Wicked Sensual Care Toy Cleaners

Wicked Sensual Care is our February Vendor of the Month! In celebration, let’s review their Toy Cleaners.

Playtime can get dirty, but your toys should always stay clean.

Wicked Sensual Care antibacterial cleaners lets you clean all your favorite toys without worrying about lasting scents or potentially irritating ingredients.

Enhanced with lavender and olive leaf extracts, fragrance and paraben free, they’ll help keep your favorite toys safe, clean, and ready to go! Use every time it’s time to sanitize, freshen, and protect your intimate investments. A must have for every toy box.

WSC Toy Cleaners are:

  • Alcohol-Free
  • Triclosan-Free
  • Paraben-Free
  • Enhanced with Olive Leaf Extract
  • Safe for all toys
  • Vegan- No Animal by-products or testing


Foam ‘n Fresh Anti-Bacterial Foaming Toy Cleaner

Wicked Foam ‘n Fresh is a toy and body safe alternative to everyday soap and water. Anti-bacterial, triclosan, and alcohol-free, this super powered foam is enhanced with Olive Leaf, Thyme, and Lavender extracts, making it safe for all toy materials yet tough to germs.


Cleene Anti-Bacterial Spray Toy Cleaner

Keep your toys safe and your intimate areas healthy with Wicked Cleene Antibacterial Toy Cleaner.

Enhanced with natural lavender and Olive Leaf Extracts to boost anti-bacterial effectiveness, Fragrance-Free Cleene is convenient and easy to use – just spray, wait a minute, wipe, and rinse.

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