going complete bonkers right now being cooped up inside. And, hey, we GET IT. Staying inside is wretched and depletes our vitamin D (pun intended, because sorry it’s rough out there). We need something to lift our spirits that doesn’t involve getting a crooked spine from watching ninety hours of Netflix.

Enter orgasm. Orgasm creates a magnificent cocktail of pleasurable hormones in your brain. It’s like mother nature’s blessed Xanax. Anxiety is naturally relieved when the brain is flooded with oxytocin and dopamine. It helps to bring down your stress levels and give you a sense of peace.

An orgasm is legitimately good for your health. It makes your skin look better, it improves mood, and it brings down anxiety levels. Not to mention it boosts immunity. Hello, we’re literally trying to stave off an infectious virus up here. ANYWAY, masturbation is amazing and everyone should be doing it. If you’re having anxiety, grab your vibrator! Get that oxytocin flowing, girl.

Here are the top 5 things you should try while you’re social distancing and have way too much time on your hands.

  1. Edging

Edging is a technique wherein you bring the body into the near-eclipse of sexual release, only to bring yourself back down again. And then repeat! Also known as “orgasm control,” it can make serious intense orgasms (once you get there).

It is an ongoing state of heightened arousal. When your clitoris is at attention due to previous stimulation, your whole body begins to feel desperate for an orgasm. Start by masturbating as slowly as possible. Use your vibrator on the lowest possible setting (and experiment with different vibration patterns). When you’re about to climax, pull it away. Have a sip of water or get up and stretch your legs. Take a minute to take big, deep belly breaths. Then, start all over again. When you’re first starting out, try doing this three times before giving yourself over to orgasm.

It may sound hard, and that’s because it kind of is. It takes practice. You’re in isolation. You have time to perfect this. We promise it is worth it — like “blast your effing face off” worth it.

  1. Erotic Hypnosis

Erotic hypnosis might sound like some new age-y nonsense, but it’s actually quite a lovely, sexy thing to try. It can help to center you and get you out of your head and into your body. Lord knows we all need that right now, you know?

Erotic hypnosis is the use of hypnotic trance states to up the ante on your sexual experiences. This can be done solo (or with a partner). In this practice, you use your creative, glorious brain to manifest pleasure in the body. Again, this might sound a little nuts, but the brain is seriously the biggest sex organ we have.

Just because you’re hypnotized (technically), it doesn’t you become a zombie. You’re still very much in control, you’re just relaxed and taking an erotic journey. Listen to an erotic story or meditation while breathing into your body. Through the power of suggestion, your body can/ will respond to the pleasure your brain experiences. Some people can even orgasm! There are lots of dope YouTube videos designed for this – check them out here.

  1. Masturbating while doing your kegel exercises

When you’re trapped at home, masturbation may feel like the only thing you really can do right now. But that shouldn’t mean you just pop into bed for two minutes and rub one out. This is an opportunity to try new stuff. Don’t waste it!

While masturbating, try giving your kegel exercises a go. Kegels are used to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, a sling-like set of muscles that hold in vital organs and muscles such as your uterus, vagina, and intestines. When peeing, try stopping the flow of urine for a second. The muscles that stop the flow are your pelvic floor muscles — medically known as pubococcygeus muscles (PCs for short). Strong kegels can contribute to stronger, better orgasms. Why? Because when they are toned, they can help to engage your entire clitoral structure. with enough practice, doing kegels during intercourse have even been shown to assist some female-bodied people in having orgasms during intercourse.

To give this a go during masturbation, try inserting a dildo or kegel ball into the vagina while using your wand on your clitoris. Squeeze on the toy while it’s inserted. This can create a whole new sensation that is pretty explosive.

  1. Exploring new erogenous zones

There are so many erogenous zones on the body and yet we tend to stick to the nipples and clitoris. With everyone trapped inside, it’s time to tap into your pleasure potential. Take an afternoon to explore a new zone of the body. Learning what brings you pleasure is key to having good sexual experiences.

For example, try engaging the lower vaginal wall, including the very opening of the vagina. This area is rarely explored and it’s a real shame. It’s packed with nerve endings. The bottom of the vaginal opening, called the fourchette, is highly sensitive. Try caressing this area with a wand vibrator. Since it’s a new spot, you may want to try something with a little less intensity.

  1. Erotic self-focus

Have you ever been having sex (partner or solo) and realized that you’re really focused on yourself — in a good way? Like you can’t stop thing about how sexy you are? Well, that is called erotic self-focus. If you’ve never done this, we highly recommend it. It can help with body confidence, heightened arousal, and general sexual badassery.

Where to start: set up a mirror in front of yourself before masturbating. Be sure that you can see your whole vulva. Grab a wand vibrator and start masturbating. Stay as focused on your body as you possibly can. Pay attention to where you’re touching yourself and what feels good. Learning exactly where you like to be touched on/in your clit, vulva, and vagina can help you gain true knowledge of your pleasure points.

Plus, getting turned on by your own body is super hot. You’re sexy, honey. You deserve to be horny for yourself.

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