The Matrix Collection from Anal Adventure by Blush

When it comes to pleasure products, one of the most popular categories is anal toys. These products are designed to provide intense sensations and heightened pleasure during anal play.

The Anal Adventure Matrix Collection is the perfect choice for anyone looking to explore the exciting world of anal sensations, whether alone or with a partner.

Bathed in a beautiful iridescent finish that shimmers and seems to change color with movement, Matrix items also offer features like StayPut design with its flared bump leading to its slim flexible stem, and Blush’s AnchorTech base to ensure that the plug stays securely in place and comfortable for long-term wear.

The collection has recently grown, so I broke the whole shebang down into styles to make the line easier to digest:


Quantum, Photon, and Supernova offer a fresh take on plugs with their playful yet effective shapes.

Bling Plugs

SwirlingBumped, and Wavy feature a raindrop shape with tons of texture, and have a heart-shaped gem safety flange for added beauty.

Plugs with inner Ball

Nebula and Neutron are rounded for easy insertion and emit vibrations via the movement of the inner ball when you move.


Duo, Beaded, and Spiral offer a loop style handle, while Gamma is a plug style with the AnchorTech base.


Genesis and Metaverse kits each contain three progressing size plugs to help find your pleasure experience and the StayPut technology ensures that the plugs stay securely in place.

Made from Blush’s pure platinum-cured Puria silicone and enveloped with their UltraSilk smooth finish, Anal Adventures Matrix items are body-safe and free of phthalates, paraffins, fragrance, and latex, and are designed with your comfort and pleasure in mind.

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