ULTRA Silicone Lubricants by Wicked Sensual care

Wicked Sensual Care is our February Vendor of the Month! In celebration, let’s review their silicone based collection.

Wicked ULTRA Silicone Lubricants are luxuriously sensuous and long lasting. 

These high performance, velvety smooth formulas will enhance pleasure without feeling heavy, greasy, or tacky.

Formulated with the highest quality silicone available in the personal care market. Ultra Silicone contains no additives or fillers for an exceptionally silky feel.

Ideal for water play, ULTRA enriches intimacy and gives way for intense sensation and heightened ecstasy.

  • Never Sticky
  • Fragrance Free
  • Glycerin Free
  • Paraben Free
  • Long Lasting
  • Vegan – No Animal By-products or testing

Available in 3 formulas:

Wicked Ultra Fragrance-Free enriches intimacy and gives way for intense sensation and heightened ecstasy.

Wicked Ultra Chill is a tingling blend of cooling extracts and high-performance silicone, designed to heighten sensitivity at your intimate pleasure points. Thrilling sensations enhance natural lubrication while the highest quality silicone adds moisture and glide. Intensely arousing and satisfying.

Wicked Ultra Heat adds a spark to your intimacy  This unique blend of carefully crafted natural extracts and high-quality silicone come together to create the ultimate stimulating sensation in one lubricant. Waves of warmth exercise pleasure zones while naturally enhancing lubrication. This high performance, luxurious formula is never greasy, sticky, or tacky. Amazingly arousing and satisfying.

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